High School (n.) Where self-esteem, innocence, and dreams go to die.

GTA V Bullworth AU Aesthetics
• Michael Townley • Trevor Philips • Franklin Clinton •
• Amanda De Santa • Molly Schultz • Devin Weston •

Never forget:

  • Trevor talked about Michael’s floppy dick in the sneaky choice of the Union Depository.

  • Franklin denied checking out Mary Anne’s butt for about five minutes and then admitted that he had been.

  • Devin Weston goes jogging with body guards.

  • Lester, according to Amanda, used to watch her from nearby bushes and masterbate.

  • Jimmy sent a photo of his testicles to an internet stranger and told him that his balls looked like the stranger’s new born baby.

  • Tracey shoots porn and signs autographs when recognized.

  • Ron encouraged his radio listeners to kill their twin and mother.

  • Wade attempted to get Floyd, his cousin, naked and in the bathtub with him.

  • Amanda slept with Jimmy’s third grade teacher.

idk why it took me this long to notice but devin shifting closer to molly was evoked specifically by trevor stepping towards her?? and he only moves to his previous position after trevor is pulled back

this is most likely devin being all macho and trying to flaunt his supposed top dog prowess - y'kno, ‘back off she’s with me’ - but i’m all for believing he shifted next to molly genuinely in her defence in an attempt to ward off trevor

I was asked about Molly and/or Devin headcanons so I wrote an essay. It's... mostly Molly tbh sorry


-Very, very anxious child. So nervous
-Her mother tried to ‘treat’ her anxiety not by talking about her worries or validating them, but by encouraging her to suppress them. “Conceal, don’t feel” is probably applicable.
-Parents were generally distant. Paid for anything she wanted or needed like glasses, braces, toys, books, etc. But as far as emotionally I’m guessing they spent all of three seconds into giving her the most basic of labels for the most basic of emotions, but beyond that had no idea at all how to handle that part of parenting.
-Very anxious nerdy child with a love for debate makes for a bad time as far as bullying. Acting like she just didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone probably helped deflect some of that, and by the time she was an adult the urge to act totally neutral no matter what was just survival instinct.
-Suing the school when she wasn’t named homecoming queen was probably just out of spite for her classmates that bullied her. Like she knew if she ran she wouldn’t win, but she knew she could at least get some money out of the situation because that’s something she KNEW she was good at.
-Nobody could escape that childhood without some form of anxiety disorder, so…

Present Day
-She’s clearly pretty tense and, as Devin said, “highly-strung.” I can imagine her going home at the end of the day and finally letting down the “calm and collected” act and just having full blown panic attacks.
-She probably tries to ignore her anxiety because she’s competent and well put together and successful and all that, and probably wouldn’t want people to know that sometimes she has trouble shifting out of panic mode. Might tie into the “conceal, don’t feel” mindset too idk… SO I think she has extreme, mostly u treated anxiety. Maybe she sees Dr. Friedlander for it, but he’s a pretty shitty therapist so like I said, mostly untreated.
her parents divorced after she graduated high school and her mom moved to San Fierro. Every year they try to all have Thanksgiving together– Molly, her mom, her mom’s latest boyfriend, her dad and his several children from several ex-wives. None of them really like each other or feel any real closeness to each other, but they keep trying anyway because they’re “supposed to.” Molly thinks it’s a waste of time, but she flies to San Fierro every year because she doesn’t really know where else to go during the holidays and I just made myself sad :’/

Relationship w/ Devin
-I think a big part of why Devin won’t date her is because of his moderately creepy “21 and under” rule. I think deep down she knows that, but she keeps hoping anyway.
-Maybe she has issues with her sexuality too idk. I kind of see her as bi, but that might just be wishful thinking idk. She’s a pretty minor character and her only real love interest is Devin, but for some reason she strikes me as not-straight (again, probably wishful thinking lol). Not sure what exactly she is. Probably not gay, but also probably not straight. BUT when she was like 12-13 she tried to talk to her parents about it and just got a speech about how 'those feelings’ are normal and that it’s just a phase that will pass. They didn’t pass, but she hasn’t even tried talking to anyone else about it since she’d tried to tell her parents.

-She’s allergic to anything with fur, so she has a hairless cat and an aquarium.
-According to Devin’s website, she doesn’t have any hobbies which I think is BULLSHIT. She just still has the impulse to conceal everything that could be used against her. Of course she has hobbies but she remembers what happened that one time she tried to show her mom a story she wrote in third grade and her only reaction was to point out plot holes and spelling/grammar errors… And that time in 5th grade that some girl stole her notebook and acted out/mocked the movie she was writing in front of everyone at recess. So maybe she still writes in what little free time she has, but at this point she’s way too traumatised to ever show anyone and she’d rather stab herself in the eyes than admit that she still writes or ever even did.
-Hates scary movies. Avoids watching them whenever possible, and probably cries when she does watch them.
-She doesn’t drink often because she learned a long time ago that when she does she has absolutely no filter whatsoever. Whatever she thinks/feels just comes right out. Like if she dislikes someone she’ll be mean as fuck. If something makes her sad, she’ll cry. If something makes her happy she’ll probably cry then too, and if she has any sort of affection for someone while sober it’s ×2000 when she’s drinking. She’s so affectionate when she’s drunk. Like lost-puppy level of affection and that’s probably why she stopped drinking a long time ago. Maybe after an embarrassing incident in law school :P