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She Who Turns to Love

I’ve been fairly neglectful towards both tumblr and my website in the last few months due to personal misevents. I got a divorce, ran through two different jobs, but now I find myself again with a purpose. I got accepted and re-enrolled in school (which I start in a few days), and I have a new lover who appreciates me for who I am—mental illnesses and all. About four months ago I formally devoted myself to the Goddess, Aphrodite. I had felt a pull towards her in the last year and finally decided to do something about it. And boy, am I glad I did. I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful experience it is to know and be known by such a divine being.

Anyway, to the real point of this post. I wanted to share all the information I’ve gleaned thus far in my adventure with the Mistress of Honey. I hope this can be of use to fellow devotees and love priestesses alike.

The Names of ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ / Aphrodite:

  • Αντηεια (ANTHEIA): the blooming, or the friend of flowers
  • Αποτροπηια (APOTRO′PHIA): “the expeller,” the goddess who expelled from the hearts of men the desire after sinful pleasure and lust.
  • Γενετψλλισ (GENETYLLIS): the protectress of births
  • Πειτηο (PEITHO): The personification of Persuasion
  • Ουρανια (Urania): Heavenly, Divine
  • Πανδημος (Pandemos): Common to All People
  • Μαχανιτις (Machanitis): Skilled at Inventing, Deviser, Contriver
  • Επιστροφια (Epistrophia) She who Turns to Love
  • Αποστροφια (Apostrophia): Averter of Unlawful Desires
  • Νικηφορος (Nicephorus): Bringer of Victory
  • Αρεια (Areia): Warelike, Of Ares
  • Μορφω (Morpho) Of Shapely Form, the fair shaped
  • Πυρηναια (Acraea): Of the Heights
  • Ακραια (Cepois): Of the Gardens
  • Ποντια (Pontia): Of the Sea
  • Λιμενια (Limenia) Of the Harbour
  • Κηποις (Anadyomene): Risen from the Sea, Goddess Rising from the Sea
  • Φιλομμειδης (Philommides): Laughter-Loving
  • Αφρογενεια (Aphrogeneia): Foam Born
  • Χρυσεη (Chrysea): Golden
  • Ποθων Μητηρ (Pothon Mater): Mother of Desire

My Personal Titles for Aphrodite:

  • Η κυρία των περιστεριών (I kyria ton peristerion): The Lady of Doves
  • Χρυσή Θεά (Chrysi Thea): Golden Goddess
  • Φύλακας των γυναικών (Fylakas ton gynaikon): Guardian of Women
  • Βασίλισσα της ευχαρίστησης (Vasilissa tis efcharistisis): Queen of Pleasure
  • Φύλακας των μελισσών (Fylakas ton melisson): Keeper of Bees
  • Αυτή που είναι επενδυμένη με τριαντάφυλλα (Afti pou einai ependymeni me triantafylla): She that is clad in roses
  • Αυτή που ηρεμεί τις παλίρροιες (afti pou iremei tis palirroies): She who calms the tides

The Symbols of Aphrodite:

  • Eros/Cupids
  • Doves
  • Mirrors
  • Girdle/Belt
  • Apples
  • Scallop Shells
  • Myrtle Wreath
  • Flowers

Aphrodite, Patron of:

  • Attraction
  • Sexual Desire
  • Sex
  • Procreation
  • Romantic Love
  • Seduction
  • Sweet Talk
  • Flirtation
  • Love Poetry
  • Grace
  • Beauty
  • Lovers
  • Relationships
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Laughter
  • Pleasure
  • Women
  • Sailors
  • Sexuality
  • Lesbians
  • LGBT People

That Which is Holy to Aphrodite:

  • Holiest Shrine: Paphos, Island of Kypros (Cyprus)
  • Holy Number: 5
  • Holy Days: Friday, 4th Day of the Month
  • Holy Celestial Body: The Planet Venus
  • Holy Festivals: Valentine’s Day (2/14), Aphrodisia (7/20), Adonia (8/4)
  • Sacred Animals: Doves, Bees, Hares, Sparrows, Geese
  • Sacred Plants: Red Rose, Apple, Pomegranate, Narcissus, Myrtle, Myrrh, Lettuce, Cherries, Strawberries, Lime, Anemone, Seaweed, Kelp
  • Sacred Stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Lepidolite, Pink Opal, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Sunstone, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Opalite
  • Sacred Metals: Gold, Bronze
  • Sacred Shells: Abalone, Conch, Scallop, Clam
  • Sacred Magics: Sea, Storm, Love, Curses, Sex, Feminine, Glamours, Green

