“I’m sorry…my God…”

“No. You won’t be damned. I refuse it.”

An AU in which Marco and Jean are ancient spirits who have roamed the Earth with no particular purpose, but were destined to live out eternity together. However, Marco was snatched by the claws of Lucifer and condemned to an eternity of damnation by reaping the souls of sinners and the innocent. Marco was only able to do this job for about two centuries before he broke, refusing to take any more lives. As punishment, the devil was going to erase his current spirit and reincarnate him into a world of suffering, branding his body with his name. But unable to stand by and watch his beloved be forced into such a fate, Jean offers his soul and existence to serve as a reaper, but only if Marco can be let free from Lucifer’s punishment.  Lucifer takes up the deal.

Here is Jean saving Marco from deteriorating altogether.

Okay, people. Prepare for another long AU. -cracks knuckles- This one has been boiling in my head so I needed to express it

An AU in which Jean is the direct spawn of Satan and Marco is the notorious One-Eyed Witch. The Devil is actually a woman, Jean’s mother, who seduced a righteous and innocent man, in hopes of defiling him to strengthen her offspring. Marco was born into a strong lineage of witches without two eyes, his only eye being his tool to “only see the simple truth”. A second eye would have created a bias or corrupted his perception of the actual truth.  

The Devil was able to steal a significant power from Marco’s family, whose duty was to protect and guard this immense power given as a gift from one of the Gods. With this power, the Devil could completely taint and destroy anything she pleases, which she’d take full advantage of. 

Because Jean’s father was so righteous, instead of just being born more powerful, he also was born without inheriting his mother’s rage and darkness. So, it actually becomes his fate to kill his mother and steal the power back. But he can’t give it to Marco’s family, seeing as he’d absorb it instantly and would be unable to control it. 

While Jean is destined to kill his mother, Marco is destined to re-attain the power that was stolen. He’s actually supposed to kill Jean after Jean kills his mother to get it back. The two know of this ultimate end and before they’re able to comfortably accept it, they fall in love during their time together hunting Jean’s mother down. Marco scrambles to try to figure out an alternate way to gain the power back without killing Jean. He studies spells and exorcism techniques, unable to find a sure fire way. It nearly drives him insane, being faced with the fact he will actually have to stab the love of his life in the heart and kill him..

But in the end, it turns out there is an alternate way of regaining the power and sparing Jean’s life. Marco has to transfer Jean’s soul into another vessel, use that vessel as a sacrifice to get the power back, and ultimately return Jean’s soul back to his original body. 


Why do they look like two movie characters where Jimin is the rich ass boss who owns a mansion and taehyung is the “insivible employee” that no one cares about, but then he gets a chance to get notice and fucks everything up for some reason. But in the end he gets the promotion and fucks the rich ass boss


“When he had crossed the water, he found the entrance to hell. It was black and sooty within, and the devil was not at home, but his grandmother was sitting in a large armchair. ‘What do you want?’ said asked of him, but she did not look so very wicked.

‘I should like to have three golden hairs from the devil’s head,’ he, 'or else I cannot keep my wife.’

'That is a good deal to ask for;’ said she. 'if the devil comes home and finds you, it will cost you your life. But as I pity you, I will see if I cannot help you.’

She changed him into an ant and said, ‘Creep into the folds of my dress, you will be safe there.’”

— excerpt from “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Juliette et Justine
underskirt: Victorian Maiden
bag: h.Naoto GRAMM
corset, shawl: vintage
spider bow: Moss Märchen
rosette: Moss Badger

MC Overexerts Herself At Work - 10DWMD

Hello! Finally gotten onto my new Head Canon! I’ve had a rather low couple of days and haven’t been able to write much because of that. But I’m feeling a bit happier now and after playing some 10 Days With My Devil in between resting and catching up with a couple of friends, I am now ready for some writing :)

Request from a lovely anon. Here is the 10 Days With My Devil version of how the demons react when the MC overexerts herself at work. The original Enchanted In The Moonlight version is here :) -


