devin christopher

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets
And join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally Yours
—  Motionless In White

I was tagged forever ago by @pomerqueen. Thank you! :)

  1. What is one musical album that you can listen to everyday? The Parent Trap Soundtrack
  2. Dream hair color? It took me a while to be content with my hair color (brown), but I really like it now. Despite the fact that I’ve been graying for about 5 years now. (Yikes!)
  3. If you wouldn’t have to write it what is your dream fanfiction? Like a really elaborate FitzSimmons Shadowhunters AU
  4. Which of your fandoms is best for a college au? The Marauders portion of Harry Potter
  5. Current reading material? Trying to finally finish the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini. I read the first book when I was 12 and never got around to reading the rest. But as soon as I’m done, I can’t wait to read King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard!
  6. Favorite movie candy? Sour Patch Kids
  7. Greatest teacher story? I probably have so many, but the one that comes to mind is my third (yes, third) calculus professor. I took calculus in high school but for some reason I had to take it again my freshman year of college. Anyway, my first professor was this quiet French woman who barely spoke any English and left halfway through the semester. I ended up having to take it again I’d never gotten a B on a report card in my life but that semester I got a C, and my second professor was so much better. We ended up getting to the chapter I’d struggled with the previous semester, and I came super prepared. I told myself, “I’m going to learn this and get it right this time.” He opened up that lecture by telling us, “You’re not going to understand this today. In fact, I want you to just listen today, go home, and sleep on it. Don’t do your homework tonight. Do it tomorrow.” I was like??????????? No???????? Anyway, that night I went to sleep, and literally dreamt that I solved the problem. I woke up at like 3am and did my homework, and I got all of the problems right. It’s still one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me.
  8. How are you? A little tired, a little overwhelmed, but overall not too shabby.
  9. Would you want to fly or teleport? THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION. I guess it depends on where I need to be? But if I had to choose one, I’d say teleport. I really want to fly, though.
  10. Favorite juice? Orange!
  11. Kilometers or miles? Unfortunately, as an American, I understand the concept of kilometers but my brain is wired for miles.