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tell me about malcolm

He used to be a guy named Devin Gladwell. About halfway through his high school years he had a run-in with a god that had been exiled to an area of the ether called the void.

Gods that are like that can only interact with mortals after taking refuge in a vessel, and the god in question, Malik, was currently riding off his vessel dying.

So he took over Devin, changed his name To Malcolm Abrams, and became the biggest douchebag the country of Tera will probably ever know.

He ends up becoming one of the CEOs of Redrum Studios, a company that acts as the producer of movies and the publisher of a lot of other media. Some of their movies incorporate real deaths into it, but you’re not supposed to know that. Sometimes their employees just need to get discharged, you know?

Malcolm mainly runs the part Of Redrum that actually produces stuff. Leon Skinner deals with business stuff. He’s also a dick. Probably going to die because he smokes Earth-style cigarettes that were outlawed centuries ago.

He has a wife, Enfys, who is often left afraid of him and contemplating running away with their son Reese, but she stays hoping the old Devin will come back. Little brother Aeron is gonna kick his ass, Enfys, don’t worry.

His nephew, Watson, is one of his star actors, But Watson just wants out at this point. Redrum is a traumatic place to have worked at since a prepubescent age. Aeron is Watson’s dad. Double the reason for him to kick Malcolm’s ass.

Malcolm has spooky, glowy red powers that look kind of like flames he can use thanks to Malik. He mainly uses them for intimidation purposes cause they feed off fear.

All in all, Malcolm Abrams is a fucking dick and should probably die at some point. May be the antagonist of a comic or something.

I will never forget the day I found out that I wasn’t 100% black, and why I wasn’t a dark as the other kids.

My mother and I were walking to the store. I was twelve years old at the time. She told me that she felt I was old enough to know the truth. The truth is, is that my biological father is Colombian, they split before I was born, and the rest is history.

What a crazy, beautiful, life changing moment.

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Dances, Wishes, And The Strike of Twelve


Vanitas was slumped in his throne as he watches his father, Xehanort, get the ball together. So what, what is so important about this stupid ball? Yes it was his birthday, but he had other ideas that he rather use to celebrate rather than waste such good food. With a sigh he moves about in his seat, fixing his collar as it was to tight around his neck. “I am going to get that old geezer for this.” He mutters. 

The close strikes, bells ring, and the music begins. Looking up the room floods with un-needed bodies and heat. Why did his father have to invite so many people? Since when was he interested in…girls?