Kakeru -
Things had been so busy at work lately that both you and Kakeru were continually working overtime. With that and Kakeru’s job in the demon realm, you hadn’t been able to spend much time together. While it made you sad to comprehend that you had spent so little time together over the past couple of weeks, you found yourself also feeling exhausted.
You had such little energy after work that you mostly went home and slept, much like Shiki’s habits. You knew it was concerning the other demons, but with Kakeru away, you had tried your best to shrug off their concerns with a smile and assure them you were alright.
But the workload was becoming far too much.
Walking home a few days later; you had started your day with a longing for work to be over so that you could see Kakeru. He would finally be home that evening. But as had happened so many times lately, you were forced to work late.
By the time you had gotten home, you found yourself dropping your handbag and slumping onto the step in the entranceway. Leaning your head against the wall, you felt as though you could fall asleep right there. Your limbs felt so heavy, while your feet ached terribly. You just wanted Kakeru…
‘I’m sure I heard the front door…’
You had barely begun to register the younger of the demon brothers when his voice rang out loudly.
Hearing a rush of footsteps, you suddenly became aware of two hands on your shoulders as you managed to open your eyes.
‘You’re home,’ you smiled weakly, seeing a concerned expression across your boyfriends face as he placed a hand on your cheek.
‘What happened? Are you hurt? Did you feel faint?’
‘No…it’s work…so much…’ you managed to say when you heard Meguru explaining for you, telling Kakeru how little energy you seemed to have lately and how much you slept. Hearing a sigh, Kakeru eased one hand around your back and the other lifted you into his arms.
‘Meguru, can you bring her handbag?’ Kakeru asked, carrying you through the living room and upstairs.
‘Aww, she looks so cute when she’s sleepy. Just like Cerby,’ Haruhito smiled cheerfully, his kind eyes looking over you as Kakeru carried you into his room and settled you on the bed.
‘I go away for a few days and you make yourself ill with exhaustion?’ Kakeru remarked with a frown knitting his brow as he sat down on the edge of the bed and gently started to take off your shoes.
‘You don’t have too…’
‘Stay,’ he responded, determined in what he was doing before turning to you with a softer tone. ‘I’m going to run you a bath, okay?’
‘Okay,’ you nodded finally, realising that it was useless to argue and seeing an approving look on Kakeru’s face as he kissed your forehead lightly.
‘Don’t go anywhere until I come back for you,’ he told you gently, running a hand through your hair before leaving the room.
By the time he came back, you had managed to sit up, with Kakeru offering you his hand as you stood up and felt the dull ache return to your feet.
Walking with you to the bathroom, Kakeru closed the door behind you both as you looked at him with a blush playing on your cheeks.
‘You couldn’t make it past the front door earlier. I just want to make sure that you’re alright,’ he remarked, getting into the bath first and taking your hand to help you in. Feeling you settle onto his chest, Kakeru started to run the warm water over your skin, feeling your muscles relax as you began to lose the tension in your body.
‘I’ve missed you,’ you admitted shyly, making Kakeru blushed as he quickly kissed the top of your head so that you wouldn’t see that you had embarrassed him.
‘I missed you too…I hate being away from you…’ he responded, holding onto you as your fingers intwined with his.
‘I promise I won’t leave you for so long again…especially if you’re going to overwork yourself while I’m gone. Just promise me you’ll take care of yourself.’
‘I promise,’ you assured him, looking back as his expression softened and his lips found yours…

