Hello :) Here’s a summary of everything I could find. Tom Hardy is extremely busy. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

Taboo wrapped in mid-June. See Tom’s message and crew photo here. Writer Steven Knight has seen the first 3 episodes of the BBC/FX co-production and he says, “It’s fantastic. It’s really good.“ Check out the trailer and the @sonofhorace1814 Instagram. Air date: S.Knight suggested October. BBC One says 2017. We’ll have to wait and see but fingers crossed for this autumn!

Dunkirk is currently filming in Urk, Netherlands. It was confirmed by one of the costume dept. that Tom is playing a pilot. So there’s likely to be a fair amount of green screen work for him. No character name or sighting in costume yet. (But there are Cillian Murphy set pics, and lots of Harry Styles everywhere. :) A couple of night shoots and a day shoot will also take place in Dorset at the end of July, around Weymouth Harbour and Swanage (remember the vintage railway station in Hyundai Card ‘Travel’?) Release (US&UK): 21 July 2017. Teaser may appear with Suicide Squad on Aug. 5.

Projects in development (announced)
• Splinter Cell (Sam Fisher; possibly 2017)
Cicero (Al Capone)
Rocketman (Elton John; in financing limbo?)
Samarkand (British SAS veteran; Greg Williams dir.)
The True American (Mark Stroman; Kathryn Bigelow, dir.)
Unreasonable Behaviour (Don McCullin)
100 Bullets (producing, possibly starring)
• Untitled Outlaw Biker Project
• Untitled Animal Poaching Project (x) (x
• Untitled Animal Trafficking Project (x) (x

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (stormtrooper cameo) (x)
Peaky Blinders S04 (Alfie Solomons) >> Hope! Steven Knight said [re: next series] “I want to see Cillian with Tom Hardy.”

Assume there are many more unannounced projects percolating. For example, Steven Knight mentioned “a script that I want to direct that would star [Tom]. It will be a longer shoot than 10 days, which is what we did Locke in. This will be a more conventional film…” (x)

Have I missed anything?

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Hi! I also like the way the MunaSaka combo is written ! Danganronpa has always been a franchise were apart from Junko and that green haired gremlin there are no real villains. What I mean by that is that dr characters are always put in a situation the worst of them is revealed and it was always explicitely said that it was Monokuma's fault. Sure munasaka are jerks but so were a lot of charas before!! Fukawa, togami, mondo, hiyoko to name a few. Plus it's only the second ep I'm waitin for devlop

As someone who’s following along with the Killer Killer manga, which takes place before the events of SDR2, I can say for a fact that Sakakura hated Naegi way before he hid the Remnants of Despair.

The thing about Sakakura is he has a moral compass–but it’s kind of backwards, and his impassivity gets in the way of a lot of it. 

He hates the fact that Naegi gets rewarded and treated like a hero, after prioritizing the lives of 15 irreversibly damaged terrorists over the lives of people who can be saved, who are still fighting Despair because “they were good once.”

It’s a worthless sacrifice, and it by not killing them outright, he sees that it’s costing more lives.

His and Munakata’s viewpoints are rational, and technically right, but the problem is that they’re so radical in their opinion, that it has somewhat of the opposite effect.

They don’t see any other option. They see the only option to get through this and wipe out Despair for good is to kill every last one of them. There’s no reasoning with them.

They create the perfect conflict for Naegi, who up until this point has only had to make a choice that was essentially “hope or die” with no other risks involved.

If he wants to resolve this, he’s going to have to start making tough calls too.