devin peralta

Headcannons for: The Nine Nine and The Peraltiago baby
  • Charles would make every meal he could for Amy, convincing her to eat weird nuts he got imported from the coast of China. 
  • Terry wouldn’t let her walk around or carry more than two stacks of paper work at a time
  • Terry and his wife would give them all of their babies old clothes and toys
  • Rosa would hover over Amy and not let Hitchcock and Scully anywhere near her and would randomly pull knives on civilians when they got too close to Amy
  • Whenever Amy got hormonal Holt would cheer her up by telling her how amazing of a detective she is and how he considers her and Jake like his children.
  • Gina putting headphones around Amy’s stomach and playing her favorite music
  • Jake telling the baby “bedtime stories” aka a play-by-play of Die Hard every night
  • When Jake thinks Amy is asleep he tells the baby how much he loves them and how he will never leave like his father left him
  • Boyle is the godfather 
  • Gina buys the baby more outfits than they will ever need
  • Rosa giving the baby a little leather jacket and a toy motorcycle to ride around on
  • The entire nine nine in the delivery room
  • Everyone throws a baby shower but gets busy with cases and so they throw random streamers around in a 5 minute attempt at a party but Amy loves it
  • Amy refusing to be on bed rest
  • Jake calling in an entire police escort when Amy goes into Labor
  • Holt telling Jake how great of a father he’s going to be
  • Taking the baby to the nine nine and it crawling away when no one is looking and oh my god how do police detectives lose a baby
  • Gina has the baby and is doing a photo shoot in the filing room.