The 12 Virtues of Aphrodite (from @ginandjack)

  • Beauty
  • Flirtation
  • Brazenness
  • Timing
  • Grace
  • Charm
  • Gaiety
  • Sensuality
  • Seduction
  • Rapture
  • Discernment
  • Brilliance

The Favours of Aphrodite:

  • Sexual Attraction
  • Love Reciprocated
  • Beauty
  • Pleasure
  • Happiness
  • Luck in both Love and War

The Curses of Aphrodite:

  • Sexual Repulsion
  • Unnatural Desires (Incest, Bestiality)
  • Unrequited Love
  • Ugliness
  • Loneliness
  • Misery

Offerings to Aphrodite:

(My personal ideas)

  • Learn a musical instrument to play in her honor
  • Paint or draw portraits of her
  • Write Love Poetry
  • Self Love and Self Care
  • Makeup/ Beauty Routine
  • Buy New Clothing
  • Bathing / Spa Treatments
  • Erect an Altar for Her
  • Love Others
  • Sexual Pleasure
  • Masturbation
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Make a Monthly Donation to Planned Parenthood or RAINN
  • Practice Love Magic
  • Make a Pilgrimage to Paphos, Cyprus (a pretty far out suggestion, I know. But its something I personally would love to do someday)
  • Support Cruelty free beauty products like LUSH
  • Support Ocean Charities, like the Adopt an Orca program through the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA
  • Plan dates for people
  • Give gifts to loved ones

Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite

(In the original Greek and translated into Modern English)

Ποικιλόθρον᾽ ὰθάνατ᾽ ᾽Αφροδιτα,
παῖ Δίοσ, δολόπλοκε, λίσσομαί σε
μή μ᾽ ἄσαισι μήτ᾽ ὀνίαισι δάμνα,
πότνια, θῦμον.

ἀλλά τυίδ᾽ ἔλθ᾽, αἴποτα κἀτέρωτα
τᾶσ ἔμασ αύδωσ αἴοισα πήλγι
ἔκλυεσ πάτροσ δὲ δόμον λίποισα
χρύσιον ἦλθεσ

ἄρμ᾽ ὐποζεύξαια, κάλοι δέ σ᾽ ἆγον
ὤκεεσ στροῦθοι περὶ γᾶσ μελαίνασ
πύκνα δινεῦντεσ πτέῤ ἀπ᾽ ὠράνω
αἴθεροσ διὰ μέσσω.

αῖψα δ᾽ ἐχίκοντο, σὺ δ᾽, ὦ μάσαιρα
μειδιάσαισ᾽ ἀθάνατῳ προσώπῳ,
ἤρἐ ὄττι δηὖτε πέπονθα κὤττι
δἦγτε κάλημι

κὤττι μοι μάλιστα θέλω γένεσθαι
μαινόλᾳ θύμῳ, τίνα δηὖτε πείθω
μαῖσ ἄγην ἐσ σὰν φιλότατα τίσ τ, ὦ
Πσάπφ᾽, ἀδίκηει;

καὶ γάρ αἰ φεύγει, ταχέωσ διώξει,
αἰ δὲ δῶρα μὴ δέκετ ἀλλά δώσει,
αἰ δὲ μὴ φίλει ταχέωσ φιλήσει,
κωὐκ ἐθέλοισα.

ἔλθε μοι καὶ νῦν, χαλεπᾶν δὲ λῦσον
ἐκ μερίμναν ὄσσα δέ μοι τέλεσσαι
θῦμοσ ἰμμέρρει τέλεσον, σὐ δ᾽ αὔτα
σύμμαχοσ ἔσσο.

Shimmering-throned immortal Aphrodite,
Daughter of Zeus, Enchantress, I implore thee,
Spare me, O queen, this agony and anguish,
Crush not my spirit

Whenever before thou has hearkened to me–
To my voice calling to thee in the distance,
And heeding, thou hast come, leaving thy father’s
Golden dominions,

With chariot yoked to thy fleet-winged coursers,
Fluttering swift pinions over earth’s darkness,
And bringing thee through the infinite, gliding
Downwards from heaven,

Then, soon they arrived and thou, blessed goddess,
With divine contenance smiling, didst ask me
What new woe had befallen me now and why,
Thus I had called the.

