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This is my senior project!! I still have 2 more to do but this is what I’ve been working on. For this project I asked my family to show me an object that has a personal and special meaning to them. It was really a way for me to learn about the people in my life.I’m really going for a personal, storytelling feel so that’s why they are all so different in lighting and comp. I want them to really show each person as much of THEM as possible. I’m really excited about the project so far, it’s exactly what I wanted 

Edit: ALMOST DONE!!! I have to retake the one of my sister, it’s horrible but I love the rest.

Almost 4 hours of editing and I’m finally done (I think)!!! I am really in love with this shot, I wish I didn’t have to crop in so tight at the top and bottom but that’s no big deal. I’m worried though about how this will look on other screens, I can see a little bit of dark spots on the background still if I tilt my screen. If you guys see any darker grey where it should be white ish please let me know! I’M REALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE


Help please!!! I am taking photos of my family with an object that means a lot to them for my senior project and this is my Pa!! 

His object was his lighter that he bought in ‘67 while he was in the Marine Corps, and in the blank space under the photos I have his writing of what the object is that I will digitally add so ignore the white space at the bottom. 

ANYWAY, I need to know, top or bottom one. The lighter is the same but I don’t know which photo of Pa to use. I love both so much HE’S SO CUTE!!! But I’m really biased so I need an outside opinion. 

Top or bottom photo?


P.S Photo-wise I like the bottom better too because it doesn’t have the glare in his glasses but idk he’s so cute I liked the top one too. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP :)


After making my last two posts I realized that I don’t want to make a post and feel bad, I want to prevent this from happening again! 

On April 15th, 2012 at around 3AM EST my dad was hit by a drunk driver coming home from work in Detroit. At the time I was on tumblr, completely unaware that anything was wrong. I was a wreck and even posted to tumblr on my phone: Shit shit shit. My dad just got hit riding his motorcycle. We’re on our way to the hospital. Oh god” I didn’t have any idea what was happening. It wouldn’t be until the next day that I would find out his collar bone, hip, and shoulder were broken and his elbow had been shattered. After several surgeries and intense therapy my dad was able to come home. He still could not walk and had to rely on a wheelchair and cane to make it around the house.  He had only been home a week before he had a pulmonary embolism, which means he had blood clots in both lungs, and had to be rushed to the hospital again.  Had no one noticed wouldn’t wake up he wouldn’t be with me today. 

I’m telling you all this because it could have completely been avoided. 

That girl, a 25 year old girl, chose to get in her car and drive drunk. She will be paying for this for a very long time; she not only screwed up our lives but hers as well. 

 I don’t want to tell you how to lie your life, but know what will happen if you drive or let someone you know drive drunk. Yes, my dad lived, but we’re broken beyond repair. My sister and I have suffered in school, driven to the edge with stress and pressure, and we almost lost our dad; our hero. I can’t tell you how that feels, to not know if he’s going to live or die. That uncertainty that eats away at you and drives you crazy.

I love my Dad, more than I’ll ever be able to put into words. I wish I had said it more before the accident. I am ashamed that it took something like this to bring me closer to him.

That’s my advice, love those around you and make sure they know. You have no idea when the last time you’ll see them will be and please use your time wisely. Tell them everyday how much they mean to you, whatever it takes.  

Please think before you go out, please don’t drive drunk or buzzed, don’t get into a car with someone who’s been drinking, and don’t let someone who’s been drinking drive. 

When you drive drunk you’re not only putting the other drivers at risk but you’re putting their spouses, children, parents, and loved ones in the firing line as well. 

Lastly, watch out and pay attention for motorcycles. There is nothing dividing them from their bodies and an oncoming car. There’s nothing they can do to protect themselves. Be courteous and stay focused. Their lives are in your hands. 

Reblog this, or not, just read it and know that something like this could happen in our life and pass it on. 

Go tell your Father, or someone you love how much they mean to you. 

You never know when it’ll be your last chance.