Shiki - 

Work at the office had been strenuous as of late. So much so that you had been working a lot of overtime, leaving you feeling understandably exhausted.
It felt as though you hardly spent any time with Shiki as of late. You were always so tired that you yearned for sleep. While you were certain that Shiki must enjoy your exhaustion and willingness to spend so much time resting, nothing could have been further from the truth.
Shiki had found himself awake while you slept for the first couple of hours each evening to ensure you were sleeping comfortably.
You always looked so pale lately. He could understand it now. Why you fretted over him so much in the beginning. You were severely overworked and it left him restless. Shiki wanted to ease your exhaustion. He wanted you to feel more rested and able to stay awake longer. He missed your bright enthusiasm, even when he was tired, he enjoyed it more than this.
He knew that you would miss spending time together. Cradling you in his arms like a fragile piece of glass, Shiki gently kissed your forehead and smiled at your contented sigh.
Glancing to the time, Shiki realised you would have to get up in a few hours. Settling himself beside you, Shiki looked over you once more before whispering those three little words and falling into a deep slumber.
Due to his own lack of sleep during the night, Shiki hadn’t woken until late the following day, though as he began to stir and felt the empty space beside him, he suddenly became aware of the rainfall outside.
Sitting up as his violet eyes adjusted to the light, Shiki was suddenly on his feet and headed downstairs with an energy that the others seldom saw.
‘What’s up Sheeks?’ Haruhito asked in surprise, ‘you’re not usually so active.’
‘The rain,’ he stated seeing Meguru walk in from the kitchen.
‘Ah Shiki, I’m glad your up. Dinner will be ready soon-’
Ignoring Meguru’s remark, Shiki headed straight for the door and saw your umbrella hung up neatly.
Though as he opened the door, Shiki realised he was too late as he caught sight of you approaching the demon house. You were soaked through.
Going straight to you, Shiki wrapped you in his arms and ushered you inside.
‘You’re cold,’ he remarked in concern, removing your coat and putting a hand to your cheek. It felt icy to him.
As he took your hand and took you into the living room, Meguru realised why Shiki had been acting so strangely and asked if he could make you some tea.
‘Please,’ you nodded weakly, though Shiki ignored the conversation and led you upstairs. You could get sick if you stayed so cold.
‘Shiki-’ you began as he guided you into your room, knowing that it would be warmer than his and headed back to the door.
‘Undress,’ he stated simply, blushing at your flustered response and rephrasing his request.
‘You need to get warm.’
Returning with a large comforter and one of his jumpers, Shiki got a towel and gently wrapped it around your slender figure before embracing you warmly.
‘I’m sorry…’
‘Why are you apologising?’ you asked in surprise.
‘Not waking up in time to realise you needed me.’
Tightening your grip on him, you couldn’t help but feel a warmth in your heart as Shiki then offered you his jumper.
‘I don’t want you to get sick,’ he explained, averting your gaze with a blush on his cheeks as you obliged and pulled on his jumper. Breathing in Shiki’s welcoming aroma, he then encouraged you to sit on the bed before perching himself behind you and gently drying your hair as you had done for him.
Once done, you found yourself leant against Shiki’s chest with a comforter pulled over you both. Cuddling you close, you felt yourself warming up as you thanked Shiki for taking care of you.
‘I’m sorry I worried you…’
‘Please take care. I don’t like seeing you tired. I like it when your happy and well rested.’
Looking up to Shiki with an endearing smile, he kissed you softly with such love. Shiki didn’t always say much, but it made the moments that he did so much sweeter.
‘I love you Shiki…’
‘I love you too.’
Falling asleep in his arms, you were entirely unaware of just how much your happiness meant to Shiki, as he thought over taking you on a date as soon as you were feeling better.
Smiling to himself in pride at his idea, Shiki kissed you once more, whispering his love for you before falling asleep himself.

