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Inside Alfre Woodard’s 2015 Oscar Sistahs Soireee [x]


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“Every time we hear each others’ names, it felt like it was one of our reps going, ‘If that b–tch turns it down, then you can have it!’” Woodard revealed at a cocktail gathering before the dinner. “I was like, wait a minute. When I hear my sisters’ names, I want to have a joyful feeling in my heart about it.” -Alfre Woodard 


By October I was starting to realize early church history looked more Catholic than I thought. I was terrified when this book title popped up on Amazon. I knew I had a lot of work to do in Protestant apologetics before I could read it and not feel threatened. The day I decided to become Catholic I purchased the book and shook my head in amazement as former evangelical Devin Rose poignantly explained all of the contradictions of Protestantism that were slowly becoming evident. 

If Protestantism is true, then God gave the Church authority to make binding decisions about what is truth and what is heresy for over 700 years, and all Christians accepted these decisions as authoritative. But then, inexplicably, God disallowed the Church to hold any further authoritative councils. The Church that Christ built was thus left in a state where she could not make binding declarations on truth and heresy, and she remains so to this day. 

        Devin Rose, If Protestantism is True, p 30