It gets worse steadily—your being away. All the sleeping draughts and the irritants have worn off, and I’m settling down to wanting you, doggedly, dismally, faithfully—I hope that pleases you. It’s damned unpleasant for me, I can assure you. I had a sort of idea that I’d cheat the devil, and put my head under my wing, and think of nothing. But it wont work—not at all. I want you this Saturday more than last and so it’ll go on.
—  Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville-West (5th February 1927)

simon and baz as nature spirits who battle each other all of the time because that’s what they believe their destiny is when in fact all this time they’ve really been in love

simon as an art student who isn’t traditionally good at art and baz as a barista at a coffee shop near the university, Simon leaves a picture on accident one day, baz picks it up and is astonished to find that it’s a really weird doodle of him with devil horns and a pointy tail. the next time he sees simon he confronts him cos even tho he is p sure he should be offended he’s kinda in love w the dude for some reason ??? simon is aghast and th en sneers and says “well u remind me of th e devil. only a devil would put these kinds of thoughts in my head” baz, oblivious, says what thoughts? and thinks, he thinks ab me!!!! Simon says “the ones where I’m totally into u and idkwhy cos idk u??? ” and then they realize what he says and they both !!!! flip their lids

simon is a pool boy at a country club or smthn, he wears these stupid red shorts that only cover half of his thighs and a white polo shirt that kind of hugs his muscles and baz is a member of c and baz pours his drink on simon one afternoon bc simon tripped and pulled baz’s pants down on accident or smthn so they hate each other

summer camp au because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I finished volume one of the lumberjanes and it got worse when I read part one of that other snowbaz summer camp au idk

simon is a waiter and baz is like the owner of the restaurants son or smthn so he comes in a lot and every time he does he points out something that Simon is doing wrong and it infuriates Simon and then one day simon is having a really bad day and these customers are being so awful and it’s worse than normal and baz comes in with his nose in the sky and snobby attitude and says something shitty and Simon just erupts “if you think waiting tables is so bloody easy why don’t u take my job for me. God, I’m so sick of this, why do you even waste your breath on me? I don’t need a fucking critique if you’re not go ing to order something then just leave” and then when baz looks at him w an unchanged expression simon realizes what he’s done oh no oh my goodness and he opens his mouth to apologize and baz says, cool as ice, “so wait staff thinks that he can speak that way to his superiors?maybe if you weren’t so busy gawking at the skirts that walk in and you paid attention to what you were doing, you wouldn’t need to be critiqued so often. I’m curious, Snow, did it never occur to you that I was trying to help you…” or smthn to that extent I’m not like baz I can’t act unfazed when ppl yell at me

Simon Snow goes to the optometrist for the first time and gets glasses

Simon and Baz move in together and things don’t always work out but they get through all of it

Simon finds a pupper or a kitty one day and bri ng s it back to the apartment. Baz gets a text saying “baz i need help com home asap” and a distraught baz walks in on the animal curled up in a ball on top of Simon’s lap and Simon asleep w his mouth open head over the back of the couch

Simon and Baz are in the same art history class or smthn and Simon doesn’t like baz bc he’s literally good at everythi ng from what he can tell and he’s super hot in a like weird way?? and that’s so annoying and so they go to this museum or smthn and simon is looking at these victorian painting and WHOA! He sees someone who looks just like Baz in the painting in period clothes and hes so shocked and so he obsesses over baz and baz confronts him ab it and calls him creepy and simon is like dude ur a vampire right holy shit and eventually after a bunch of shit happens baz confesses that yes he is

Started using again
Left my heart in rocky hill
Hole burning in my head
Needed a distraction from my head
Devil on my shoulder said try this instead
So I started using again

Started sleeping again
Traded late nights and sheep for Vicodin
The guilt burning in my chest set in
I started sleeping again

I stopped wishing I was dead
Learned to love myself before anyone else
Become more than just a burden
I know I’m more than worthy of your time

Started smoking again
Guess I missed coughing my lungs up every morning
Needed anything to keep me breathing
To prevent my blood from bleeding
Started smoking again

Started loving again
Thought when I lost that will to live I could never feel again
I’d give it one more shot and let someone in
I started loving again

The Black Widow. Isn’t she lovely? And so deadly. Her kiss is 15x as poisonous as that of the rattlesnake. You see, her venom is highly neurotoxic. Which is to say that it attacks the central nervous system; causing intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, violent convulsions and, finally… uh, death. 🕸️🕷️ This snapchat filter has got this Vincent Price monologue from Alice Cooper’s Devil’s Food/Black Widow in my head. #blackwidow #alicecooper #vincentprice #welcometomynightmare #spiders

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