devin hurley

No fuckin joke im in my room listening to my mom and sisters talk about me
  • Mom: Sierra is "taking" me to see the Fall Out BOY for my birthday *enter eye roll because it's a mom we're talking about here*
  • Danielle: *mumbles something about Motionless In White*
  • Mom: yeah Macy is supposed to take her in June again
  • Ashley: didnt she just see them like a month ago?
  • Mom: yeah, so?
  • Ashley: they look like Marylin Manson
  • Danielle: more like Jack the Ripper
  • *me the whole time*: 😑🙄
Bands are trying to kill us today.
  • Motionless In White: *release a new single*
  • Bring Me The Horizon: *upload the music video for "Avalanche"*
  • Fall Out Boy: *new single available on Spotify/iTunes from midnight*
  • Me: *rocks back and forth in a corner*