What in my mad heart was my greatest desire,
Who was it now that must feel my allurements,
Who was the fair one that must be persuaded,
Who wronged thee Sappho?

For if now she flees, quickly she shall follow
And if she spurns gifts, soon shall she offer them
Yea, if she knows not love, soon shall she feel it
Even reluctant.

Come then, I pray, grant me surcease from sorrow,
Drive away care, I beseech thee, O goddess
Fulfil for me what I yearn to accomplish,
Be thou my ally.

i’ve been thinking about all the messes i’ve made (1/3)

Yoongi x Female!Reader / Yoongi x You

Prompt: 13. “I hate this. I hate feeling like this. I can’t trust anyone anymore, can I?”

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Mysterious celebrity couple caught outside Gangnam club??

The photo was of a dark couple, almost silhouetted, but not quite. A woman with long dark hair was pressing someone taller up against the side of the building, but it was near impossible to tell who either person was, especially with the grainy quality of the photo.

Unless you were pretty sure you were dating one of the people in the picture. And the other person in the photo was definitely not you.

“Min Yoongi, what is this? Are you cheating on me?”

You’d just finished breakfast and were scrolling through the news, sitting at the kitchen table. You’d stayed the night at the boys dorm on one of their few nights off, hanging out and playing games and watching movies, and at the end of the night cuddling with your sweet drowsy boyfriend in his bed.

You didn’t usually look through celebrity gossip—dating a celebrity yourself, you knew how detrimental it could be—but this article was the first thing that popped up on Naver that morning. You hadn’t really thought twice about it, but something about the shape of the figure made you pause. As you looked closer at the photo, you could see a hand of the person pressed up against the building, caught in the light of a nearby streetlamp. On the man’s wrist was a bracelet that looked eerily familiar.

Yoongi came out of his room when he heard your voice, his arm stuffed into one sleeve of his jacket. He and the boys were going to a schedule that morning, and you were going to walk downstairs with them before you left to catch the bus back over to your apartment.

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anonymous asked:

do you read bodhicassian fics? and if so do you have any recs? im staying well clear of any r1 ship except for that and im just trying to get into it :)

i do! i recced some a while back but i check the tag like every day and there have been more since then so here are the ones i recced before + some new ones

and also #selfpromo my bodhicassian fics

anonymous asked:

I present a challenge. Which I'm going to pose to one of the other side as well. Because I want to see more fans support their ships solely on their merits, the best way. Sell your ship to someone who knows the manga but isn't invested. A casual fan. Only rule, you can't compare your ship to any other ship or mention another ship at all. This includes using characters to compare. The idea here is to promote your ship focusing only on YOUR LOVE for it. I'm curious how fans will go about this.

Hi Anon~

I am so sorry about how long it’s taken me to reply! This was something that I wanted to answer properly, so I was waiting for a chance when I was completely free to focus on it. Hopefully you’ll find my answer satisfactory despite the wait.

So I’d like to start this thing off with one simple statement:

Yume is intense.This isn’t a cutesy ‘boy meets the girl next door’ type of relationship, this is a couple with passion, with longing, and with a sensuality to it that I struggle to find in other mangas. It is a ship filled with love, and desire, and it is beyond captivating to see a couple so in love with each other, to the point that almost nothing else matters.

This ship is amazing because Kaname and Yuuki would do anything for each other. They would die for each other, kill for each other, forsake the world for each other… And this intensity and devotion is what makes this ship so enjoyable! Every one of their scenes is filled with such powerful emotions, with love and longing, and all the other feelings I’ve already mentioned, and you can see clear as day just how much they care about one another in each of those scenes.

And to add another layer of intrigue to this couple, their fates have been entwined from start to finish. Kaname saw Yuuki thousands of years before she was even born, and now, Yuuki resides within Kaname as he lives his new life. From beginning to end, whether that be in their lifetimes or in terms of the actual chapter narratives, Kaname and Yuuki have always been together. And as a Yume shipper, it’s a nice feeling to see Hino reinforce their relationship in that way. You start the story with Kaname and Yuuki in the snow, and you end it with Yuuki placing her heart inside of Kaname. Who knows how VKM will end at this point, but Yume’s connection is undeniable. They’ve always been together, and I think it’s beautiful that they always will be.

