devon bostic

I’m not gonna boycott the 100

I freaking love Bob Morley, and Eliza taylor and Lindsey Morgan, and Devon Bostic, and Christopher Larkin, and Ian Cusick, and MArie Avgeropoulos, and Ricky Whittle (remember him?), and Paige Turco and Richard Harmon.

And I know how freaking HARD they have to work everyday to make this show come to life (and that’s just me mentioning people that we know, cause there are countless more that we don’t even see but that make the 100 happen).

(and if they are suffering, if they didn’t need this job, they would have quit already. So think about that)

I freaking love Bellamy and Clarke and Raven and Monty and Jasper and Kane and Indra and Abby and Emori and Murphy and EVEN JAHa 

And I wanna see their stories unfold. Hurt as it may hurt me, I still have hope and I know i’m not the only one 

And I’m aware of the social and political issues on this show, I have been for awhile. I’m also aware of how many people work their buttocks off to make it happen , and that people which are way more affected by these social injustices than me need this job.

 And I’m aware that 98% of the issues with teh writing come from 4-5 people while boycotting it will affect so much more. 

I’m aware that there are people who watch this show and love it, and love characters that mean so much to them and don’t want them to be taken away (as much as their storylines SUCKS rn.) I’m one of those people.

And I know a big part of the fandom agrees (or doesn’t wanna boycott for their own personal reasons idk)

So if you wanna stop watching it, it’s your right, go ahead. Just don’t say everyone agrees cause it’s not true.

I’m not gonna boycott it. 

Obviously Devon Bostic doesn't know what man pain is

“When a grown man has the emotional life of an angsty teenager he is said to be experiencing manpain, especially if he tries to compensate with macho behavior. Man pain is generally expressed in the following ways: breaking shit, drinking too much, picking fights in bars, becoming a costumed superhero and taking long drives while listening to wailing guitars. For the less violent it can be expressed by remaining stone-faced while flexing jaw muscles, staring broodingly into the middle distance and crying a single tear. When a male character’s backstory related-angst breaks out, usually in isolation, brooding, douchebaggery, control or trust issues, misbehavior, crying a single tear, etc.”

“A term coined by fans who understandably got tired of seeing male characters’ douchebaggery excused by a dark, tragic past, especially when the past involves hurting & dehumanize female characters solely to motivate the male hero.”