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I saw this gorgeous pic and decided to give all the Big Hero 6 members a Pokemon team (well, I replaced Baymax with Tadashi, but w/e). SO, here goes! Big Hero 6 Pokemon crossover aww yee

Tadashi: Meganium, Chansey, Altaria, Herdier, Audino, Kangaskhan

Tadashi would have a combination of gentle, nurturing Pokemon, and ones that are pretty loyal. He wouldn’t really like battling that much, he’d be much more interested in Pokemon research, so his style would concentrate on higher defense/special defense and slowly draining opponents’ HP through annoying status moves. I gave him Chansey and Audino because they’re soft, gentle healers (like Baymax, duh). Meganium because it’s based on that fanart, and also I think of Meganium as a really gentle and sweet Pokemon. Herdier is really loyal and protective, as is Kangaskhan, plus they’re literally “the parent Pokemon.” And idk, I just liked the thought of him having an Altaria.

Hiro: Charizard, Metagross, Magnezone, Sableye, Lucario, Cubone

Hiro is a typical fanboy; he loves anything that looks awesome and kicks ass. He’s the youngest League Champion ever, going for all-out speedy offense (he specializes in one-hit-KOs). He uses his status as Champion to get himself into and out of a lot of trouble, much to Tadashi’s dismay, who believes Hiro should use his abilities to help people. Since Hiro is into robotics, I wanted to give him some kind of man-made, robitc type Pokemon, hence Metagross and Magnezone. Charizard is just what I consider to be one of the most badass Pokemon, plus he flies (a reference to Hiro flying around on Baymax). I gave him Lucario because of the martial arts thing, and Cubone because of the whole dead-mother thing (only in this case it’s dead brother, but w/e).

GoGo: Ninjask, Jolteon, Greninja, Weavile, Crobat, Gogoat

GoGo’s got the fastest team around. She’s all about a quick battle that consists of hard-hitting punches, moves designed to slow opponents down, and evasion. She holds the world record in the Speed Pokeathlon and trains for it by constantly cruising around Cycling Road; stay out of her way, unless you want a beating. GoGo’s team is pretty obvious, they’re the Pokemon with the highest base speed (non-legendary and non-mega-evolutions). Plus Gogoat because I COULDN’T RESIST.

Honey Lemon: Glameow, Sylveon, Reuniclus, Empoleon, Milotic, Vileplume

Don’t let Honey’s adorable team fool you; they’re tough! While she mostly loves dressing her Pokemon up for the contest circuit (she’s untouchable in the cute contest), she also is a top researcher for both Silph Co. and Devon Co, mostly studying various chemical reactions Pokemon poisons have. When she does battle, her strategy mostly consists of messing you up with status condition moves and distracting Pokemon with Cute Charm. I gave Honey a lot of cute/“girly” Pokemon to match her love of fashion and bubbly personality, so Glameow, Sylveon and Milotic made the most sense. With her chemistry background, I wanted her to have Pokemon that could cause various status damage/just struck me as sciencey, so I gave her Reuniclus and Vileplume. (And Empoleon cuz I needed someone to have a Gen 4 starter OTL) 

Fred: Magmar, Hawlucha, Tyranitar, Sceptile, Wheezing, Bidoof

Fred annoys all the local Officer Jennys by trying to be a vigilante superhero. His heart’s in the right place, and he often does help stop some crime (although he usually just causes more damage than necessary in order to catch the perp). His strategy involves spewing fire and gas and packing punches. Fred’s team ties into his Fredzilla mode and love of comics. Magmar and Wheezing fit this pretty directly, I think, and Tyranitar is kind of like Godzilla, so that works well, too. Sceptile is lizard-like, and Bidoof is pretty goofy, like Fred.

Wasabi: Gallade, Aggron, Excadrill, Emboar, Aegislash, Sandshrew

Wasabi is the cleanest, neatest Pokemon breeder the world has ever seen. He likes a quiet simple life for him and his team, and tries to avoid battling whenever possible. He surrounds himself with tough-looking Pokemon, but they are just as kind-hearted and gentle as Wasabi. Most of Wasabi’s team is based on his hero outfit; Gallade, Excadrill, and Aegislash all have blades/swords. Aggron’s PokeDex entry talks about how it rebuilds its territory if it gets messed up, which reminded me of Wasabi’s OCD neatness. Wasabi is also kind of a scaredy-cat, so I thought that Sandshrew, which curls up into a ball when threatened, was also a good fit.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any good daiharu aus?

  • Well for starters, I’m a big fan of this coffee shop AU 
  • And I’m gonna be honest that the Professor/Student AU is really getting on my nerves.
  • AU full of angst where May doesn’t come back from space when she rides up on Rayquaza to handle Deoxys.
  • You can thank Story of Seasons for this, but small farm town AU where May is the new farmer moving in, and Steven is the dapper town geologist and heir (because that’s a prevalent theme in the HM series) to a company in the city and/or the mayor’s son, and May needs to start mining if she EVER wants to finish building that chicken coop.
  • AU where May works at the shack at the beach by Slateport and Steven wanders off from a business meeting to get some ice cream and finds out he has a Nanap Berry allergy while sampling flavors and May has to take him to the hospital.
  • Turkish AU “Royal heir Steven Stone (Steven Kaya) keeps sending May Akçaağaç gogoats, and she really appreciates it and is super flattered, but she’s running out of places to keep them because she lives in the city!”
  • Business fishing trip AU that Norman invites May to join him, saying it’ll be good for both their relationship and for her future with the company. She goes, not expecting anyone her age there, and when she falls in the water, Steven’s the only one still sober enough to jump in and save her.
  • College party AU that gets busted and they run off in the opposite direction of their friends and end up in whatever shady street/Taco Bell/your pick.
  • AU where Steven thinks they’re on a date and May thinks it’s an informal job interview for the Devon Co internship.
  • AU where they’re in Hoenn still but never meet each other, until they go on the blind date set for them by Wallace and Lisia.
  • AU where Steven’s on a crappy date with someone his father set him up with and May is their waitress.
  • AU in which May owns a Froufrou walking business and gets hired by Joseph Stone to walk their Froufrous. Steven wakes up to this in a panic, and is ready to tackle May to the ground, thinking someone is stealing their Froufrous.
  • AU where the timeline for Pokémon champions in Hoenn, instead of being Wallace-Steven-May, was Steven-May-Wallace. Opportunities for reverse-harem/jealousy/ot3/etc.

Feel free to use any of these!


I haven’t seen this anywhere yet, but it’s a touching moment when this happens. Steven’s father is getting Steven upset, whether deliberately or accidentally. But when the President of Devon Co. tells his son to take care, Steven smiles and nods, clearly touched by his father’s concern (the photo, unfortunately, did not capture his expression well, but it’s visible in several playthroughs of the Delta Episode if you’re interested). We don’t see much of their relationship, but I think Steven was one second away from getting upset the whole meeting. This one second of concern is just really strong compared to that, especially since he turned to his father to nod and smile at him.

This guy at VidCon was going around asking creators to answer survey questions on video for him. I couldn’t understand a word he said, so after the fifth time Devon was repeating them for me, the guy says this very rudely:

RANDOM DUDE: What are you, her translator or something?
Devon: Uhm, she’s Deaf, actually, and she’s not doing the video for you anymore.

I wish I had known what the guy had said before Devon said I’m Deaf ‘cos I heard what he said, but not what the guy said. That random dude would’ve had a good talking to.