And that connection is something that you can see in their relationship, particularly in the way that they’re always drawn to each other, and always choose each other. When Kaname goes rogue, Yuuki was so desperate to follow him that she unlocked a new power within herself; after all the evil things Kaname had supposedly done, Yuuki still wanted to go with “[Her] Kaname”; when they were physically fighting each other, trying to subdue or cut the other down, there was a still a tenderness between them that they couldn’t escape. And this is something that is so heart-warming and fulfilling to see, because it doesn’t matter what the other has done, or how much has come between them, Kaname and Yuuki still love each other and will always come back to one another. It’s a devotion that you only see in those ‘classic great love stories’, and it’s what fills their scenes with this amazing sense of longing, and a genuine desire to be together despite everything.

There’s so much love between the two of them, and one really isn’t complete without the other. They’re two sides of the same coin, Yin & Yang, light and dark, and that duality is just so interesting to me, because although they have their differences, they really can’t help but be drawn to each other. And all of this just makes their romance all the more heart-breaking, because by all means, this is a couple that should be together. They love each other like we’ve seen no other couple in VK do, and even after a thousand years apart, that love and connection is still there.

Time makes no difference, other people make no difference; nothing can stop them from feeling the way they do for each other. And the fact that their feelings are so consistent is another thing that I really enjoy about this ship. From beginning to end, Kaname has always loved Yuuki, and Yuuki has always loved Kaname. And even when they’re furthest apart or at their lowest point, you never question their feelings for each other because nothing can break that bond that they share.

Yume is one of the most interesting and compelling ships I’ve ever come across, and it’s their complexity and intensity that makes them my absolute OTP. There’s so much to this ship, and I hope that somewhere in this mess of an answer, I was able to convey just how amazing and unique this couple is.

And whilst I know that there are a lot of haters for this ship, Kaname and Yuuki still love each other despite everything. So why should we give a damn about what the haters say lol.

Cheers for the question Anon~

Jetpants Integration Testing

Tumblr is a big user of MySQL, and MySQL automation at Tumblr is centered around a tool we built called Jetpants. Jetpants does an incredible job making risky operations safe and reliable, even fairly complex tasks like replacing failed master servers, or splitting a shard.

While Jetpants is an incredibly effective and valuable tool for Tumblr’s day-to-day operation, it has remained very difficult to implement a meaningful testing framework. Integration testing at this level is very challenging. In this article I’ll go through these challenges and how we’ve tackled them at Tumblr.


Jetpants operates under the assumption you’re managing MySQL daemons on a fully functional host, and that it can:

  • ssh to the target system
  • manage processes via service or systemctl commands
  • copy data around between systems
  • allocate spare servers from the asset management system, Collins

Right away this means we have some challenges with respect to infrastructure testing:

  • We need a Collins deployment
  • We need an environment with spare servers running MySQL
  • We need these spare servers to actually be servers, not light-weight Docker containers


For most of the life of Jetpants, these requirements were fulfilled using actual hardware in a testing pool in our datacenter. This wasn’t ideal, however. Running a test which allocated more replicas, or tested shard splitting means using an extensive amount of real hardware that takes hours to reprovision. Testing changes to the Collins code meant talking to a real Collins deployment. What if we messed up?

This test strategy has all the hallmarks of manual testing. It doesn’t prevent regressions. Test coverage of our featureset is spotty based on what was interesting at the time. Public contributors can’t run the tests.

For a new user to pick up Jetpants and Collins, it can be very difficult to get started. Jetpants requires Collins to be configured it certain ways that aren’t publicly documented. When I first built the testing environment, I had to regularly compare what I had to our actual deployment to figure out why Jetpants wasn’t working correctly.


During a Tumblr hackathon earlier this year, I devoted my time to developing an isolated, automatic testing system. We have since integrated this system directly into Jetpants and are using it in our day-to-day development and testing.

Our test framework is based on the NixOS test framework, the same framework NixOS uses to verify it is safe to release a new version. These tests use QEMU to start an isolated environment of at least one VM, and NixOS configuration to build the VMs.

Our testing framework adds lots of tooling on top to let us create robust tests. By default, a test has a running Collins instance, a master database server, and one replica. Simple options allow provisioning additional spares or additional replicas on that initial master.

