the year is 2042. everyone is excited about the long awaited announcement of the 50th anniversary sonic game. i hold my breath as the premiere trailer starts up, nervous. its been 10 years since modern sonic was last seen. everyone crosses their fingers in hopes that they will finally see him again.

the video trailer begins. the scene is the remnants of a dark wasteland after a nuclear war, completely devoid of color. there are explosions going off in the background.

suddenly, the camera switches to a shot of classic sonic holding a gun. everyone sighs in frustration. this is the 16th time that classic sonic has made an appearance in a main title game in the past 25 years. and now he has a gun. the camera begins to slowly pan down. its revealed that he is standing over the unmoving body of modern sonic, the text “get ready for a new era… classic sonic finally makes a comeback” appearing in flaming letters on screen. people are screaming

Let’s start #Straturday off right with this beautiful 1960 #Fender #Stratocaster, spotted yesterday at @tgscan.

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking “Deebs, you may be the most beautiful man I have ever known, but If this is a 1960 #Strat, why it is it finished in a 2 tone #sunburst? I thought Fender changed to 3 tone sunburst by 1958? There is clearly no red in this (alleged) 1960 model?!? What gives?!?”.

But your outrage is unjustified and tbh quite silly! 😊 The #rosewood #fretboard and the three ply, 11 screw #pickguard on this #guitar clearly indicates it was made after 1957, so you’re right…it should have 3 colours in its finish. But, I have read that the red they used in the early 3 tone sunburst finishes tended to fade very easily…leaving many of the early 3 tone finishes devoid of red. So there you go!

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you drown me in colour
to hide the shades of grey

you bring me dead things
to hide the reek of you

all your words compacted
a stem devoid of root

you try to woo me without poetry
your breath a rotting sweetness

you think you can improve a dump
by building over everything a park

as if I would just forget the toxic
waste so much time again on you

you grow beauty in decay as if
that would keep entropy at bay

Breathing Room

Jaeras stretched along her bedroom floor, feeling the polished wood beneath her heels as she stared up at the ceiling. She thought of mother, catching her crying by herself more times than the little girl wanted to count; seeing her in such a broken state was terrifying, but there was little she could do to comfort her darling mother. She hasn’t seen her genuine smile since they went shopping nearly a week ago, and as much as Tyrasam tried to hide her grief, Jaeras was old enough to know better.

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these things we call our cities and our civilizations are nothing more than the greatest experiment, (The great work) and experiment where people come together from the wilderness for the common goals of commune, which is always helping one another in the order of who need the most help receive the most help! so if anyone is destitute in perpetual needed of common interests that governs us all? well then the great experiment is to fail! and we are all to disburse back into the wilderness from fourth we came, devoid of brotherhood in all manner, back to mimicking animals to survive!
—  wake up slaves

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Eli has me intrigued! What made you decide to make an evil aligned courier? Did it stem from the way you played New Vegas or did you have her back story all figured out already?

i mean i really like playing evil characters, like my shepard in mass effect is massively, full blown renegade and my lw is very evil and idk i just. really like playing asshole characters you kno? so going into new vegas i knew i was gonna play evil and i just wanted to have a character completely devoid of any sort of moral code or distinct reason or motivation for why she acts the way she does. her backstory just took shape the more i played and the more i wrote about her, she was a completely different character when i first started compared to how she is now tbh. but i love her a lot. my awful awful child

The “male gaze” is a media criticism concept. It refers to how female characters are cast, costumed, filmed, etc. to emphasize their attractiveness in stereotypical ways.


- Every female character looks like a 20-something model even though they’re supposed to be average people of a variety of ages– especially if the male characters have much more variety in age and appearance

- The camera focuses on a female character’s butt, cleavage, etc. in scenes that aren’t otherwise sexual

- Female characters wear revealing clothing as often as possible, even when it doesn’t make sense in-universe (e.g. chain mail bikini)

That sort of thing.

Male gaze = drawing/filming/etc. a piece of media so that it caters to a hypothetical straight male viewer who wants to see as many boobs as possible. It is related to but not exactly the same as the concept of sexual objectification.

It certainly does not mean “the act of looking at a woman and thinking she’s attractive.”


“Are You Happy” by Bo Burnham | Choreography by Megan Batoon

In a world revolved around sharing,
Are we ever really off-stage?
Perceiving validation as elation
Puts pure feeling in a cage

Day after day, we show and tell,
Comparing our lives for trade,
Display our best and bury our worst
So it’s only peaks when replayed

In a world of oversharing, are we really ever off-stage?
In a world devoid of sparing, are we really ever off-stage?

Music: “Are You Happy” by Bo Burnham from Make Happy Netflix Special

This backstory anime to the new Final Fantasy featuring a kid who was fat and therefore sad and devoid of personality and ate burgers alone in the dark by himself every night and had no friends and then literally spent years losing weight before he became thin and muscular and instantly developed a loud bubbly personality and finally was worthy to introduce himself to the main character is basically the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Okay but all of Hemingway’s work focuses on frustration with a fundamental inability to connect with women in any way, including sexually- the most sexual scenes in his work are either devoid of sex itself or devoid of any sexual interactions between men and women. His descriptions of men are more compelling, his characterization of them more thorough, not because he was a massive misogynist (though given the time period and him being a man, of course he was) but also….his work is pretty clearly to me the work of a man struggling to figure out -how- to be heterosexual and a lot of his discomfort with women seemed very rooted in that and possibly his own inability to wrap his head around it ANYWAY. The man is dead and I can’t ask him and I’ll never know how he thought of himself but a man who writes a scene where a woman eroticizes her own body to orgasm because he thinks this is what people do is uh…..mayhaps not what we think. A good chunk of his writing is about the anxiety he clearly had around his own failure to live up to a masculine ideal that included heterosexuality- for instance when we look at we can see passages he’d never have allowed to go published unedited. “Write drunk, edit sober” yah okay pal that’s because you want to cover your tracks whole sober which is fair but that’s not general writing advice.

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
—  Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community (1967), p. 62.
  • Old Fashioned Wealthy White Liberal:Look at how progressive I am because of how my house is adorned with trinkets from various cultures around the world even though I cant name any of them.
  • New Fashioned Millennial Wealthy White Liberal:Look at how progressive because my house, my clothing and my diet is completely and totally devoid of anything non-European cultural influence.

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Could you draw some heated laps and peridot fight??

Look y’know how some artists have a tendency to imitate the faces they’re trying to draw.

I’m one of those artists

(forgive the quality. And also for how jokingly I responded, because I’m devoid of my graphic drawing tablet and I’d rather save up something dramatic and well-done for the benefits I have with digital art)