4. Bello and Devin Can Be a Little Mean Girlish

Rivalries are best when you have a side to root for, but in the case of Devin vs. Bello, I don’t understand how we’d ever choose. One’s an annoying, delusional, catty, self-absorbed drama queen and the other’s a… well… annoying, delusional, catty, self-absorbed drama queen. I would try to make a Venn Diagram, but it would wind up being just one circle with a lot of text in the middle.

Let’s play a game. I’m going to list some quotes, and you tell me whether A) Devin said it about Bello or B) Bello said it about Devin. Good luck:

1. “Oh look, here we go with him posing.”
2. “He’s definitely not the prettiest one.”
3. “[He] can be a little mean-girlish and I don’t have time for that.”
4. “He’s not going to get signed to an agency, not with that attitude.”
5. “He’s a little annoying sometimes.”
6. “I think he’s a crazy person and I want him to go home.”
7. “If his personality matches his modeling skills, I’m not worried.”
8. “[He’s] always starting shit.”
9. “I don’t know about [him.] It’s just when he starts doing his extra shit…”
10. “Like a drag queen from the 1980s!”
11. “Get yourself eliminated, ‘cause this face already of yours is doing it on its own.”
12. “He’s a lot sometimes.”
13. “[He’s] an over-the-top person.”
14. “He needs to shut the fuck up and humble himself.”
15. “I’m not buying into it, I think it’s for the attention.”
16. “[He] is a drama queen.”
17. “He’s just really shady, we’re going to bump heads a lot.”
18. “Is he aware that if he wants to become America’s Next Top Model that he has to act like a model?”

Answers: Who cares? All criticisms apply to both equally. But if you’re like really into your score, scroll over the below:

A: 1,4,8,9,10
B: 2,3,5,6,7,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18

This feud is a clear case of people resenting each other for being so similar. It’s like when the Parent Trap girls meet each other at camp and instantly hate each other before realizing that they’re twins. Mikey’s right when he speculates that they must consider each other direct competition. They’re both insane, light-skinned POCs with nonconventional looks (as far as modeling is concerned) and figure there’s room for only one of them in the final cast. Lucky for them, though, it’s Cycle 22, and Tyra doesn’t mind casting the same part twice if it means doubling down on the crazy.

Not that either of them have a chance at winning. The judges always refer to Bello as an insane person rather than a model and when it comes to Devin, Tyra says they could probably help him build an awesome portfolio… but he’ll still never make it as a model anyway. Both sound so promising!

Let’s play one more game before leaving. If you had to choose one side in this nonsense feud - #TeamNobody being off the table - who are you throwing your support behind? I know, I know, it’s almost like Sophie’s Choice, except that in this case Sophie just wants both of her kids to get gassed by the Nazis.

I’ll hesitantly go with Devin. I wouldn’t want to live with man, but Bello’s the one talking most of the shit. Plus, I think Devin really is trying to be a model, whereas Bello just wants to be some memorable reality character to become famous.  

All right, your turn. Don’t worry, there are no right answers, only two wrong ones.  

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