Below is an example test we’ve written for performing a dead master promotion. This is where the current master database is dead, and we replace it with one of the existing replicas.

Here you can see what a test looks like, and how easily we can express the components and phases of our tests:

import ../make-test.nix  ({ helpers, ... }:
  name = "shard-dead-master-promotion";
  starting-slave-dbs = 2;

  test-phases = with helpers; [
    (jetpants-phase "shutdown-master" ''
    (phase "jetpants-promotion" ''
        echo "YES" # Approve for promotion
        echo "YES" # Approve after summary output. Confirmation.
      ) | jetpants promotion --demote= --promote=
    (assert-shard-master "POSTS-1-INFINITY" "")
    (assert-shard-slave "POSTS-1-INFINITY" "")

Running this test first provisions the base environment, by

  1. starting Collins
  2. starting 3 Linux systems running MySQL
  3. creating a master-replica relationship between one MySQL server as a master, and two MySQL servers as replicas, then loading in a default schema, and naming it the POSTS-1-INFINITY shard

Once all this preparation is done, our test phases begin.

First we shut down the current master, to simulate a dead master situation. We then run the jetpants promotion command which will replace the old master ( with a new master we have selected, jetpants promotion will prompt for confirmations, so we echo approvals to its stdin.

We continue by validating that the jetpants command did what we expected, and verifying the master and slaves.

Initial Results

Through this testing, we have already identified and fixed several race conditions and very old interface bugs. Nix’s functional nature allows us to create and tear down test VMs in minutes, as it isn’t a convergence-based configuration management tool. The stability of the test framework, and consistency of its results have allowed us to more aggressively change the underlying code in Jetpants while remaining confident our tools will work correctly during our day-to-day production maintenance.

Jetpants has been under continuous and vigorous development at Tumblr for many years now, and I’m excited about where the future will be taking MySQL automation at Tumblr.

- @beta


January 15, 2017 | 2:30pm

While it’s still somewhat the beginning of a new year I’ve decided to start a new morning and night routine.

So far, I will start every morning on a good note by reading one of the daily advices from the Dalai Lama, then I will end my day with a new lesson from the Intellectual Devotional book (Mon-history | Tues-literature | Wed-visual arts | Thu-science | Fri-music | Sat-philosophy | Sun-religion).

I’m hoping to start healthier habits from here on out.

Any suggestions on what else to add to my morning and night routine? Lmk! xx

Not to be all mushy or nothin’, but I remember I first read Homestuck the summer going into high school, and it wasn’t until my dad left when I really got into it. It kinda became my coping mechanism without me even realizing it. I would bring my sketchbook to school and draw the trolls all day because my social anxiety was way too debilitating most days. I remember I would think to myself that I didn’t care that I had no friends, because I had the beta and alpha kids, or I had the all the trolls to keep me company. No one quite understood me, but that was okay, because Homestuck did. 

Then around my sophomore year, I really started getting into Tumblr and devoting more and more into the fandom. I started discovering people who had similar experiences, and loved the comic as much as I did. I was introduced to new ideas, taught new things, and laughed when I thought I couldn’t. Then little fifteen year old me realized that there are other people who feel just like me.

Although the process is slow, I’ve come out of my shell a lot in the past three or so years since I’ve read Homestuck. I’ve made some new friends, improved my art, and established a deeper connection with this comic that I don’t think words can do justice. 

Anyway, happy 413 nerds >:p

It’s day three of my commitment to devoting all free time to getting my ass out of this place and starting a new life in Vancouver and I’ve already gone from “I can do this. I have the education. I have the experience. It’s a fast moving industry with open positions in constant flux. People with way less skill than me are making it work.” to “I have zero marketable skills and my experience is “gophering” at best who in their right mind would hire me” in under five minutes thanks for coming out for my breakdown you guys there’s punch and cookies in the corner

This is the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Hugo Award nominees and winners are chosen by supporting or attending members of the annual World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon. You have heard something about that recently.

The Hugo Award is named after Hugo Gernsback.

This is Hugo Gernsback:

In addition to inventing those awesome television glasses, he spent years trying to make the word “Scientifiction” happen.

