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1. Pageant Girl Showdown

The Mame and Hadassah rivalry sure is heating up. I mean, not as much as Mame and Justin, who Devin catches naked in the shower. Justin immediately justifies it as them conserving water for environmental purposes.

That’s “eco-conscious,” actually, but sure, I’m convinced. When Devin asks Justin if he’s having sex with Mame, he is evasive, responding, “I mean, I’m not saying we aren’t. No comment.” Like with the hickey, Mame has literally no comment on her sex life. You’re not about to catch her tarnishing her own image… aside from talking copious amounts of shit about Hadassah, that is.

It’s hilarious how in one breath, Mame can say that Hadassah is too much of a pageant girl to be a good model and in the next breath claim she herself is THE pageant girl of the competition. Where does that leave Mame in terms of modeling?

As usual, the ANTM house is filthy, so almost of the contestants are taking some time to clean it except for Hadassah and Bello who are resting or some shit. Hadassah then goes to take a shower, though hopefully not before someone got a chance to clean Justin’s ejaculate out of there. While Hadassah showers, Mame rushes in to use the toilet. If this were a porn film, they’d be kissing in a matter of seconds, but as this is ANTM, it instead devolves into a ridiculous argument.

I’m not really taking a side here because I think this fight is more about previous tensions than bathroom etiquette. On the one hand, Mame should have at least knocked on the door. Just because showering is a social experience for her, doesn’t mean it is for Hadassah. On the other hand, is Hadassah really that offended that Mame might see her naked when she promised to all the girls on the first day that they would be seeing a lot of her fake breasts? Furthermore, continuing the argument to the point where other people have to come in to break the fight up doesn’t keep your bathroom activities discreet either.

If only Hadassah had been more prolific in her rule-making session. “Don’t stare at me from a distance” is a good start, but “don’t stare at me while I shower” would have let Mame know upfront to stay clear.

The fight spills over into the bus on the way to the shoot. Hadassah and Mame each call each other “ghetto,” which seems like a totally inaccurate way to describe either a rich girl raised by a nanny or the daughter of a diplomat. The other models seem irritated that this drama is still unfinished.

Back at home, for some reason (the possibility of a threesome?) Justin thinks he should try to broker peace between the two women. He says that Mame and Hadassah have more in common than they realize and calls a house meeting to settle their differences. A guy who supposedly bruises that easily really needs to learn not to act as a neutral party in his girlfriend’s drama. You know Mame is pissed to hear that she has things in common with Hadassah, no matter how true it is.

After the meeting, the conflict is supposedly squashed, but something tells me that even Bello won’t be prepared for how much crown-snatching is about to occur between these pageant girls.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 6