Haruhito - 

‘I’ll get on it right away, sir,’
Returning to your desk, you exhaled at the large stack of papers that were mounting there. You had such a high workload lately and you were finding it all a bit much to deal with. While you stayed on overtime in order to get everything done, you neglected to take care of yourself.
You didn’t mind the additional workload. It went far with your superiors to know that you were so dedicated to your job, but it was leaving you understandably exhausted.
Getting home after a particularly long day, Haruhito welcomed you with a warm embrace and an ever-cheerful smile.
‘I missed you today, I think even Cerby was getting sick of my hugs,’ he grinned, making you smile as you joined the others for dinner.
‘I’m sorry I’m late Meguru,’ you began, though the silver haired demon quickly shrugged it off and told you not to worry.
‘I know you and Kakeru seem to be in the office more than anywhere else lately. How is it going?’
‘Well, our department got new management staff and they’re giving our entire filing system an overhaul. It’s draining to say the least…’ you responded, finding yourself relaxed by the demons bantering over dinner.
As Meguru chipped in on his brother’s busy work schedule, Haruhito asked you if you would join him for Cerberus’s nighttime walk.
‘Sure,’ you nodded with a smile. Truth be told, you felt like you could easily just go right to sleep, but you wanted to spend some time with your boyfriend. Though you felt embarrassed to admit it, you were missing him a lot lately.
‘Great,’ he smiled appreciatively, finishing his dinner promptly before seeing to Cerberus while you finished eating yourself.
After helping Meguru clear away the dishes, you headed into the hallway to find Haruhito awaiting you with a bright smile.
Heading outside, Haruhito took your hand and led you away from the demon house, with Cerberus trotting along in front of you quite happily.
It was always incredibly peaceful going out for a walk with Haruhito so late at night. The streets were quiet and you didn’t feel so nervous about being close with your boyfriend.
Taking a scenic path that Cerberus liked to walk along, you began to feel the strain of the day gone by. Your feet ached terribly and you were aware of the weariness that had been present constantly as of late. But looking up at Haruhito’s contented expression, you felt as though it was all worth it.
Following Haruhito’s gaze to the dark skies, you were amazed at the amount of stars that were visible. Sitting at a nearby bench to admire the beautiful sight, you leant your head against Haruhito’s shoulder, feeling his hand squeeze yours in reciprocation.
‘Thank you…’ he uttered gently, running his fingertips through your hair.
‘I know your exhausted, but you still came out just for me…’
Smiling at his gentle words, you began to feel as though your eyes were growing heavy. Looking up at the stars with the warmth of Haruhito’s arm around you, you barely remembered drifting off to sleep.
Realising that you had lost your battle to stay awake; Haruhito entry lifted you into his arms and began to walk home with Cerberus at his side. Holding you against his chest, Haruhito felt a warmth in his heart as he gazed upon your sleeping face. You always looked so serene when you slept.
Getting home, Haruhito managed to open the door and carry you inside, with the sudden bright lights making you stir a little.
‘Go back to sleep…I’ve got you…’ he encouraged soothingly, taking you to his room and laying you gently on the bed.
Easing your shoes off, Haruhito couldn’t help but smile at the way you curled up on the bed in your sleepy state. Getting onto the bed beside you, Haruhito had just pulled a comforter over you both when you shuffled closer to him and wrapped your arms around him, with your head resting against his chest.
Chuckling lightly as he stroked your hair, Haruhito couldn’t help but love the way you sought to be close to him in your sleep. Wrapping you up in his arms gratefully, Haruhito placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before resting his head on the pillow beside you to watch over you.
‘I promise I’ll take care of you no matter how exhausted you get…Sleep well….I love you.’
Leaning his forehead against yours, Haruhito thought he heard you murmur something in return before your breathing became deeper again. Smiling to himself, Haruhito went to sleep wondering what he had done in his life to deserve something as blissful as this, and every moment he was able to share with you.

Meguru - 

‘Have you got those files that I need?’ Kakeru asked, coming up behind you as you worked diligently at your desk.
‘Oh, yes, here you go,’ you responded, handing Kakeru the papers he was asking for and glancing back to him as he hovered for a moment.
‘Is something wrong?’
‘No, just…don’t overwork yourself too much. It’s a bad habit of yours.’
‘Don’t worry, it’s not like you’d get my work on top of yours to do,’ you responded with a slight smile, though Kakeru shook his head.
‘That’s not it. Meguru wouldn’t forgive me if he thought that I wasn’t at least trying to ensure that you were taking care of yourself at work.’
Stopping what you were doing at his words, you couldn’t help but blush a little at the suggestion. You knew Meguru had a habit of worrying about you. But to hear it from Kakeru as well…it was rather embarrassing.
‘A-anyway, don’t overdo it. I don’t need Meguru yelling at me when I have so much work to be doing as it is,’ he concluded in a somewhat flustered manner. You were almost certain that a blush was playing on his own cheeks as he walked off mumbling to himself.
Sneaking a glance at your cell, you realised you did indeed have a message from Meguru wishing you well at work. Things had been incredibly busy lately, you couldn’t deny that.
You had missed spending a lot of time with Meguru, but with all the overtime that you and everyone else were faced with, it was hard to find much spare time. It had been a couple of weeks since you’d even been on a date.
Breathing a sigh at the thought, you put your cell away before returning to your work. You knew if you dwelt on the thought too much, you would struggle to continue working without worrying.
As the hours ticked away, you had barely noticed your coworkers gradually leaving the office one by one, or the dimming light outside.
‘You’re still here?’
Glancing up in surprise at Kakeru’s words, you almost jumped out of your seat when you realised he was so close.
‘I’m not that scary, am I?’ he frowned.
’N-no. Sorry Kakeru. I guess I was really focused on work.’
‘You’re going to work yourself into the ground at this rate. Why don’t you call it a night? We’re already three hours late leaving.
‘I’ll follow you out, I just really want to get this spreadsheet finished before I leave,’ you remarked, encouraging him to go on without you. Though he seemed somewhat reluctant to do so, Kakeru didn’t argue, figuring when you were in this frame of mind, it was best to leave you to it.
Though it ended up being another hour before you actually left work, you walked home alone, glancing at your cell on the way and finding a couple of messages from Meguru asking when you would be home.
Feeling guilty for worrying him, you text him quickly to say you would be back soon and apologised for missing dinner.
As the cold evening air touched your face, you felt grateful for the chill in the air. You were so tired lately. Your head had been feeling a little unclear since you left work. Reassuring yourself that it was nothing, you hurried back and felt relieved to see the warm glow of the demon house.
Walking in the front door, you were about to take off your coat when Meguru appeared.
‘You’re home,’ he remarked, helping you out of your coat and hanging it up before enveloping you in his arms somewhat shyly.
‘I’m sorry I missed dinner.’
‘I don’t mind you missing dinner…I can cook for you anytime. I was worried that you came home so late and without Kakeru to ensure you were safe.’
‘I’m okay,’ you smiled softly as his hands cupped your cheeks. It felt so good to be home with Meguru. Though his eyes continued to watch you with concern.
‘What can I make you for dinner? I’ll make anything you like.’
‘You know I always enjoy whatever you make. Really, anything is fine,’ you smiled, following him into the kitchen and offering to help, though he declined.
‘You’ve done enough today,’ he responded, though he seemed to enjoy having you nearby as he cooked. While the aroma that filled the kitchen was delicious, you became aware of a strange feeling. You weren’t sure that you felt light-headed, but you didn’t feel quite right.
Thinking you might need a little fresh air, you had been about to cross the kitchen when your legs suddenly gave out and your hand knocked some utensils that had been on the side as you fell to the floor.
As Meguru dropped what he was holding, he fell to his knees beside you in panic and held you up as Kakeru and Satoru appeared.
‘What the hell is going on in here?’
‘She just collapsed,’ Meguru stammered, the worry in his voice paining you as you tried to assure him you were okay.
‘I think I blacked out…’
‘I knew you’d overdone it,’ Kakeru said with a frown as he put a hand to your forehead. ‘She needs to rest.’
‘Want me to take her upstairs?’ Satoru offered, though you became aware of Meguru’s arms getting tighter around you.
As Meguru lifted you easily in his arms, you felt too fragile to protest as you put your arms around his neck.
As he carried you to his room, Meguru settled you on the bed and rested his hand against your forehead.
‘I’m going to get you a drink, promise me you’ll wait for me and not try to get up without me here.’
‘I promise,’ you managed, taking his hand and apologising sincerely before he could get to his feet.
‘You scared me,’ he whispered, kissing your forehead gently before leaving the room and returning a few minutes later with the dinner he had been preparing and a glass of water. Helping you to sit up, Meguru watched over you carefully as you began to feel a little better with each bite you took.
Once you had finished, Meguru moved the tray and held you in his arms, much to your surprise.
‘Please…let me…’ he remarked softly. You could hear the concern in his voice as you stayed in place, letting him hold you and feeling a slight tremble in his hand as he placed it over your hair.
‘Promise me you’ll take care of yourself…’
‘I will…I’m sorry, for scaring you.’
‘I love you…’
Hearing those words filled with such emotion, you felt a pang in your chest as you cuddled up closer to Meguru and looked up into his eyes.
‘I love you too,’
Kissing him gently, you felt yourself becoming weary again as Meguru continued to embrace you long into the night. The next time you would awaken, Meguru would be right by your side, just as he always was.

Satoru - 

‘I told you I’m sorry,’
‘You should have said no,’ Satoru stated in irritation as you walked into the living room. You had been forced to cancel your dinner plans with Satoru after some additional work came into the office at the last minute.
‘I couldn’t just say no, he’s my boss!’
‘So quit.’
Putting a hand to your forehead, you began to feel an overwhelming sense of frustration. You had been so exhausted lately and Satoru seemed to be completely oblivious to it. You wanted to spend more time with him. It was hard not being able too and having to deal with exhaustion on top of that.
‘I don’t want to argue,’ you started, trying to quell the situation before it got out of hand, though Satoru wasn’t about to let it go so easily.
‘Why is it that you have such a hard time saying no to other men, but you can say it to me?’
‘That’s not fair,’ you responded, feeling yourself getting angry at the suggestion. ‘Maybe instead getting at me all the time, you could try understanding my position. I enjoy what I do. It’s hard sometimes, but I love my job. I enjoy working with one of my best friends and yes, it bothers me when work gets this intense. But you treat it as though I enjoy feeling run into the ground. I hate it. I hate feeling so exhausted to the point where somedays I feel as though my head is spinning and all I want to do is sleep. Because really, what I want to do when I’m not in work is be with you. When I’m working, when I’m talking or out with friends, you are in the back of my mind.’
Feeling as though you could cry, you knew that you were overtired and it was making you more emotional. Usually you were able to deal with Satoru’s teasing and jealousy. But right now, you had enough.
‘I have a terrible headache, I feel as though I could fall asleep in an instant and now this as well…’ you remarked, feeling the sting of tears spark in your eyes as Satoru’s expression softened and he reached out to you.
‘No…I just want to go and take a bath and rest.’
Walking away from him, you left the living room in silence, with Kakeru and Haruhito looking at Satoru in quiet shock. None of them had ever heard an outburst like that from you before and knew you must have been under considerable stress.
Shutting yourself in the bathroom, you started the water running and sat on the edge while feeling the tears slip down the silk of your cheeks. Satoru could be so difficult sometimes. You loved him so much and yet he always failed to see it.
Hearing a light knock on the door, you quickly dried your eyes when you heard Satoru call out your name.
‘Open the door?’ he asked, his voice somewhat quieter than normal as you remained silent for a moment.
Giving in, you finally went and opened the door, allowing Satoru in as he closed the door behind him and enveloped you in his arms.
‘I’m sorry…’ he remarked, pulling you closer to his chest as you returned his embrace and heard him breathe a sigh.
‘I guess I lost sight of how many hours you’ve been putting in lately. I didn’t meant to upset you…I was so set on punishing you for allowing some other man to tell you what to do, that I didn’t realise that you needed me.’
Nodding silently in response to his words, Satoru stood back a little and asked if he could join you.
‘I won’t try anything. I just want to take care of you…will you allow me to do that?’
‘Okay,’ you consented, making him smile slightly as he kissed you gently.
‘I promise I’ll go easy on you tonight…’ he remarked softly in your ear, feeling a shiver course through your body as you looked at him with a shy smile.
‘You smiled,’ he uttered, running his thumb over your cheek with a smile as you wrapped your arms around him once again.  

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