A Digimon which lives deep in the ocean and is related to a Devimon. Living in the deep sea has made him lose all of his feelings except for hatred. Therefore, he doesn’t stop attacking the enemy who has no intention of fighting any more. 

This guy’s design has so many little details that it just kinda looks like a mess of blue shapes when translated into a sprite.  Also, I hope that living in the deep sea isn’t a surefire way to lose all your non-hatred feelings.  I hope there are nice, friendly monsters in the deep sea too.


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More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

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