Derek doesn’t really have to tell anyone, when it happens, except for Laura.

Most of his, and Stiles’s, friends have facebook, and so they already know.

Laura doesn’t have facebook. She has her reasons, which Derek has dismissed (he knows facebook is selling his information to corporations, okay? The difference is, he doesn’t care), and all it means is that he has to go and tell her the news in person.

Derek is at least a little bit convinced that Laura doesn’t have facebook because it forces Derek to have actual conversations with her.

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apologies for poor quality pic but OH MY FUCKING GOD

Today I got my 18th birthday present from my parents, who I love very much and am eternally grateful to oh my god

I got a Fender Precision Bass (!!!!!!!!!!!) and the rumble 15w amp you can see there as well 

his name is currently baby, so I’m taking suggestions but oh my fucking god

he sounds amaaaaaazing like wow. Previously I’ve been playing on this shitty £60 one I bought off ebay, acoustic, and the difference is incredible

I just want to show this off because holy shit is he beautiful 

hnng I just

someone help me give my baby a name


the first messages I ever sent to my three closest tumblr friends were:

  1. an apology for reblogging Dani too much
  2. an offer to help Devin with her maths work
  3. a confession that I was the anon that called Alex cute


pretty representative of who i am

devinlefae replied to your post: remember that time I asked for tea with breakfast…

Milk with tea?????????? Bro milk goes in coffee. (I know Brits put milk in tea Im just being an ass bc Im bored and at work im sorry love me)


also milk with coffee if coffee is your thing but wow coffee is REALLY NOT MY THING

if I want caffeine I will drink red bull 

Devin do you even need to ask I always love you <3 Now pay attention to your job jeeesus 

(I’m going to bed)

(also I emailed you)

ah ah ah

the stallison fic that I’ve been working on for mONths has a posting date of next saturday!!!!!

it is part of a big bang and I am really excited for this guys

so excited

(also I will be promoing a thing later because I took part in the TW fall harvest and I believe author reveals are happening this weekend! SO. I am excited.)

devinlefey asked:

character meme: cora hale


BroTP: ugh I can’t decide if I like Cora x Erica or Cora x Derek more because I just want more of sibling!Hales PLEASE 

OT3: I actually can’t say what my OT3 is because it’s too embarrassing and I love you all too much to inflict that on you

NoTP: Cora x Stiles

hi Stiles had a serious girlfriend after his dad died called Marina and they were together for two years and he didn’t mention her to Scott at all because she was special and he didn’t know how to describe her and he bought a ring but they broke up and she’s the only serious relationship he’s ever had and he’s decided they’re not for him but that’s really not her fault i’m avoiding that trope like the plague

hi i’m a terrible writer

I just hit the 100k mark on

and I actually feel a little bit like crying because this is an actual sense of achievement and holy shit what the fuck

I have written one hundred thousand words since June 2012.

Some of it is shit. Some of it is rambling, some of it is brainstorming plots and world building notes. 

But wow.

I might cry. 

100,000 words.

What the shit.