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As some of you may know, TheAnimeMan did a video covering the top 100 anime according to Japan. Now he is doing a poll to create an accurate top 100 anime list according to the international community. He needs our help to get an accurate list. Even if you don’t watch his videos could you please take some time to fill out the survey? And even if you don’t watch/like anime could you please spread this around so we can get as many responses as possible? Thanks in advance

Writer: Oh this character looks happy.
Writer: It would be ashame..
Writer: If something were to happen them.

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.*the next day*

Fandom :

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♡ Terra Formars
♡ Norn9
♡ Black Clover
♡ Nanatsu no Taizai
♡ Touken Ranbu
♡ Karneval
♡ Devils and Realist
♡ Aoharu x Kikanjuu
♡ Gintama
♡ Psycho Pass
♡ God Eater
♡ Ballroom e Youkoso
♡ Fukumenkei Noise
♡ Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine
♡ Shingeki no Bahamut
♡ Vampire Knight
♡ Akatsuki no Yona
♡ Akagami no Shirayukihime
♡ One Punch Man
♡ Amnesia
♡ Hakuouki

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Anime basics: You and I

Why you shouldn’t use your anime Japanese in real life

Language, and the way it conveys the relationship between characters, is endlessly fascinating. In Japanese, specifically, *everything* means something. What an anime character calls someone is important, but even how they talk about themselves has meaning.

You see, there’s no simple ‘I’ or 'you’ in Japanese.

That would be too easy.

Boku, ore, anata, watashi, omae and kimi

Japanese has several different words for 'I’ and 'you’, each applicable in different circumstances. The same way that characters pick and choose between calling each other Ya-chan or Sousuke-kun, their pronouns also have meaning. In a way this is a continuation of my honorifics post from a while back. Putting both of them together adds extra layers of meaning in relationships between people and helps in understanding how that character sees themselves in the world.

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All Along the Watchtower - 12x23 (and 12x22) and Circular Narrative Structure

An entity with yellow eyes enters a nursery:

1x01(Azaezel Prince of Hell over Sam’s crib)

and 12x23 (Jack the Nephilim, son of Lucifer and Kelly)

A woman dies in a nursery:

1x01 (Mary Winchester burns on the ceiling)

and 12x23 (Kelly Kline dies in a blaze of light giving birth to Jack)

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  • Free!
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Gilgamesh: [dramatically] Please hold me, the stress is not good for the baby.

Dantalion: [panicking] W-what! what baby?

Gilgamesh: Me. I am the baby.

When someone in my OTP dies

When my NOTP happens

When an anime doesn’t get a second season

When an anime takes 100 years to get a second season 

When an anime gets an English dub with badly chosen voices

When a series gets a new anime and the animation is terrible

When a manga gets an anime but its strays from the original storyline

When a manga gets an an anime but its made to be small and compact so important plot points and characters are left out

When a manga I like is cancelled

When a manga I like is forced to do a rush job on its ending

When a mangaka concentrates more on fanservice than character development

When a new mangaka takes over a long running series and their style is completely different to the original in a bad way 

When people sarcastically ask why I like anime and manga because they don’t respect I have interests and passions that are different to their own

Playing truth or dare.

Isaac: [to Dantalion whom choosed “dare”] You have to kiss the cutest person in this room.

Dantalion: Sytry?

Sytry: [taken aback] Y-yeah?

Dantalion: Move aside you’re blocking William.