devious wanderer


They do this a lot now and then. Every Friday, they would upload a challenge video that their subscribers and viewers requested them to do. Evan would pick out a challenge for them to do, and he would announce it to Delirious in front of the camera. Since Delirious still wants to keep his identity a secret, he uses his hockey mask in the videos.

“Okay so today, we’re gonna chug beer!” Evan jumped in to frame holding up two jugs of beer in his hands while flashing a smile.

Delirious was in his seat next to Evan’s and he was already squirming, “It’s about damn time we do this.” He rubbed his hands in excitement. Evan giggled as he took a seat next to Jonathan still holding the two jugs.

“Okay so here’s how its gonna go down we’re-” “Give me that!!” Delirious was ready to gulp the whole thing at once when Evan whined.

“Deliriouss!!” he slightly pouted. “Alright alright,” Jonathan gave in with a loud chuckle. He likes to push his boyfriend’s buttons, he likes aggravated Evan.

“Okay, so this how its gonna work. We have exactly a minute to chug your own jug of beer and the winner gets a prize. Delirious sat up straight, “A prize? No one said nothing about a prize.”

“Well no one said you could cut me off either when I talk,” Evan replied proudly.

“Well played Evan, well played.” Jonathan scoffed in agreement. He grinned profoundly as he turned back to face the camera, “And yes, there’s a prize. The winner gets chocolate chip cookies.“

At this point, Delirious was ecstatic. “Sweet, beautiful chocolate chip cookies??” “Yes” “Gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookies??!” “Mhmm” he nodded.

“Delicious, mouthwatering, exqui-” “You get the point, quit it,“ Evan hushed him. He can see his lover’s eyes sparkle just by talking about his favorite food. He’ll admit, he looks cute but the show must go on. "In fact, I just got it this morning.”

“You bastard, was that why you weren’t there when I woke up?” All Evan could do was giggle. “You son of a bitch..” Evan was laughing his butt off whilst shielding himself, from what it seems like to be, aggravated Delirious. They both basically love pissing each other off.

“I was worried sick! You didn’t even pick up when I called!!” Delirious was standing up giving Vanoss light punches. “But I came home didn’t I?” Evan teasingly said.

Now its Delirious’ turn to giggle, “Shut up.” He took a seat, calming himself down. “Now I’m gonna set the timer to a minute,” Evan tinkered with his phone. Delirious lifted his mask up just a little to let his mouth free. "Three, two, one, go!”

Delirious was on it, he was unstoppable. Taking a gulp the first second then the next. It was mesmerizing to watch. On the other hand, Evan was struggling. He wasn’t much of a drinker and so this wasn’t achallenge to his liking. He didn’t even finish half way, but he had different intentions…

As the timer strikes to two seconds, Delirious was done. “Done!” he said victoriously setting the jug down on the table. “Aw man.. you won..” Evan played along. Delirious was clearly drunk. “Yes bitch, now give me those sug-gar mamas,” he ushered. “Here ya go,” Evan said delightfully. He handed his drunk ass boyfriend the box of cookies. Delirious grabbed it and held it tight, “Yes! Yes!! YESS!! All mine!” He gave a soft, evil laugh.

“Woah woah, easy there clown, how bout you get some rest cause from the looks of it, you’re not taking it too well,” Evan suggested. Delirious turned to look at Evan with gazed eyes and pointed a finger up in the air, wobbling, “No, you need some rest,” he rested the finger on Evan’s chest.

Jonathan was half unconscious from all the beer so he tumbled forward and Evan caught him just in time. He rested his head right under his boyfriend’s toned neck and slowly dozed off into the oblivion. Evan held an arm around him to keep him from sliding off and stood up, “Okay so that’s it for this week. We’ll catch you guys later. Bye!”

Before leaving the camera’s view he gave a devious wink and carried wandering Delirious, “Ye-yeah.. See ya guys..” Evan left the camera on and from the distance, they still can be heard.

“Ba-abee, you touchh-ing my ass?” Delirious retorted in disbelief. “I was not touching your ass, I was getting a better grip on you,” Evan denied. “See now you’re just- oh gr-great now you’re just unzipp-iing my pants.“ “Doesn’t it get humid in there?”

“No it- STOP IT! Oh my god Evan, I swear to God I’m gon-nna your kick your ass!”

“Try me bitch.”