Devil's Pet (Closed RP with silvertonguedraven)

As Ciel was hauled on the the table, he didn’t even have the strength to scream. The young man’s strength had dwindled to nothing in the cage, and his body was skin and bone and nothing more. But he wasn’t giving up.
He screamed and kicked and thrashed all the way up to when he was tied down.
He heard the summoning chant being raised once more. The cult had tried and failed so many times. But no sacrificed seemed good enough for the unnamed and unseen force around them.
Ciel felt his anger grow as other boy was killed, stabbed and gutting and when nothing happened, was thrown to the side.
He spit at the leader of the cult who held the knife over him. He cursed them in the name of his family, but all he received was a cold laugh.
The chanting started up again, and the knife flew throw the air and into Ciel and broke through a rib. It failed to pierce any organs by the blood was pooling fast.
As soon as the blood pooled, a dark shape began to materialize from behind Ciel.

Eva has been insisting we get a dog as of late. I do not want a dog but she won’t listen. I just don’t see the point of getting an animal to take care of!

They’ll be in the episodes I write and produce. Sit down and shut the fuck up, son.

first block on tumblr! after like 5 years and 20 some odd blogs, that’s impressive


anonymous asked:

He steals a tasmanian devil as a pet and names it Gazza

o h my god

“jesus christ jamie where did you get that thing” “he’s my friend, and that doesn’t matter now”

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