devin christopher

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets
And join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally Yours
—  Motionless In White

Motionless in White

I hated everything about my life before the band” 

“Be whoever you wanna be and fuck whoever has a problem with it”

-Chris Motionless

I think that music is just one of those things that when you don’t have anything to connect with, it’s always there.”

“Music is the answer. I fell into music because I didn’t have a whole lot of friends and it helped me, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t help other people.”

-Ricky Horror

“If you have to say you are, you aren’t”

“It will consume you and all of your thoughts”

-Devin Sola

“I don’t really know the lyrics to any of our songs”

“ Let me mix your next EP or full-length! “

-Ryan Sitkowski

“ My practice pad never fails to make me laugh “

“ 3 years ago today I played my first tour date as a musician (in australia somehow). I’ve never not been grateful for that opportunity and for the fact that that kid behind the drum kit’s dreams came true. “

-Vinny Mauro

Nervously but proudly rooting for a show

Dear Evan Hansen                                                                                        Falsettos
Groundhog Day
Hello, Dolly!
Holiday Inn
Miss Saigon
Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
War Paint


Secretive search for man behind Trump dossier reveals tension in Russia inquiry
By Julian Borger

Two US congressional staffers who travelled to London in July and tried to contact former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele were sent by a longstanding aide to Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House intelligence committee and a close ally of the White House.

The trip has brought back to the surface a continuing struggle for control of the committee’s investigation into Moscow’s role in the 2016 US election. The reliability of a dossier compiled by Steele, containing explosive allegations of extensive secret collusion between Trump and the Kremlin, is a key part of that investigation.

The two staffers turned up unannounced at Steele’s lawyers’ offices while the former MI6 officer was in the building, according to a report by Politico on Friday.But the committee’s leading Democrat, Adam Schiff, said on Sunday neither he nor his Republican counterpart had been informed about the staffers’ London trip.

A congressional official insisted, however, that the staffers were in London on official committee business. He said they had been told to make contact with Steele’s lawyers, rather than Steele himself…

“I find the fact that they presumably spent taxpayer money to undertake such a hyper-partisan and unprofessional effort extremely troubling,” John Sipher, a former senior CIA officer said in an emailed comment. “There are normal ways to do this through our existing institutions, and their relationships with our British partners. This is bad on many levels.

“Republicans that are part of the House investigation should not be undertaking efforts without informing their Democratic colleagues,” Sipher added. “Not only is it unprofessional but it is impolite. Mr Steele was a professional who worked on important and compatible issues with the US. He deserves better than being ambushed by a bunch of hacks.”