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He was aware that he should take full accountability for the consequences of his actions like per se joining an idiotic game. But the consequence he was being forced to handle was far too much. Far too heavy for him to take on. Had he known a certain lilac-eyed alternate would be participating, he would’ve swallowed his pride without anyone knowing and calmly walked away, his life being safe from the turmoil it was in right now.

Regret came in last though, and now he sat here, deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on his features as he stared incredulously at the other Orihara. “You cannot be serious about this, Manya.”

Unfortunately, he needed not to hear the answer of the other to know that he was very much serious about this. When it came to requests and deals and games, despite his playful nature, Manya was serious about them, more than anyone.

A frown settled on chapped lips as he felt his throat dry up instantly. His eyes, seeming to have sucked off all the bravery in his system, remained locked with the other’s gaze firmly, though he would attribute it greatly to the fact that he most likely had been trapped by the inquisitiveness that lurked behind his brother’s eyes.

He was curious as to how Roppi would react and surely enough, if he reacted in a manner that failed to interest Manya, consequences of this consequence would be far dire than any consequence he has ever faced, and that was a given.

He broke their eye contact as he unsteadily rose up from where he had been sitting prior Manya’s arrival. His feet felt numb, probably from sitting for hours and his heart had some sort of uneven rhythm, usually that only happened when he was a bit nervous which was a rare case. But rarities always presented themselves whenever he was with this unpredictable individual, so he should’ve been expecting it to come sooner or later.

With a breathy sigh, he closed the distance between them, exceeding the imaginary demarcation line Manya drew around himself to mark his comfort zone. Being a few inches taller than himself, he had to tilt his head upwards and stretch his neck a little to rid both of them of the space between their faces. His eyes narrowed partially due to nervousness and partially because he was about to close them so he did not have to witness the deed he was about to do and because he did not really want to affirm whether Manya was properly entertained or bored with what he was about to do.

He craned his neck a bit more, a familiar warmth already overwhelming his cheeks upon the mere amalgamation of their breaths, his own shaggy and his partner’s steady. When his eyes closed completely he placed his lips on top of Manya’s.

He somehow could taste the sinister amusement behind the other’s lips, and this alone informed him that he did a job passable enough to not bore the other alternate.

Lingering a bit on the other’s, his lips retreated when he felt embarrassment course through his system. To hide it, he turned around so he could once more sit himself down on the waiting couch that he had been sitting on earlier prior this whole ordeal.


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