“When I coined the word “Scientifiction” in 1915, I knew that sometime or other it was bound to become popular, and I even cherished a secret hope that someday it might appear in a standard dictionary. In any event, “scientifiction” is a word that will grow with the added years. As science advances, scientifiction will advance and flourish. No one of to-day can even dimly foresee what it may produce. There was a time when science made scientifiction. The time has already come when scientifiction makes science. The author who works out a brand new idea in a scientifiction plot may be hailed as an original inventor years later, when his brain-child will have taken wings and when cold-blooded scientists will have realized the author’s ambitions.”

He also wrote a great deal of scientifiction himself.

However, he is probably most famous for starting the first magazine in America devoted to science fiction scientifiction, Amazing Stories.

Then as now, sci-fi engendered very strong feelings in the people who enjoyed it. Earlier magazines devoted to weird and speculative fiction were known for their active letter columns discussing and arguing about the stories, and authors frequently corresponded directly with fans who wrote them through the magazine. Robert E Howard and H.P. Lovecraft first began corresponding after Howard wrote a letter to the editor of Weird Tales arguing that Lovecraft’s anthropology in The Rats In The Walls was unsupported by the latest science. Howard then went on to write about the Picts being the natural enemies of the Atlanteans, proving that hypocritical fedora-wearing fanboy complaints are not a recent development.

Gernsback, however, made a fateful decision that would change the fate of fandom forever; he began publishing the letters sent to his magazine with the author’s full address.

This changed everything. Now you, living as you do in an age of SWATing and doxxing, might think that publishing the physical locations of hundreds of fanatical sci-fi fans (fan – short for fanatic) might be a bad idea. But since your great-grandparents were generally better people than you (other than that one thing) they instead used this information to write letters to each other. No longer did angry fans need to hope that an editor would publish their indignant response to an angry defense of a vicious attack on their favorite story; now they could write their target directly! Friendships were made, clubs were formed and the earliest popular culture fandom movement began to become a community. A community bound together by nothing but their love of the genre and the post office, ready to argue about which spaceship would win in a fight. Arguing about the plausibility of fictional inventions. 

It was the dawn of the era of organized fandom, growing out of the letter columns of pulp magazines. Every obsessive genre fan you know exists because of these letters. By 1939, this community was holding a convention at the World Fair in New York, and doing what fans always do when gathered together; arguing about which authors and stories were the best. To settle the matter they held a vote, allowing everyone who was there to choose their favorites and giving awards to the winners.

This Science Fiction Convention at the World’s Fair was called the World Science Fiction Convention, or WorldCon.

Where they give out the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Fighting For Admission (FFD #2)

Pairing: Dean x Demon!Reader 
Are you thinking about a part 2 for “fighting for dominance”? Because that would be a mighty good thought, you amazing writer, YOU! AND  Can you do another part to fighting for dominance?
Prompt: Dean is human again (sort of) but the reader doesn’t want to be with him or even see him, he isn’t having it. 
Part 1!
Word count: 1,834
Warnings: A little bondage (just a little), slight Dom!Dean, dirty talking, Oral (reader receiving), smut

Your name: submit What is this?


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Shifted - Part 4, Chapter 5

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 4 - The Decision

Lallybroch, Autumn 1752

Chapter 5

Ian got a fair sum for the gold ring. And with good timing, too – the rents collected had been just as low as Jamie had feared. The bag of coins Ian brought home had been just enough to plug the gap in the estate’s finances for the last quarter.

Claire set the basket of laundry on the bed and stood, rubbing at the small of her back. She’d seized a quiet moment to herself after checking on Brianna, who was dutifully mending holes in her cousins’ smocks in Jamie’s study. Brianna said that the light was better in there at this time of day – but Claire knew that Brianna chose that spot in order to feel closer to him.

Jamie had been gone for a week. Several tenant families living at the outmost border of the estate had not come to the house on the most recent Quarter Day – and it had taken this long for Jamie to set aside his other chores and go out to see them for himself. Claire and Jenny had been leery about him venturing so close to the place where the estate met lands held by others – and only relented when Murtagh pledged to go with him. Of course Claire still worried; she knew Jamie chafed at being confined to Lallybroch, and she just hoped that he wouldn’t do anything rash.

Claire opened a drawer in their shared dresser and gently laid Jamie’s clean and folded shirts next to her spare stockings. He hadn’t said how long he expected to be gone, and there was no way for him to send word about when he would be back. Murtagh hadn’t returned home alone – so until she saw further evidence with her own eyes, nothing else to do but the daily chores that were so vital to keep the estate running.

