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It’s unreal to me… She literally said one word. She said ‘Obsessed,’ and then posted the link to the video and it changed my life.
—  Devin Dawson on power of Taylor Swift, she shared this video on her social media and now he is opening up for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and is releasing his debut album later this year (X)

Title: Seventh Wave

Artist: Devin Townsend (Ocean Machine)

Album: Ocean Machine: Biomech

Lyrics below:

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The Road Trip │ Chapter 7

Riley is twenty-one years old, who does whatever she is supposed do. She stays in her safe zone never wondering out, until something happens that makes her rethink her life. Riley decides to do something for herself and hit the road for a solo trip. While trying to figure out her life and find inspiration to start writing, she meets a green eyed stranger. Is it possible to feel an instant connection with someone, and know they are the one for you? Riley and the stranger seem to think so, but will something come in the way of stopping them from being together?

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Trigger warning: finding out what happened to Lucas’ father. 

I’m sorry about the long wait. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t had much time. Good news is I already started the next chapter, and I’ll try to finish it as soon as I can. 

Two days have passed since I’ve been at the Friars. The day that I got in, nothing much happened. We sat and ate dinner chatted a bit before Hayley stole me away. She wanted to make sure we had time to talk and hang out. She showed me her favorite spot; it’s on a top of hill underneath a big oak. We had a clear view of their house, and I was able to see their horses galloping in their gated area.

We sat there for hours and just talked. I was in awe at how willingly she talked freely to me. I grew up having a younger brother, but at that moment I knew what it was like to have a younger sister. Auggie never came to me for girl advice or relationship advice; he always went to our Uncle Josh, which I understood.

I listened to her talk more about Brandon, and I know completely how smitten she is with him. She showed me a picture of him; he has shaggy light brown hair with warm welcoming hazel eyes. The picture that she showed me was of the two of them together, smiles plastered on both their faces. I saw why Lucas was so scared of this young boy; Hayley’s eyes sparkled at the mere thought of Brandon.

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★ Letting Your Hair Down / Devin Druid ★

Words: 1187

You threw your shirt to the side after pulling it over your head and removed your shorts, “I don’t feel like going in just yet,” you told Devin as you took a seat on the blanket. “I think I’m just going to read for a bit,” you said, blocking the sun from your eyes and smiling up at him. 

He nodded in understanding and removed his own shirt before taking a seat next to you. 

Digging through your bag, you pulled out the book you were currently reading and lay on your stomach, resting your weight on your arms and hold the novel out in front of you. 

Devin remained in a sitting position, leaning back on his arms that were dug into the ground behind him-letting his eyes drift along the beach.

It wasn’t often you two had time to just sit and relax, but you had just recently moved nearby and seized the opportunity to take a step back and take complete advantage of your proximity to the beach.

Your boyfriend soon left you to retrieve drinks, both of you having forgotten to bring any with you. When he returned you sat up, in the process moving so you were cross-legged. “Thank you,” you smiled, taking hold of the bottle.

“When you get hungry, let me know and we’ll go have a look around and see what we can have for lunch, okay?” You took a quick sip of your drink before nodding. 

Devin sat in his previous position which lead you to rest your head on his lap, lying on your back-holding your book above you. 

“You comfortable there?” he asked, an amused smile forming on his face.

“Very,” you confirmed.

What began as quoting small passages aloud to see his reaction, turned into a reading of the book. 

As you read, Devin watched your expression change when you morphed into the characters of the story to get their voices right and as it altered when you reacted to as certain events that occurred.

His hand found it’s way to your head, gently toying with your locks as you continued-your body physically relaxing under his touch. 

You narrated the words until your voice became dry and scratchy.

Closing your book, you place it off the the side. Reaching your arm across for your drink, you released a sigh. “I don’t know how I’m going to cope when I finish this series,” you admitted. 

Devin’s chuckle sent vibrations along your body, “I can tell how immersed into this world you are, how passionate you are about it all.”

“But you totally get it right?” you questioned, your eyes wide as you looked up at him. “You can tell why I love it so much, yeah?”

He nodded to confirm your thoughts, removing his hand from your hair and moving his other hand to rest on your abdomen as he leant back once more. “It’s very well written,” he commented, starting to gently trace shapes on your bare skin.

