Before I even got out of bed

I knew that today was going to be a He/Him day. Then I went to the bathroom only to discover that I got my period last night. Ugh, fml. 😡😤I just want to be called handsome. I want to be referred to as sir. Like for once can my body just cooperate with me???

molly-b-denum  asked:

56, 57, 58! 💕

thank you <3

56. favourite food(s)
Spaghetti with butter and Parmesan, steamed artichokes w/ garlic and mayo, most pastas w/o too much sauce, chocolate covered strawberries, chow mein & sweet n sour chicken, carrot and avocado sushi, chicken tenders/nuggets/strips with ranch
this ended up being very not veegz sorry guys

57. favourite animal(s)
Sloth, owl, manatee, snail, bat ray, rat, pig, bunny, poodle

58. description of my best friend(s)
This one’s really long so I’m putting it under a read more - it’ll probably be boring to anyone outside of my friend group so~!

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