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I just decided to convert to Kemetism (your blog's actually what convinced me, so thanks!) and I keep seeing these acronym looking things. What are they? For instance AE, NTW (I think that's what I saw anyway, but I might be remembering wrong)

Some basic acronyms…

  • AE: Ancient Egypt
  • NTR: Netjer (singular deity)
  • NTRW: Netjeru (multiple deities)
  • BotD: Book of the Dead
  • CT: Coffin Texts
  • PT: Pyramid Texts
  • MHMM: My Heart My Mother
  • OotM: Opening of the Mouth
  • KO: Kemetic Orthodoxy
  • EE: Eternal Egypt
  • HIP: Historically Informed Pagan
  • BNP: Big Name Pagan
  • UPG: Unverified Personal Gnosis (theories and ideas that are not historically attested)
  • VPG: Verified Personal Gnosis (theories and ideas that were once unverified but are now verified via historical record)
  • SPG: Shared Personal Gnosis (theories and ideas that are unverified but are shared amongst multiple devotees/co-religionists)
  • WPWT: Wepwawet

There are probably more but my brain is spacing them right now >.>;;;