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miss saigon 6/29/17

eva noblezada (kim), jon jon briones (the engineer), alistair brammer (chris), katie rose clarke (ellen), nicholas christopher (john), devin ilaw (thuy), rachelle ann go (gigi)

okay i know i said denee benton was totally robbed at the tonys and she was but eva was equally robbed.  her voice is the sort you hear once or twice in a generation.  SO much power and range.  i never really liked miss saigon in its heyday but i fell so in love with eva as kim.  plus jon jon was utterly brilliant.  and rachelle ann go needs way more attention for how great she is in this.

Drink With Me
Jason Forbach, Weston Wells Olson, Matt McMahan, Alan Shaw, Joseph Spieldenner, Devin Ilaw, 2013 US Tour Cast
Drink With Me

Audio clip from whereisyourredscaaahf’s master

For frbch, who asked me about Joe Spieldenner choking up on his lines in the final performance. Pay special attention to “Can it be your death means nothing at all”.

It was the most amazing show ever! AHH! I met most of the Barricade Boys afterward, and they were all SO sweet! Devin was Marius and he was so adorable. I love him. Jason Forbach is my new favorite person (one of them, at least). His voice… wow. And his hair is amazing too, okay.
No words. He is an outstanding Valjean. I cried quite a bit, haha. And he was the sweetest person ever. I am so glad that I got the chance to meet him.

So like, I’ve been wondering this for the longest time ever, and since I’m seeing Les Miserables on March 2 at the Adrienne Arscht center, it’s a good time that I ask:

Okay, so I always see pictures of people with cast members from national tours, and I just wanna know; How would I be able to meet them? Do I wait at a certain point outside a certain place? Do I pay extra for a meet and greet? If you know how to meet cast members after a show pleeeeeaaaaasseee don’t hesitate to tell me. thank youuu(: