• Boris: Okay, goodness lesson number one! You see someone drop their wallet. Joey, drop the wallet.
  • Joey: *throws wallet on the ground*
  • Boris: Now, what would you do?
  • Bendy: Excuse me sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet!
  • Joey: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Bendy: What? I just saw you drop it! Here.
  • Joey: Nope, it's not mine.
  • Bendy: It IS yours. I am trying to be a good person and return it to you.
  • Joey: Return what to who?
  • Bendy: ....
  • Bendy: Aren't you Joey Drew?
  • Joey: Yep.
  • Bendy: And this is your I.D.?
  • Joey: Yep.
  • Bendy: I found this I.D. in this wallet. And if that's the case, then this must be your wallet.
  • Joey: Makes sense to me.
  • Bendy: Then TAKE IT.
  • Joey: It's not my wallet!
  • Boris: BENDY, NO!!


“Devil baby mama drama” 

That’s stuck in my head….


Fuck You:
4minute - Hate
2ne1 - Go Away
F(x) - Spit It Out
Girls Generation - Run Devil Run
Ailee - Mind Your Own Business
Jay Park - MY
TVXQ! - Keep Your Head Down
Bastarz - Zero For Conduct
Dok2 - Am I
Epik High - Born Hater
Fiestar - You’re Pitiful
Yesung - Here I Am
Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
Gain - Fxxk You

My Virgin Sacrifice

Pairing: Lucifer X Reader
Warnings: Smut, DaddyK!nk, bossy!Lucifer, blood, bad language.
Summary: Y/n is witch who is being sacrificed to Lucifer. In a twisted chain of events there is a wicked witch, a good witch, and a handsome devil. 
Author’s Note: Hi everyone! My drabble Sinful for Lucifer took off so well these last few days, and since I can’t get the Devil out of my head, I decided to give you guys a whole story. I am not sure if it any good, but let me know. I hope you like it. As always, please see my page for more of my work, and look for the master-list which should be out very soon!
Word count of story: Approximately 2500 words

    Your grandmother was a witch, just as your mother was. You had grown up with a love for witchcraft sprouting from their teachings at a very early age. Of course, your family and home coven stayed far away from anything too sinister and dastardly for obvious reasons. Curses, hexes, and demons tended to backfire, or at least end very badly for the witch. Especially when hunters got involved.
    As you grew older you grew fonder of the idea of traveling, absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom you could across the lands. And with a lifted heart and demeanor, you did. Seeing everything you could-learning all you could-of evil and good. But even you could tell that the world was shifting. Demons became more and more frequent, hauntings became more and more deadly, and good witches became few. Even the hunters began to fizzle out one by one. By the time your grandmother left this earth and your mother took control of the coven, rumors had begun to spread about the rise of the true king.
The true one to rule hell and all those that belong to hell. The archangel that had started and would restart the war between Heaven and Hell.


Growing worried for your mother and the good of your coven you returned home, only to find your coven in a state of power-hungry, evil infused paranoia under the charge of a lady who called herself Sirena. Sirena was a force you had never met before. She was cunning and vindictive, and seemingly all knowing. Sirena was quick to punish those she doubted and the returning daughter of the head witch she had overthrown was just that. An opponent to test her power and dedication to her King Lucifer.

     She had attacked you before you had time to even register what had happened.  And after you lay bruised and battered on the ground, she commanded those who used to be your trusted friends to help her bind you.

“Y/n, it’ll all be fine. Lucifer will be every so gracious of your sacrifice. Why, he might even be as gracious as to grant our coven everlasting favor in the courts of Hell! Think of the good you’ll be doing here!” Sirena preached to you as she pulled the ropes tighter to your skin.

“I didn’t sign up for this, Sirena. You know that! You have taken a peaceful coven, and turned all these women vengeful,” You say as you struggle against the bonds that hold your hands and feet.

“Oh sweetheart, that was what your mother thought too, but you’ll see. Everyone will see. I’ve finally perfected the perfect spell, and it’s sure to reach our King’s ears this time,” she said with a wicked laugh. She back away from you to pick up a long-curved dagger from the table nearby. “Just think about it,” she started with another awful cackle, turning back towards you as she played with the knife, “you’re the perfect sacrifice! I mean before I killed your mother, I had heard about her talk about you to the others. You’re still pure-in more ways than one.”

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” you cried, swinging your gaze to your once friends who stood facing you on the far wall, pleading with your eyes for them to save you.

 “Oh Y/n, that won’t work. They are no longer easily persuaded. Now, back to the matters at hand. You know exactly what I mean when I say ‘pure’. You’re still pure of heart, in fact you almost have a childlike sense of wonder,” Sirena pressed the dagger under your chin, forcing your head up and your eyes to hers. “You also have never been-bedded, to put nicely. So innocently pure. A virgin sacrifice for the King. How classically polite.”

   Your eyebrow raised automatically. The bitterness of the situation finding you now, “You polite or nice? I’ve known you five minutes and I’m tied to a chair being sacrificed because I’ve never been ‘bedded’.”

  Sirena’s smile twitched and you watched as her eyes glazed over for a split second before her hand moved. In that second, she moved and you felt the cold sting of the blade across your cheek. When she pulled back again, the dagger was lined with blood, and Sirena? She was looking quite proud of herself.
       “Fine, fucked. You’re just as picky as your mother was. I was trying not to offend your delicate ears, but now I don’t care. With this offering of your blood, Lucifer will practically praise me. That is of course after he rapes and devours you,” Sirena cackled.

She began reciting a spell you in a language not even you had ever heard, but you couldn’t really pay attention to any of that. Your face and your body hurt. Your mother was dead, and your coven betrayed your family. Your life was officially sucking right now, and you could give a damn less what else was happening around you.
A bright light in the room caught your attention, if not for the simple fact it practically blinded you. Sirena began laughing again, spinning and clapping, searching the room with her eyes. She turned to you when the light completely faded with a scowl.

  “It didn’t work!” she raged. “How could have not worked? You slut! You must have fucked someone, or else it wouldn’t have worked. You filthy whore liar! I’ll-“

“Now, now, let’s not be quick to kill anyone, especially my sacrifice,” a cold male voice said filling the room.

       “My King!” Sirena said dropping to her knees. “I apologize for disturbing you, but I thought this sacrifice would prove my willingness to serve.”

  “No, it doesn’t,” Lucifer says stepping into the dimly lit room.

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When your eyes found his, you almost gasped. He was gorgeous. He was blonde headed and freckled, lean but built, and he had a very arrogant bad boy nature. He regarded you in a calm, distant expression, but it didn’t seem to be one of hate. His eyes seemed to glow back at yours for a second more before he shifted his attention back to Sirena, his look darkening.

“I am trying to plan and carry out the Apocalypse-or did you forget that?” he asked Sirena pacing closer to where she was standing near you.

“I apologize King, I thought she would please you.”

“She looks-quite tasty, but that is not the point. Disturbing me is very rude, when you could have come to me like every other damn demon has with their signs of loyalty. Instead you summon me? Do you have any idea what I was in the middle of?”

“I am truly sorry, it won’t happen-” Sirena began, but Lucifer swiftly cut her off with a hand to her throat. 

The glow of his eyes seemed to brighten and he hauled her into the air with one hand. “Oh,” he said coldly, “I know it won’t.”

Just then Sirena emitted a beam of light from every orifice of her body. Lucifer pretty much burning her from inside out, and casting her lifeless body aside. He turns to you with a raised brow and relaxed look.

  “I loathe power hungry twats who disturb others, don’t you, love?” he asks almost nicely.

You blink back at him for a second before replying, “L-love?”

Lucifer doesn’t answer your question. Instead he comes closer to you expecting your bruises and cut up face. He runs his hands across your bonds, and you feel them dissipate. “No running, pet. Daddy has to heal you and take you home,” he says almost absentmindedly placing his hands on your face.

“Excuse me, what?”  You ask just as the warm feeling over takes you. It spreads through your body, making it hum and shiver, and you shift just slightly in your seat. Lucifer’s eyes connect with yours again and it’s as if he’s warning you to stay still with just his gaze.

The feeling intensifies as it spreads, and soon your body is on high alert, but tired at the same time. You feel your eyes begin to shut of their own accord. Right before the blackness of unconsciousness takes you, you hear Lucifer’s voice once more.

    “Now, let’s get you home.”

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   You awoke atop of a king size, black satin covered bed in a dark room. You no longer hurt, but you didn’t know where you were. You weren’t even sure if what you thought had happened had really happened. That would be ridiculous, right?

“It might be for an average human, but not you,” a cold voice that you were becoming all too familiar with said. Glancing up to find Lucifer starring down on you, you almost screamed, but he had already raised a hand to silence you. “I will not hurt you, Y/n. I promise. I even healed your wounds for you, pet.”

“Oh, just stop it with the ‘pet’ stuff already. We both know the only reason you are interested in me is because of that stupid ritual and the fact I am a virgin. I am not yours,” You spat out before you could think to stop yourself.

You watched Lucifer’s eyes darken menace and almost gulped in fear. “I assure you, that isn’t true. In fact, you are mine and I will prove it,” he said darkly.

“You just said you wouldn’t hurt me!” You accuse him quickly.

“And I won’t, but let me show you why you should belong to me.”

You mauled it over for a second. It would if nothing else prevent something like this from happening again, and after his virgin sacrifice infatuation wore off that was the only risk here. He did promise not to hurt you. You looked back at him and nodded. “Okay.”

You were pushed back against the black satin sheets, your arms falling to rest by your head. Your legs spread of their own accord, unable to hide the sudden arousal caused from the angel above you. 

 Lucifer hovered above you, leaning down to capture your lips in a searing kiss. You moaned into his mouth as his teeth tugged on your lower lip. One hand snaked up to tangle in your hair, using it to roughly pull your head back so he could access your neck. You gasped and closed your eyes as his teeth grazed your skin and found a soft spot you never knew existed.

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Obliviously, Lucifer had done this before. You had not. Starting to feel a bit insecure, you brought your hands up to push back against him, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Lucifer,” you gasp, trying again. “I’m not good enough for this I barely know how to kiss.”

“Don’t even think about it like that, pet,” He ordered silkily as his jean clad hips ground against yours, his manhood already hardening. 

You wrapped your legs around his waist, almost automatically, with a desperate gasp for more affection, or attention, or really anything you could get. One of his hands cupped a breast, squeezing and kneading, while his lips found the curve of the other. He sucked your skin into his mouth, his tongue leaving a cold fire across your skin. You tightened your legs around his waist, feeling a sudden wetness pooling between your legs. And in response, Lucifer ripped the shirt from your body.

He chuckled at your attentive responses, grinding his hips against yours. His hand slid from your breast down your side, his fingers a seductive dance on your skin. 

“So responsive for me, pet,” he murmured, kissing his way back up to your neck. He sucked on your neck and as his fingers slid into the waistband of your jeans and ripped those off as well causing you to moan. “That’s my girl,” he grunted, biting your neck. He pulled back and smiled proudly at the dark hickey he’d left on your skin, marking you as his woman for all eternity.

He worked his hand down to your wet heat slowly, and thrust a finger into you, his slow pace never faltering as you wiggled and bucked against him. His hips helped to keep yours steady while he worked you with his hand, his other hand tugging at your hair and his lips alternating between decorating your neck and devouring your now naked breasts.

  You felt a foreign knot building in your belly, but before it could burst, Lucifer removed his finger. You whimpered shamelessly at the loss of contact and he chuckled darkly. He hovered above you, angling his hips so that his manhood rubbed against your entrance, and you noticed you had completely missed how he had gotten his jeans off.  Finding yourself not caring, however you tried your best to hint to him that you needed him with your body.

He growled back at you when he noticed your slight shimmies for his attention and sprung on you like a wild tiger. His lips attacked your skin, as he rubbed his manhood through your wetness. The contact rubbed against your clit, causing your hips to jerk upwards.

“That’s right, kitten. Let Daddy take care of you,” he instructed, sitting back and using his hands on your hips to help position you. You complied, finding little shame anymore in Lucifer’s arms.

Lucifer positioned himself above you, his hands on your hips as he thrust into your sex slowly. You moaned at feeling him inside you, and although slightly strange-there was no pain. Your legs began spreading more to entice him further. He understood, pushing in as far as he could. His hands gripped your hips bruisingly as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. Working you over very well for your first time. You moaned loudly and your hands gripped the pillow, all of your senses gone. All you could focus on was Lucifer pounding into you like he owned you. This archangel making you his prize.

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  He leaned over you, one hand tangling in your hair and tugging your head forward. You mewled and turned your head to meet his lips in a possessive kiss. He sucked your tongue into his mouth as he continued his thrusts. While you were lost in his kiss, the hand on your hip slid forward between your folds to rub mercilessly at your clit, earning a string of loud whorish moans from your lips which he eagerly swallowed. 

The knot in your belly exploded, your orgasm gushing. He kept his pace causing you to drag your nails down his toned chest. His hands gripped your hips so he could thrust his hips into yours, his pelvis striking your clit with each thrust, sending your orgasm skyrocketing upwards yet again.

Your name fell from his lips like a moaned prayer, the sound making you moan in return. “Please…” You stammered, wrapping your arms around him. “I-I… I can’t…”

“Not yet.” He ordered and you struggled to take a ragged breath, in a failed attempt to get a hold of yourself. “You are absolutely delicious, pet,” He informed you. “So responsive, so willing.”

“Please….” You whispered. “Just… please.”

“I’m sorry, what was that? Who are you talking to, Little Girl?” He asked innocently.

“Lucifer, please I need you…” You pleaded, grinding your hips up as best as you could. He grunted, but still did not relent. 

“No, pet. What is my name?” He demanded once more, slowing his pace almost completely.

You groaned out, frustrated, but completely turned on. “Daddy, please!”
“Much better, pet.” He growled and without pause, he was buried up to the hilt inside of you once more. You couldn’t help the shriek that was pulled from your lips as he began to brutally slam into you. His lips once again lock onto your chest, sucking. You barely notice as your hands wrap around his back nails digging into skin. “Moan for me, Little Girl.” He grunts, hitting that spot deep inside you.

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“Daddy!” You manage to choke out as he hits that spot with every thrust.

“I can’t hear you.” He punctuates each word with a snap of his hips.

“Daddy!” You scream as the knot that was building once more explodes, cause your whole body to jerk. Lucifer’s own orgasm followed yours, and as he cried out with you, he held you close as he worked you both through it, slowly. When you both had finally calmed down, he withdrew and looked at you. His next words shocking your ecstasy ridden body.

“If you think you are leaving me, Y/n, you are wrong. You are mine. Forever. My virgin sacrifice.”

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Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?


                                                         the devil’s in my head
                                                            stirring up a mess
                                             taking advantage of my unsteadiness
                                                         my readiness for death
                                                         the vans are pulling up
                                                            fuck, if I know why
                                                     i’m hearing cuckcoo clocks
                                                     i’m seeing angels in the sky
                                                       the war is almost started
                                                         the cavalry’s on time
                                                   fight amongst the foot soldiers
                                                      but the war is in my mind

i go back and forth, teetotaler-totter

i veribly - i veribly - i veritably
have done lost all my witsably
all to the glass of the bottom
i don’t drink the this often
my mind’s gotten soften..ehh..bly
i am a lightweight with-ese things
so the, so the waitress only brings
just one dark and stormy
for me…

hold on, bring it back. hard stop. nothing changes when i decide, on the rare occasion, to imbibe. it is true, i feel it quick, strongly too, with but a small amount of the devil’s brew, as it were. and the fur in my head on the next morning’s bell is certainly from some deeper level of hell.

i can have another, please
words tha-rown-round ease
e, see ( oh, clever clever yes )
a flay-for-full sip an i confess
no, no. i swear
that doesn’t actually happen there,
the slurring of eshes.. eshes…
essssssesss sesss esssessss
( ima snake now? what sayses
this bout me, me, all messes )…

oh, the jekyll and hyde i have become! swirling this dark poison about, allowing my–

brain go


Why do they look like two movie characters where Jimin is the rich ass boss who owns a mansion and taehyung is the “insivible employee” that no one cares about, but then he gets a chance to get notice and fucks everything up for some reason. But in the end he gets the promotion and fucks the rich ass boss

wombadoodles  asked:

dude that bendy in the devil swing song has been stuck in my head like all day. you've got one hell of a singing voice! i'm still not 100% sure what bendy and the ink machine is but i do know the song sure is hella catchy, and intriguing

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!  Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror game that’s being released chapter by chapter as it’s being funded on Patreon – Chapter 2 (as well as an updated Chapter 1) are being released in April!


It’s crazy because I remember being five years old, my mother was 24. She told me my aunts would be living with us for a while, because my grandmother was diseased. So my mother,at age 24, took care of her three sisters as well as my brother and I. She said, “Grandma is sick, so their going to live with us for now”. Sick with some disease called addiction.

It’s crazy because by the time I was 14 my aunts were all adults and moved back home to Cali. I heard my mother crying, and I asked her what was wrong and again, I hear that word “addiction”

It’s crazy because we learned in elementary school the dangers of drugs and we swore we’d never be those people. Drugs are gross, who would throw their life away for that?

It’s crazy because when Mom told me that her sister had become a slave to the very monster that destroyed their family, I use to think, “How could someone watch their parents be that sick and yet still end up addicted to such a horrible thing?”

It’s crazy because by the time I was 16 my grandmother had been clean for 11 years (17 years to this day) but my grandfather had lost his mind. Drug induced schizophrenia. The voices, the shadows… it’s just a side effect…. Well his never went away.

It’s crazy because even with her father talking to the “ghosts” my aunt kept dancing with the devil. At 14 years old she took her first ride on the white horse. And round she went for the next eleven years.

It’s crazy because a year and a half ago, I was reintroduced to my aunt. She moved back here to Fl. To get clean and away from her abusive boyfriend. We became best friends, I let her live with me. We’d drink and do Coke until the sun came up every weekend. She stayed clean, and she stayed in Fl. For the first time in eleven years she seen through sober eyes.

It’s crazy, because the first time I seen the drug up close in person was seven months ago. I knew better, I knew the dangers. But my fiancé was dead, Drowned in his vomit just two days before.

It’s crazy because I tried to hide it from my aunt who was also living with me. But a tweaker knows a tweaker, and she just couldn’t resist. A year had gone by that she’d been sober, and here I was bringing her back to the dark side.

It’s crazy because I was there that night, before he passed. (My fiancé) I left angry with him. Told him I never wanted to see him again.

It’s crazy because that’s the last thing I said to him.

It’s crazy because after knowing all these things, after seeing what Crystal meth did to my family, here I sit. Without the slightest desire to quit.

It’s crazy because I knew what I was doing, I just didn’t care. I remembered them telling us in school how dangerous it was, but I no longer felt the meaning of life, I longed to put myself in danger.

It’s crazy because I have been suicidal before, but suicide is sinful.

It’s crazy because one year ago I would have said I don’t believe in God. Before my late fiancée passed, he’d tell me,“don’t worry, you will be saved” and I’d nod my head just to get him off the subject.

It’s crazy because when I found him dead the morning after I left him, I couldn’t help but feel at fault. His sister said to me, “God has taken him from us, so that the lives of others would be spared”

It’s crazy because since he’s been gone, I find myself praying to a a God I never believed in.

Praying that I find myself. Praying that I shake these demons that I’ve allowed into my life. Praying that I find a sense of peace and clarity. Praying that one day, I will be okay. Because suicide is selfish and sinful he wouldn’t do it. He let the alcohol do the dirty work, he drowned himself in the bottle. Selfish bastard, I miss you so much.

Praying that you made it to heaven, sending all of my love. Praying I don’t suffocate myself in these clouds, but I just can’t seem to get enough. Praying for your friends and family, and praying for my own well being.

Praying I’ll overcome this disease. Praying for a desire to feel again. Praying that one day, I will want to be better, because right now, I’m okay with where I am and it’s not okay.

Praying I can stop this crazy.

How the demons react to MC having a nightmare ~ 10 Days With My Devil

This should have been posted so much earlier today! But I had to go up to the hospital to visit someone and oh dear how much do I hate hospitals?! Anyway! It has been forever since I showed some love to 10 Days With My Devil and so I decided to write a little something for it. 

So it’s been ages since I wrote anything for 10 Days With My Devil! After discovering just how precious Rein is, I got an idea for a new head-canon for the demons and angel. How the boys react to MC having a bad nightmare.

Warning - main contain some spoilers from a couple of the characters routes!

Kakeru - It was late one night in the demon house and yet you were still hard at work in the living room. It was rare for you to bring work home, but it covered up what was really on your mind.
Since Kakeru had granted you the ten days you had asked for, you had fallen in love with the man who ended up saving your sister’s life. She had given birth to a healthy baby and your relationship had been accepted by the demon realm.
You were both safe.
So why were you plagued with nightmares?
Trying to shut out the thoughts, you took a sip of coffee and cringed a little at the bitter taste. You weren’t really a fan of coffee, but at this point, you just wanted to stay awake.
Jumping a little as you realised that Kakeru was leaning over the sofa behind you, you put a hand to your chest as you exhaled a sigh.
‘It’s not like you to be up so late…aren’t you tired?’
‘No, I’m fine. I thought I’d just get these spreadsheets finished before bed.’
While he looked as though he wanted to say something, Kakeru held his tongue as he gave you a kiss on the cheek.
‘Don’t overdo it. Okay? Come to bed soon,’ he muttered in your ear, smiling a little mischievously at the blush on your face.
Once you were alone again, you couldn’t help but let out a small sigh as you leaned back against the sofa. You hated not being honest with your boyfriend, but you didn’t want to worry him.
As you continued to put all your efforts into your work, you gradually grew tired as the hours wore on. Thinking that you just needed a break, you had put your laptop aside and eased back on the sofa.
Resting your head on the cushion, you had intended to get right back too it, but found the exhaustion overwhelming.
Looking down the hospital corridor; you were following your sisters voice. You could hear her, calling your name, pleading with you to find her.
Searching every room, you were becoming increasingly desperate when you found Satoru and Haruhito guarding a door.
‘You shouldn’t go in…’
Looking between their expressions and seeing the anguish there, you pushed past them to find Kakeru lying in a hospital bed, the dull, consistent beep on the monitor making your blood run cold as you found doctors rushing in to try and resuscitate him.
‘No…’ you whispered. ‘Not you…please not you…’
Feeling a pair of arms wrap around you, you broke free as the doctors declared time and forced yourself through.
‘No! You can’t leave. Please, please don’t go. Please!’
As you gripped onto his hand with everything you had, his body began to fade.
‘Kakeru! Kakeru!’

Waking up with a start, you heard a rush of footsteps and Kakeru’s voice as you put a hand over your mouth and let out a sob.
Finding yourself wrapped in Kakeru’s arms, he implored you to tell him what was wrong as you cried into his chest.
Picking you up into his arms, Kakeru carried you upstairs and into his room. Setting you down onto the bed, you had quickly curled up in your boyfriends lap and told him the truth of why you had been staying up so late.
After considering it for a moment, Kakeru brought your face up to look at him and kissed away each tear before brushing his lips against yours.
‘I’m not going anywhere…I promise…’
As your head came to rest against his chest, you fell asleep in the comfort of Kakeru’s arms, with his soothing heartbeat and gentle embrace keeping you safe.

Meguru - As you tossed and turned one night; sleeping next to Meguru had done little to stave off the nightmares that haunted you.
Ever since your first true encounter with the demon world, you had found yourself suffering with nightmares of your time there. Reliving the traumatic events that had unfolded, in your subconscious, you were always left waking up in a fit of terror, only to realise that Meguru was in fact, safe.
While you hadn’t talked to Meguru about it, Kakeru had noticed your apparent lethargy at work.
‘Everything okay?’
Glancing up in surprise at Kakeru’s question, you noted the quiet concern in his eyes as he regarded you carefully.
'Yeah, I just haven’t been sleeping too well lately, it’s nothing,’ you responded, trying to shrug off his concerns, although Meguru’s older brother appeared to doubt it.
Keeping a watchful eye on you, Kakeru had thought to mention it to Meguru, but decided it was best to let you speak up instead of interfering.
That night; you were restless as you slept, waking Meguru slightly as he noticed the way you tossed and turned.
As his arms wrapped around you, you instinctively cuddled in closer to Meguru, his arms tightening around your delicate form as you trembled slightly.
While in reality Meguru was right there beside you, in your dreams everything was bleak.
How many times had you relived that day? Meguru had been sentenced to death, by his own father no less.
Thanks to his Mother, he had lost control of his powers and threatened the lives of everyone present. Only this time, you were held back. You couldn’t get near him though you screamed his name repeatedly, willing him back.
As his cold red eyes fell upon you, you could see no trace of the man you loved in his gaze.
As the demons rallied to attack him, you pleaded with them to help him, but to no avail as the beatings turned deadly.
Fighting off your restraints, by the time you fought through to him, it was far too late. Falling to your knees as you cradled Meguru in your arms, you sobbed and screamed out his name.
Sitting up bolt upright in bed, a scream left your lips as Meguru instantly pulled you against his chest.
‘Hey, it’s okay…it’s okay. You’re safe.’
Turning to look at Meguru with tears staining your face, you could hardly express your relief as you dropped your head against his shoulder and let out a sob.
‘Meguru…I thought…I thought you were…’
Wrapping your arms around him, you clung to your boyfriend as he held you close.
‘I’m here, I’m right here…’
As he stroked your hair, you slowly began to calm down as Meguru embraced you in his warmth.
Finally bringing yourself to explain that you had been suffering with nightmares for several weeks, you quietly told him about your recurring nightmare.
Kissing the top of your hair gently, Meguru brought his hand under your chin and made you look at him.
‘I’m not going anywhere…it’s you and me forever…remember?’
Nodding, you gently intwined your hand with his as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘I love you…’ you muttered, seeing a touch of redness in Meguru’s cheeks as he leaned in to kiss you, filling your heart with an irreplaceable warmth.
‘I love you too…’ he whispered, holding you close as you fell into a peaceful sleep.

Shiki - It was no secret that the members of the demon house had admired your strength when you discovered that you were faced with death.
Though that outward appearance of strength held its consequences.
You hadn’t told anyone about the nightmares you’d been having lately. Shiki was entirely unaware of the way you suffered, being a deep sleeper, he hadn’t been disturbed when you had woken with a slight start.
While you hoped they would pass off naturally, days turned into weeks and you still felt no better.
It was also leaving you exhausted and at the receiving end of teasing from the other demons.
‘Has Shiki been keeping you up?’ Haruhito asked.
‘He truly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ Satoru grinned, though you felt far too tired to deal with their usual taunts.
‘I’m going to work…’
‘Huh? But you haven’t eaten breakfast,’ Meguru responded, looking concerned as you got up.
‘I’ll be okay. I’m not really hungry,’ you assured him, though Meguru didn’t seem convinced.
‘Are you sure you’re okay?’
Turning to see Shiki on the stairs, a gentle smile graced your lips as you nodded.
‘I can come with you to work…’
‘You hate crowds Shiki, I don’t want you to feel sick,’ you responded, shaking your head lightly, finding yourself wrapped up in his arms as you breathed in his welcoming scent.
‘Come home soon…’
‘I will,’ you promised him.
Though that night, you found yourself plagued with the same nightmare. It never mattered what you did or said.
The Demon King had rescinded his decision to let Shiki go unpunished for removing you from the toasting list. Having you restrained so that you couldn’t help him, you were forced to watch the torture inflicted on your beloved.
‘Let him go! Please, no!’
Screaming Shiki’s name, you could only watch in terror as he slowly succumbed to the agony he was subjected too.
You were powerless to stop it as you cried out to him, willing him to open his eyes.
Shooting upright in bed with a start, you found Shiki right there beside you, completely awake and wide eyes as he cupped your face in his hands.
‘You were calling out for me,’ he remarked, the purple hues of his eyes regarding you with concern when you threw your arms around him and hugged him tight.
‘Shiki…’ you muttered, your voice barely a whisper as tears slipped down your cheeks.
Feeling the way you trembled, Shiki held you close as he tried to soothe you. He had never seen you so distressed from a bad dream.
‘Is it the first time?’
Shaking your head, you sniffled a little as Shiki gently brought you to look at him.
Wiping your tears away, Shiki waited patiently for you to be calm enough to talk.
‘I…they were hurting you and I couldn’t get to you. I tried but I couldn’t reach you and you couldn’t…you didn’t wake up…’
Trailing off as your eyes filled with tears, Shiki pulled you against his chest and cradled you in his arms, resting his head on yours.
He had never had someone care for him as much as you. He could hardly believe you had lost sleep because the thought of a dream coming true scared you so much.
‘I love you Shiki,’ you whispered, feeling his heartbeat quicken as he lay down with you in his arms.
‘I love you too…I’ll keep you safe and protect you from bad dreams,’ he promised, though he was talking more to himself as he vowed to take care of you.  

Haruhito - One night, Haruhito was working late in the demon realm, meaning that you were alone with the others for the majority of the evening.
While you enjoyed their company, you couldn’t help but hope for Haruhito to return home soon.
Having left his dog with you, Cerby was happily curled up on the sofa with you. Petting her soft fur, you couldn’t help but feel comforted with her by your side.
Though as the time wore on and the demons started to head off to bed, you thought it best to take Cerby for her daily walk.
Feeling the cool air on your face as you took her out, you couldn’t help but smile as you looked down at Haruhito’s faithful dog walking alongside you. Wishing your boyfriend were with you, you wondered when he would be home as you glanced up to the stars.
By the time you got home, you felt a little uneasy to see that Haruhito was still not back yet. While it wasn’t the first time work had run on late for him, you still fretted over him.
Going up to bed, you had gotten curled up under the comforter as you waited for him, wearing one of his shirts and breathing in his comforting scent as you rested your head on the pillows.
Before long, exhaustion got the better of you as you drifted into a less than peaceful sleep.
Finding yourself in a field Haruhito was awaiting you with his hand outstretched, a warm smile gracing his lips as you began to walk towards him.
Though as you did, you noticed the way the clouds darkened over as a sense of unease washed over you.
You could see the danger before Haruhito. You had screamed out to him, but not before the figure in the shadows lunged out and inflicted his attack on your beloved demon.
Running towards him, Haruhito stumbled to the ground as you reached out to catch him. Trying to support the weight of his body as he leaned on you, you held him close as you watched the shadowed figure come closer.
‘No! I won’t let you hurt him!’ you yelled, though fear laced your voice as Haruhito became heavier. He was losing the fight with his injuries.
‘Haruhito! Wake up, please, wake up! Someone! Please help us!’
As the figure closed in on you, you pushed yourself over Haruhito’s weakened form, determined to protect him when the darkness engulfed you both.

Waking up suddenly, you were greeted with the warmth of Haruhito’s room and found your boyfriend looking over you with concern.
Putting your arms around him, you were clearly emotional as Haruhito pulled you into his embrace, his large hand gently running through your hair.
‘It’s okay…it was just a bad dream…’
‘I’m so glad you’re safe,’ you remarked, feeling calmer just by Haruhito’s presence. Lifting you up for a moment so that he could get onto the bed, Haruhito gently set you down in his lap, cuddling you close as he asked you what had scared you so much.
Seeing the way you hesitated, Haruhito peered into your eyes and encouraged you to talk to him.
‘I tried to save you…I tried to get to you in time. To warn you…but I was too late…’
Trying to blink back the tears that welled in your eyes, you knew it was ridiculous to get so emotional, but you couldn’t help it.
‘Hey, I’m right here…nothing bad is going to happen to me. Not when I know I have you to come home too,’ he responded with a kind smile.
How you loved that smile.
Kissing him softly, Haruhito blushed a little as he got settled with you in his arms, not even bothering to undress as he held you close.
As Haruhito listened for the slow breaths that suggested you were asleep, he ever so gently placed a kiss on your temple before closing his eyes. He would always keep you safe.

Satoru - It was late when you had finally gotten home from work one evening. Finding Satoru waiting for you in the living room, he frowned slightly as you greeted him.
‘I don’t like you getting home this late by yourself…it’s dangerous. You should have called me.’
‘You’ve been working so many hours this week, I didn’t want to trouble you. Besides, I’m fine aren’t I?’ you responded, offering him a reassuring smile as he let out a sigh.
You had been overworking yourself a lot lately and Satoru would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried about your health. But you had always been headstrong.
By the time you were both in bed, you had fallen asleep first, with Satoru watching over you. He always enjoyed watching you sleep. You looked so innocent and peaceful.
Satoru didn’t know how long he had slept for when something brought him around. You were distressed. Something was wrong.
Waking up in an instant, Satoru had been scanning the room for a threat when he realised you weren’t awake.
Seeing the way you trembled beside him, you were clinging to the bed sheets as your expressions shifted.
As a single tear slipped down your cheek, your breathing had become heavier as you tossed and turned, whispering Satoru’s name as you did so.
Though as your voice became more panicked, more anxious, Satoru tried to waken you, his eyes widening as you suddenly shot up, shouting.
‘No! Satoru!’
Trying to steady your breathing as your hand clutched at your chest, Satoru made you look at him as he assured you everything was okay.
‘Come here,’ he uttered, wrapping you in his arms and holding you close as your breathing settled.
‘It was just a nightmare…it’s okay.’
Nodding slowly, you tried to calm yourself, though your hands were still trembling as Satoru placed soft kisses on them, the sensation distracting you as he moved to kiss your forehead, eyelids and finally, your lips.
He didn’t have to ask what had frightened you so much…he knew.
‘I’ll never let anything happen to you,’ he whispered. ‘You’ll never be alone.’

Rein - Waking up at the sound of your voice calling his name one night; Rein slowly came to and realised that you were no longer in his arms.
Even though you hadn’t been living together long, the angel was more than accustomed to you sleeping in his arms. It was rare for you to shift away from him, but tonight, you seemed restless.
Looking over you with tired eyes, his name fell from your lips, though it sounded unnerved…frightened even.
Realising you must be having a bad dream as your breathing became more laboured, Rein sat up in an attempt to wake you as he took your hand.
‘Lass…wake up honey…’
While he was gentle in his attempts, Rein could clearly tell that you were distressed as he tried to rouse you.
All of a sudden, you let out a gasp as you sat upright in bed, breathing deeply as Rein took your face in his hands.
‘Hey…it’s okay lass…ye were havin’ a bad dream. Nothin’ to be so worried about.’
‘Rein…’ you whispered, reaching up to touch his cheek softly as if to convince yourself that he was really there.
‘Aye lass, I’m right here,’ he responded, his accent soothing you as you came to rest your head in the crook of his neck, not wanting him to see you cry.
Feeling his soft obsidian hair brush against your cheek as he cradled you close to him, he could tell that you were distressed.
‘Had somethin’ happened to me, love?’
After hesitating for a moment, you nodded your tears feeling hot on the angel’s bare skin as he felt a tightening in his chest.
He hated to know that you were so upset.
‘Tell me what I can do to make it better…’
After a moment of consideration, you finally spoke up in a trembling voice, though it wasn’t what Rein was expecting.
‘Don’t ever leave…’
‘Never…’ he responded, his voice full of promise as he kissed the top of your hair.
Sitting up in his arms, you looked at Rein with your eyes full of tears as you gently cupped his face in your shaken hands.
‘I love you Rein…I love you so much…’ you whispered, your voice earnest and loving.
Feeling as though his cheeks were on fire, Rein’s heart began to race as he gazed into your eyes.
‘I love ye too…I always have.’
Leaning his forehead against yours, Rein brushed his lips against yours, tasting the slight saltiness from your tears as he kissed you again.
‘What do ye do to me lass?’  
You had no idea what time it was when you both finally settled again under the covers, though you felt contented knowing that Rein was safely beside you.
‘I’m right here,’ he whispered, as if reading your thoughts. Kissing your forehead as you came to lay against his bare chest, the warmth of his skin and his gentle heartbeat left you feeling relaxed.
‘Thank you…’ you breathed, missing the blush that touched Rein’s face at your adorable sleepy voice.
‘Ye don’t have to thank me for anythin’ lass…it should be me thankin’ you for bein’ you. Get some sleep now, love…’
It wasn’t long before you dozed off in Rein’s arms, though he continued to watch you for a while, thinking that you were the angel… 

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