Severa x Noire and Lucina x Kjelle (I Dub Thee Lucijelle) S Supports!

Yep, there’s two this time, all courtesy of DeathChaos25 over on GBATemp, who was so kind as to code these for me! I wrote the scripts and had @devixer, @hbreckel, @pick-a-god-and-pray, and various other read over them for me! The kids have their default hair colors through save editing. I’m not making any more convos until I finally release the next update, because they take a long time to do, so look forward to that! 

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Robin/Sully Revised C-S Support

Well, I was all ready to to continue working on new support lists after the Sumdelia S support got released, but then @devixer sent me a great revised Sully/Robin script they wrote (because come on, what was with their canon supports?) and I got caught up in FeMU x Sully feels so I had to implement it. 

The screenshots are of F!Robin because I’m hella gay and so is Sully but the same revisions were implemented for M!Robin. Hope you enjoy~

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How’s everybody doin this day? I’m alright, its really hot out and I’m pretty tired, but i hope everybody else is doing well.
Here’s a little update on my life:
I finally got a job!!! Im working at a pizza place as a cook and honestly its pretty fun. The people there are cool, although at times its a bit of a testosterone overload because most of the people there are Men (and they are MAN). Its a bit like highschool, which is weird. My friend pepe who got me the initial interview said the people there kind of automatically judge the new workers, and they’re judgment of me is that I’m a bit “flamboyant,” but that doesn’t really bother me cuz deep down I’m gey as h*ck and also, as i have already completed hell as in highschool, i know how to acknowledge others’ judgments of me, but not let them bother me? Does that make sense? Like the second i walked in, the “who the fuck is this kid vibe” was palpable, but i didn’t change “Me” to try and get them to like me or whatever. They like me anyway despite my “flamboyance” which is cool. The bosses are cool, the getting paid is cool, and if i reaaaaaallly want beer i can get it, which is cool i guess.
Another cool thing is this friday i am playing my first solo show!!! Never before have i played a show without at least one of the nauticals, so this show is gonna be cool!!! I am a little nervous but how badly can one person mess up?
On that note, if i know you irl or you live in york, the show is on the 12th doors at 5:30 , i play at 6, followed by devix, cardinal harbor, and then water for breathing (which is Cody Kilburn) at RLH guitars in Red Lion!!!
Hope you all have a good day!!!

Im back in the pizza game, but without a fucked up mouse as a boss
There’s a show you should go to on friday at 5:30!! RLH guitars in Red Lion, I’m playing!!!
Have a good day!


Devix Szell & Jordan Birkland in The Break-In
Directed by Garret Goldenberg


Wow. I don’t really have words?? I never thought this was a milestone that I’d reach, considering the little time I’ve had Tony. Roughly just over a week. I’m so astonished that I’ve managed to keep you all this long! Thank you, really. I’m speechless. I know I’ve probably missed out people on this list, and I’m sorry if I have. I love all of you, and the people on this list are my special snowflakes, and there are quite a few of you! If we haven’t RPed, then it’s clear that I sit in awe at your amazing writing quality skills, if we have RP'ed, then I’m keeping you forever.


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So, yeah, thank you for being wonderful and I hope to see more of you soon!