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Beautifulness in all its forms (words, images, morals, education)

and a cutie, cos everyone needs a cutie

I walked Alex to work. He got a croissant so we made our usual Kanye joke and I picked the crumbs out of his beard and sent him off. He wants me to stop by on his lunch hour so we can bang in his office. Bad boy. #imaginaryboyfriend #sexystranger #beard #bvg #desperate #bitchesbecrazy by devoland

Xavier is so sweet. He pushed some dude out of the way so I could have a seat on the train. This was after we had to run back to his office because he forgot his hockey stick there, so we pulled the blinds and had a quckie. #imaginaryboyfriend #husbandmaterial #sexystranger #bvg #trainride #bitchesbecrazy by devoland

More abuse from Herr Jakob.

From an email sent just now:

I have enough from your lies and insults. Kevin had 3 electronic tickets issued for emergencies. They were issued months ago and open, because they are staff tickets and yes, he did not pay them like promised. After work I come to the place I rented and I must ask you to leave without any discussions. I feel stupid helping you and get only horrible manners and vicious words from you. I do not accept your behavior anymore. You can only hurt me and say naughty things. You are not honest to me, because you do not love me.  Thanx for making it more than clear. Please pack and find another place with someone you can insult and hurt. I will be there around 19:00 Uhr. Please be ready to leave. I do not want to talk, fight or argue with you.
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