Why Even?

Why did she even bother?

Stupid, stupid Kururi! She scolded herself, eyes on the ground as she speedily walked away, far away, from Raira Academy. It couldn’t have been later than around eleven in the morning, and although school was far from over, there was no way in hell that she was staying another minute in that hell hole.

 Dimwitted delinquents. Their comments were fine, but when they tried to assault Kururi, there wasn’t much she could do besides just up and leaving class. It’s not like she often went to class. Today was an exception. Actually, she was almost never in school. She really wasn’t even sure why she’d come today. Apparently the ushering of her acquaintances had finally managed to convince her, but she now realized that they were all wrong and that school really wasn’t for her. Sure, she’d attend tests and such, but the normal classes? Never again.

After traveling for no longer than five minutes, she reached the main pedestrian zone of Ikebukuro, headed towards… Hm, possibly somewhere she could get a bite to eat? She really wasn’t sure, but she knew that she’d want to avoid people for the time being. She was in a dreadful mood, though her nonchalant facial expression didn’t reveal a thing.

Well, what do ya’ know? Of all people for Shizuo to run into, he had to run into him. All the blonde wanted to do was have a peaceful walk through ‘bukuro – but he can’t even have that now, could he? Not with this clown wandering around causing havoc, at least. Making his life miserable…Shizuo sure as hell wasn’t in the mood for this shit today.

Even if his inner monster growled at the smell of the little fucker, his more human side kept that creature at bay.

“Look, flea. I ain’t in the mood. Go terrorize some other guy today and leave me out of it.”