Gently, secretly, Claire lay a palm over her belly. Her monthly should have arrived on the day Jamie left – but it hadn’t. She was seven days late. And since Brianna’s birth she had never been more than a day late.

Could it be? Dare she get her hopes up?

Yes – she dared. Jamie would be beside himself with joy. She’d rather tell him, and risk it not coming to pass – just to see the light it would bring to his face.

Once they officially agreed to start trying for another child, they’d been insatiable for each other. Their appetite, sparked during those blissful days following their wedding nine years ago, had certainly not waned. Claire wondered whether they’d always felt so hungry for each other, or whether the goal to create new life had triggered even more desire.

Every time they made love now, they felt the weight of the act – the knowledge that this could be the time when new life would start between them, when his blood and bone would knit with hers again. His reverence for her – how he almost worshipped her with hands, lips, and words while their bodies were joined – summoned feelings of devotion and awe and such profound love from deep within her – feelings she never thought she could ever be capable of.

She’d noticed that in the past few weeks, every time he reached his peak – whether snug under the quilts in the quiet dark of their bedroom, hard and fast against the door of his study, slow and sweet tucked up against a haystack – he gasped something in the Gaidhlig against her lips. He usually lost all command of English when profoundly moved – and at first she thought he’d been trying to tell her something, though she was not quite sure what it was.

But soon she realized that he’d been whispering the same few words, again and again. One of the Gaidhlig words was unfamiliar to her. Only after quietly asking Jenny of its meaning did she realize what he’d been whispering – and an intense feeling of love almost stopped her heart.

Most blessed Virgin, by your grace may my wife conceive a child.

In this time, with no physicians specializing in reproductive medicine, prayer was all that Jamie could do to aid in conception. And he used this prayer, so elegant yet heartbreaking in its simplicity, to bless their joining, to transform their love for each other almost into a sacrament.

Claire shut the drawer gently and turned, leaning back against the chest. Jamie had been right, in the glade, all those years ago. Their marriage was a sacrament - truly a gift from heaven. They drew all their strength and power from their union, and from each other.

And God would bless them, in time.

“I do hope you’re there,” she said softly, fingers rubbing over her belly. “My wee miracle. I love you so much already.”

At Columbia University, Dr. Filmore was in his office, at his desk. Erin was showing him her files and explaining about the proton pack. He seemed interested… .
     “Of course in a million years if someone asked if I believed in ley lines, I would’ve said no. But as you can see, the incidents lined up. Our equipment is real. We really saved New York City.”
     “Oh, Erin,” Filmore said with enthusiasm. “I had no idea. This evidence is undeniable. I have to apologize for doubting you. Would you ever consider rejoining us? You can head up a legitimate science-based paranormal department.”
     Erin beamed. “Yes. Yes, I would. Thank you, sir.” She was back where she wanted to be.
     “Thank you,” Filmore said, and then he glanced behind her.
     Erin’s heart sank as two security guards entered and grabbed her arms.
     “What took you so long?” Filmore asked them as the guards led Erin out of his office. “That was uncomfortable.”
     If Erin thought being fired was bad, being escorted out by security was worse. She struggled to carry her proton pack and files.
     Playing it off, she called back to Filmore, “Okay, so we’ll just finish that up later.”
     People in the hallway avoided eye contact.
     “Look, I’m not crazy,” Erin told anyone who would listen. “I know when people say that, they’re usually crazy, but I’m pointing that out, so I obviously have an intelligent perspective in the situation.”
     Security left Erin on the street. She didn’t know where to go next or what to do, when Abby arrived.
     “So, how’d that go?” Abby asked.
     Erin let out a long breath.
     “You just can’t handle those scientists thinking we’re a big joke,” Abby said.
     Erin slumped onto a bench, putting the proton pack by her feet. “Is that some sort of big reveal? Yes, that bothers me. I don’t like being dragged through the mud. I mean, any shot of being on a faculty or having any kind of reputation is gone. Believe it or not, my dream was not to start a ghost detective agency above a Chinese restaurant. I mean, Abby, we don’t even look like idiots, we look like maniacs. I know you don’t care, but I do!”
     Abby, usually so calm, exploded with frustration and anger. “You think I don’t care? You think it’s been easy, devoting my life to all this? Of course I care. I’ve been called ‘weird’ every day of my life since I was four years old, and I hate it. But I focus on what matters. We discovered all sorts of new things. I get to work with my friends. I felt pretty lucky. The only thing that makes me sad is that after all this time, you haven’t changed one bit!”
     “Well, I’m not going to take that as an insult, because I happen to like myself,” Erin said, rising.
     “No, you don’t,” Abby said.
     Erin slunk back down onto the bench. That hurt.
     “Take care of yourself,” Abby said, then she walked away.
     As she passed a few students, they snickered at her Ghostbusters uniform, but Abby kept her head up high and kept on walking.

