devin townsend tattoo

i was tagged by @sensuell!! thank you 💖

Name: Caitlin
Gender: female
Sign: gemini
Height:  5′3″
Sexuality: bi
Favorite Animal: penguins and dogs and birds and cats (also see: all of them)
Dream Trip: i actually wanna go back to rome!!
Dream Job: as long as i’m not working in an office i dont really care
When and Why I made my blog: june this year! i was bored
Followers: 3275
Reasons for my url name: roses are my fave flowers and i bloody love tea
Favorite music band: the devin townsend project
Tattoos: none!!! but i want some
Favorite emoji: 💖
Would you rather be exceedingly rich but unhappy, famous but somehow with little money, or happy and wealthy but in ill health? happy and wealthy but in ill health
Do you have any piercings that are not in your ear lobes? nope!! i used to have pierced ears but reacted badly and just kinda gave up with it
What kind of exercise do you do/sports do you play? none oops
Can you sing well enough that you wouldn’t be booed off a karaoke stage? i might not be booed?? im a bit above average-ish with my singing talent
Can you cook any meal from scratch? yep, i love to cook
Android or iPhone? android!! i can’t get along with the iphone ui 
Have you ever broken a bone? no
What’s that one song you can listen to an embarrassing number of times in a row? Polaroid - imagine dragons or lonely train - black stone cherry
What is the last book you read that wasn’t TSC? no idea what TSC means lmao but i’m currently reading ‘the last wish’ - andrzej sapkowski

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