Straight White Boy Problem #895

my bro wants to start a fraternity with a mishmash of all of our friends but he is not taking the names seriously! - he said we should be called Alpha Sigma Sigma (AΣΣ), Sigma Epsilon Chi (ΣEX) then Beta Alpha Epsilon (BAE), but when he suggested tri-kappa, i left his house. im not going to walk around school with a sweatshirt that has three K’s on it, ESPECIALLY if Devontae asks me to play basketball with him on Tuesdays again.


Week 13 -
Chiefs 29 Falcons 28

It was a thrilling game highlighted by a Chiefs fake punt that was returned for a 55-yard TD and a rare pick-2 pulled off by Chiefs S Eric Berry. And when the dust cleared, the Chiefs’ victory kept them in contention for an AFC playoff spot; while the 7-5 Falcons find the 7-5 Bucs nipping at their heels in the NFC South.

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