— Ghostbusters Novelization by Stacia Deutsch


things ive done in 2013:

  • graduated high school
  • went to college
  • got a job
  • figured out my gender identity (sort of)
  • started using new pronouns
  • cut my hair for the first time since i was 13
  • dyed my hair two colors
  • joined a fandom
  • saw once, cinderella, newsies, and big fish
  • had moments where i truly felt happy
  • inspired an entire day devoted to a character
  • saw aaron tveit live
  • met over 15 tumblr followers irl
  • been recognized from tumblr…three separate times
  • helped start the les amis vlog project
  • aced my first semester of college
  • 2013 was the best year thus far
  • i cAN’T FRICKING WAIT FOR 2014!!!!!!
The February Fourteenth Secret

Prompt: Their first Valentines Day as newlyweds is quickly approaching and Killian just wants the night to be perfect - all Emma wants is the perfect opportunity to finally tell her husband the secret she has been holding in for days.

CS AU, M rated (what’s Valentine’s Day without a little smut?), 3,000+ words, unedited

A continuation of A Promise to Keep, but can also be read as a standalone.

For lizzyc807shipscaptainswan - I have had a blast being your CS Secret Valentine. Hope that this prompt is what you were looking for! Lots of love, my dear.

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They had been married for almost four months.

Four blissful months of going from best friends to husband and wife (and every wonderful little detail that it entailed). Emma wouldn’t mention it to anyone – except maybe Mary Margaret - but the sex was beyond everything she had ever imagined during all the years she had pined after him.He was a gentle lover, considerate of her needs and wants, bending to her every fantasy and never hesitating to give her more.

And quite frankly, they had been going at it like bunnies every moment they could during those first few months of being married – and in every position and place imaginable too. Wall, floor, couch, stairs, bed – it didn’t matter where to them. All that mattered to Killian and Emma was that their love was displayed physically (after all, the pair had never been one for words).

So somewhere in there, amongst the numerous sexual acts, someone was bound to make a mistake or two.

Emma wasn’t sure how it had happened (or who’s fault it was) but all that mattered now is that it did - and there was no going back.

All she had to do now was to figure out a way to tell her husband.

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the ridiculous and sentimental new year's day post

so it’s january 1st of another year and ha 2015 when the hell did that happen

a year ago I never would have guessed that a blog devoted to bob’s burgers would have become such an important part of 2014. I mean, I started this blog mostly on a whim and figured that it would mostly be me and photoshop and the occasional gifset

but holy fucking hell this whole strange blogging experience has been so much more fantastic and ridiculous and wonderful than I ever would have guessed and that is entirely due to all of you — you amazing spectacular fools and HA this is so unbelievably sappy whatever it’s fine

anyway this is really an unnecessarily long way of saying thank you. 2014 was sort of all over the place but having this blog and this show and this wonderful belcher family has been absolutely amazing.

so really, thank you for everything and shoot, here’s to 2015

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Yup, it really was two years ago today that I started this strange little project.

I had planned on actually drawing something new for the occasion, or maybe even finishing off the dub of the prelude (don’t worry folks, it’s still coming, just taking a surprising amount of work). Unfortunately a major dose of flu has kept me confined to my bed for the past few days, and the few moments I’ve been actually productive have been devoted to work on the business I’m trying to get off the ground.

So instead, lets take a look at how far I’ve come since I started. My main aim with this blog was to learn how to draw and tell effective stories. I think I’ve made decent progress towards both.

I had planned on saying a lot more, but I need to get some rest, as the 30 minutes of effort it took to put this together has actually left me rather drained, so I’ll end by saying a massive thank you to all of you who thought my blog was worth paying attention to, and especially to my wonderful patrons!

Without you all I’d never have got this far.

Thank you.