devolver digital

Ever since discovering it a couple of years ago, Hotline Miami has mercilessly beaten its way to the spot of my 2nd favorite game of all time, only beaten by Super Metroid. 

Thanks Dennaton Games for making the most addictingly brutal game I’ve ever played. 


Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference, aka the best thing I have ever seen in my life

It takes very little to kill or be killed in Hotline Miami- one or two bullets, a knife, even a well-slammed door can get the job done. This applies to the player and their enemies, but what makes this engaging is that it matches the extreme speed that everyone is able to move at. With no resistance, the player can run from one side of the largest map to the other very quickly- and closing the gap between themselves and any given enemy is a small feat. This speed, coupled with the brittleness of every character, means that the player is constantly playing the odds, trying their hardest to not be taken out while also rushing to take out any enemies in their way as fast as possible.