devon devine

anonymous asked:

What do you suggest doing when you spent months trying to find a name that fits you and that you like and 4/5 of your friends like and finally decide to go with it, only to have the 5th friend freak out and be like "No, not that name! I have a friend with that name!" My friends opinions are really important to me, but it took me months to finally settle on a name I liked and I want my friends to like it too

Devon says:

There are lots of people with the same name! I know like 5 other people at my school named Devin/Devon, and that didn’t stop me from choosing this name! 

Cisgender people aren’t asked to go by different names when there are other people with the same name as them.

I’d say go for it! While it’s good to value your friends’ opinions, your feelings and comfort should come first when choosing a new name.

Best of luck and I hope everyone respects your name!!