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ALL NEW IQB! “HOTLINE MIAMI” - Based off of Neal Adam’s art for Green Lantern #85. Artwork and concept by your pal Rusty Shackles.  

Please check out all of the existing IQB’s via the archive, ALL of the IQBs shown are available as prints here.  Please tell your friends about this project, the more the merrier!  Back Issue in 2 weeks!  Thanks for playing, true believers!



We love our coworkers just as much as we love games!

We had two pigeons (possibly from the world of St. Pigeonation’s?) come in Friday morning and completely makeover our office with soft pastel feathers, white streamers, balloons, and pink winged hearts everywhere for an early Valentine’s Day celebration.

With a theme based off the dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, we had props and a backdrop for photoshoot fun, along with some sweet treats.

A few of us in the office have a slight obsession with this pigeon “game” but everyone joined in on the fun even if they had never heard of or played it.

Have you gone on some hatoful dates? Let us know which bird has your heart! Is it the bird-next-door type Ryouta or the fancy feathers on Sakuya that make your heart flutter? Or maybe you think Okosan is coo because you like pudding too. Whichever bird makes you uncontrollably tweet your feelings, we won’t judge you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your peeps at Off Base! Will you be our Valentine?

Shadow Warrior 2, Pump Action Shotgun

-Shadow Warrior (2013) was fantastic. And it had some great reloading animations in it. So when I heard that we were getting a sequel I was very excited. And then I saw some gameplay. Now I’m not only excited, but I can’t even contain myself. 

The action looks fast and filled with even more gore and just look at that amazing shotgun reloading animation. Look at it. Look at it some more. This is Blood Dragon level of amazing. That flip, the way you toss the shells into the shotgun and quickly spin it back..beautiful. Just beautiful. Can’t wait to play it. 


Here’s an Awesome Documentary on Hotline Miami

Complex made a short documentary on the creation and success of the indie hit Hotline Miami. Includes developer interviews. Very interesting.