Nearly two weeks ago (10 days technically) I was near deleting my blog. I was bored and unhappy with Tumblr and couldn’t seem to get any motivation for my muse. So I was given the idea to archive my blog and make a new one and see if losing the clutter and starting fresh made me want to stay.

And it worked!

Because here I am still memeing the fuck outta you guys feeling better than ever. 

On top of that when I first made my blog I honestly didn’t expect nearly 150 of you guys to follow me over. I expected maybe 60 if that, and in two weeks 150 of you guys stuck with my nonsense and that means so much to me because when I remade this blog I decided I wouldn’t search anyones blog, if they followed me then they deserved to be followed back. So I’m really happy and because of that I’m literally going to thank all 150 of you guys, okay?

You guys are like my rocks on tumblr;

@tataraxx you were my first follower on sssoneeyedowl, you were my first follower on Hakatori, you were my first follower on every single roleplay blog I have. And I made sure you were my first follower on this blog because I love you, and we made this blogs together so we stay to together.

@ofavaritias This ship is going to be the death of me. I fucking love you friend, and screaming at you about Shion and Eto is one of my favorite pass times. Well that and making ridiculous cat puns at you. I love our beebs, thank you for ripping my fucking heart out with your shit satan.

@unholybloodshed your an asshole, but I love you, and there is a song like that? I love our muses and I love the devil… that sounds awful out of context.

@uispooky / @carnophilia + and all your 50 fuckin blogs,Lauren thank you for being my Sin twin and my trophy waifu. You are precious precious beeb.

@absenteeiism You are a potato, but I am also a potato, and thank God for The Flash, and Jay Garricks hot uncle ass, because it gave me an excuse to be friends with you, and now I can scream at you every Tuesday and send you pictures of puppies. You are so cool Pi, for realsies. I take that back, you are not the potato, I am the potato.

@acecordium I want to type rxdeyedghoul but you went and changed shit on me. I love you and your 60 fucking cakes.

@pumpkingutted / @thanatoxic + and Avi’s 50 fucking blogs. Thank you for letting me meme and pun all over Ihei’s death. You will always be the bestest in the world for letting me do that.

@aoichusu thank you for giving me the idea to archive my blog and start over, this blog wouldn’t exist without you, and thank you for listening to me screech about shadowhunters and other books,

I love all you guys thank  you,


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