“I just find it so amazing how someone can use words to create such a vivid image of something, of places and of people. How they let their ideas branch out and end up creating something so-” you cut of your words, noticing how he was staring at you. “What is it?”

Devin only shook his head, letting his hand’s movements stop. “Nothing,” he chuckled. “Continue,” he urged, “please.”

You gave him a questioning look, but did as he asked, detailing how admirable you found writers to be and how much you appreciated their work. 

Book talk turned into mindless chatter which turned into making a list of everything they still needed to buy for your home. 

Rolling your head to the side, you casted your eyes upon the ocean. Placing a hand atop of Devin’s, “I think I’m going to go swim,” you said quietly. “Did you want to come?” you asked, moving your head back to it’s original position. 

He shook his head, “I’ll wait here. I might go find some snacks,” he replied.

Placing a hand on the back of Devin’s neck, you drew him towards you for a kiss.

“What was that for?” he murmured agains your lips.

You shrugged, “Just because.” Rising to your feet, you quickly tie your hair up loosely, offering your boyfriend a smile before turning towards the ocean. Looking over your shoulder quickly, you laugh as you find Devin watching you. You poke your tongue out playfully and send him a wave.

You walked slowly into the water trying to adjust your body to the change in temperature. You continued a little further until the water reached just below your chest. Taking a deep breath, you emerged yourself under the surface before lunging forward to swim. 

Bringing your head above water, you breathed in more air and dove back under water.

When your arms grew tired, you made your way back to shore-finding Devin sitting crosslegged munching on hot chips. Taking hold of the towel you had placed off to the side, you quickly dry off, folding it back up to sit on. 

“How was your swim?”

Smiling, you took the chip from his hand. “It was so good. The water was warmer than I expected,” you said.

He rolled his eyes and took a handful of chips from the bag between you. “I found a fish-and-chip shop across the road,” he continued. “I hope you don’t mind, I got a bit hungry.”

“Of course not,” you laughed, taking your own handful from the bag in front of you. “What did you want to do tonight?” you questioned, tilting your head.

“What do you mean?” he countered.

“Well,” you began, brushing the salt from your fingers as you finished eating what you held, “I figured we could go out for dinner or we could just have a night in,” you shrugged.

“That would be nice,” he smiled. “I don’t have much on tomorrow, if you’re not busy I was thinking we should go shopping-start crossing off things on that list,” Devin suggested.

Nodding, you moved to lie on your side so you were facing him. With your head being held up your hand, you look up at him. “That’s a good idea. Once we have everything sorted we should invite a few friends over,” you insisted. “Make a night out of it, cook up something nice, play a few games,” you listed.

“We did promise them we’d be hosts for a night,” he laughed. 

You clasped his freed hand in yours, entwining his fingers with yours, “I’m really happy, Devin,” you whispered after a moment of silence.

His smile remained and his face softened, “So am I.”

“I never thought we’d be doing this so soon, moving in together and kind of…starting our lives.”

“Is it too fast?”

You shook your head to deny his words, “No,” you smiled. “No, it’s not. It’s all moving and going so perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Devin leant forward and kissed your cheek, “There’s so much more to come.”

I will never forget the day I found out that I wasn’t 100% black, and why I wasn’t a dark as the other kids.

My mother and I were walking to the store. I was twelve years old at the time. She told me that she felt I was old enough to know the truth. The truth is, is that my biological father is Colombian, they split before I was born, and the rest is history.

What a crazy, beautiful, life changing moment.

Devin from LA via Boston
Photographed by myself.
IG: yungtattedplaya69

Dances, Wishes, And The Strike of Twelve


Vanitas was slumped in his throne as he watches his father, Xehanort, get the ball together. So what, what is so important about this stupid ball? Yes it was his birthday, but he had other ideas that he rather use to celebrate rather than waste such good food. With a sigh he moves about in his seat, fixing his collar as it was to tight around his neck. “I am going to get that old geezer for this.” He mutters. 

The close strikes, bells ring, and the music begins. Looking up the room floods with un-needed bodies and heat. Why did his father have to invite so many people? Since when was he interested in…girls?