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In today’s Trainisode, Devon and Avery play a game that gets a little out of hand… 


Job Hunters Season 2 Teaser Trailer + Devon

324b21-leda  asked:

Hi, ❤️ the show, brilliant writing! I was wondering about character arches. 1) Do you ever change the dynamics between characters based on the chemistry between actors? 2) We know you guys kept Murphy alive because Richard H.'s acting made an impression, did any other characters get to live for a similar reason? 3) When you decide to write a negative character arc (like Finn or Charlotte) what changes in writing the connection those characters have with ones going through their positive arc?

1) We’re blessed with fantastic actors, so we don’t have to change anything. But we’re always looking for interesting relationships to play. 

2) I don’t believe there was ever a plan to kill Murphy. We let Jasper live because Devon was so good. Monroe has survived by sheer luck and my insistence for a while now. 

3) Nothing really changes. All characters affect each other. Finn’s arc, obviously, had huge implications for all of our characters and specifically propelled both Clarke and Raven’s arcs.