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@VogtRoberts: You know how sometimes you see directors sketches that are beautiful and evocative? Well… this is how I communicate to storyboard artists

@VogtRoberts: In my last video game related KONG post today…The Sky Devils logo has a very Zelda / Hylian influence. Surprised no one has spotted this.

@VogtRoberts: At one point there was a very OKAMI inspired creature in KONG. I was obsessed with a tiger that had antlers. Didn’t make the cut.

@VogtRoberts: Dan Gilroy wrote an unused sequence where @twhiddleston broke into a military base. Naturally, i was going to get VERY Metal Gear with it…

Why Her ( Down for you Reverse)

What would happen if Derek would have been the one involve into a relationship ? Not with a silicone girl, material and uneducate who has as only inspiration to catch and lock a rich man but a woman who is willing to give to Derek what a man heart truly need . Does Derek and Ahsha can stick to the ‘agreement’ they made about their feelings  ? 

There was nothing better than small and lighting sunshine, entering from the curtain. The all atmosphere in the master bedroom was just like the day before. Calm and peaceful. The bed in itself was big enough for her tiny little frame get lost on it. The sheet and covers huge, wrapping her body. In other terms completely idealistic to sleep. The better, the strong and impressive male scent who was coming from everywhere. She didn’t smell better perfume than his. She remembered, when they met, the smell coming out from him was the first thing who seduce her. Something move, under the covers, and it wasn’t her. It was him. His large palm caressed the flesh of her thighs , without miss her ass. He came right behind her and pushed her blonde wavy hair to the side. He kissed right behind her ears
“ Stay a little longer ” he whispered. His voice was the second thing who seduced her. He was so masculine , and alpha male, arrogant and hella confident. Of course everything about a player was sexy. She wasn’t the kind to fall for an basketball player, but after multiple dates , some time together and really get to know each other, she couldn’t resist to Derek Roman’s charm. Herself had been unsecured, especially because she was just a young bakery owner, passionate and humble, sensual and classy, independent and loyal, far from being these thirsty groupies who had been seen with the player in the press. If media wasn’t lying about something, it was definitely about how irresistible Derek was.
“ You’re always doing this ” She smiled , buried her face in the pillow. She was having a wedding cake to design and bake today. But right at the moment, all she wanted was to not leave this bed. She was still in her phase where she didn’t want to fall too hard for Derek. They started dating a few month before and were now together since 6 months. But the woman was in the debut to catch feeling , who was dangerous since they hadn’t truly establish the depth of their relationship. All these nights, sleeping over and like yesterday share some really passionate and intimate sex session, weren’t helping.
“ We’re going out ” continued the woman, but it was complicate with Derek’s kisses in her neck “ You’re offering me a last drink, or some dessert, and we end up making love all night and I sleep here “ After just 6 months, she didn’t want to get use to spend some time to the mansion , and have some night with Derek. But if she was listening to her heart, she would have move in already
” What can I say ?“ Smirked Derek , turning her to face his girlfriend ” I love your cookie for break first “ And he wasn’t talking about her baking. Even if her cooking skill were appreciate by the cupcake lovers. Derek sweetly kissed her , before focus somewhere else
” No Derek “ she protested, well aware of the player intention. It was precisely the reason why the morning were well better in her boyfriend company. But her face, her smile, and the desire in her facial expression were telling him the opposite ” I really have to go to work ….“ He wasn’t listening to her. Instead, Derek was making his way down on her. Already on her stomach
"Derek” she called out. It was her last temptation
“ Leah ” smiled Derek, facing her thong . It wouldn’t be here for too long anyway. He completely removed it , all along her longs white legs.
” Derek !“ repeated Leah , it wasn’t too late ” I have responsabilities you know ? I can’t stay on bed all day “ The player wasn’t giving any attention to her complain. She won’t complain anytime soon his tongue will flick against her labia. Even if it she didn’t stop saying his name for a good hour.

Derek pulled away his Ferarri and put his warning, just enough time to drop his girl to work , right in front of her store. Right there , was an immensely proof of genuine interest and sweet care. Derek didn’t know he would enjoy be a boyfriend that much
” Have a good day sweetie" he sang, happy from the morning he just had. He was filled of energy , ready to start a new day
“ You too babe ” Leah smiled , kissing him for the last time , already having the taste of the anticipation to see him again this night on his lips. She escaped from the car , not like she wanted it but she was having a wedding cake to create.
Derek drive himself to the arena, even if he knew he wouldn’t stay there that long. It was just in order to take the bus with the Devil logo. After went to the locker room , change his regular clothes for his devil sweet and pants. Go to the fan , make some photo and simply meet the audience who support them , cheer them up during game , celebrating their win and performance. Usually it was fun , but the press getting into it was what ruin the happiness . In their schedule, it was about to last just a morning but they damn now it wouldn’t be that. Just the bus arriving had been enough to launch the screams and wave of excitement. Like promised, the fan came and it was the beginning of good day. For a long moment, the devil and devil girl organized game , on Santa Monica , such as dance and basketball challenge . Until Terrence announced the girls performance
“ Please welcome the world famous, Los Angeles Devil Girl ” he yelled in the mic. The Beats sound really loud and clear. The audience already drive by the atmosphere and of course…the los angeles devil girl. Who wouldn’t be charmed by such sexy little uniform , great body , and beautiful athlete. The dancers got into formation and honestly , Derek was having eyes on only one of them . He couldn’t expect but she was having such an halo when she was dancing that it was almost impossible to not stuck on her. Her huge smile was showing the passion and pleasure she was taking from doing what she love , the way her body was moving on the music, how she mastered the step was giving the impression they were easy while the technique of the devil girls was actually kinda impressive. No one can compete with her and honestly Derek was giving her just two or three years to take the full power of the dance team. Her potential was just too high. Derek didn’t even notice the end of the dance. The clap and screamed pulled him out of his daydream. Crazy how he forgot about the all world around when he was seeing Ahsha. Time was to meet fan. The Devil made photo with a bunch of person and interact with all kind of supporter. From the man and teenagers , to even older basketball passionate and the youngest of course. A little boy , real cute approached to Derek
“ Derek Roman !” he screamed , running to the tall man . Derek smiled. The children were truly the best to meet. They were so inspiring. Their world were so easy and unbothered, children were filled of dreams and magic" What’s up buddy !“ Derek said , taking the little boy in his arm. Right there , the boy hugged his neck. He was meaning his hero today and his smile was worth millions. They talked for at least 5 minute now , nothing important but yet it was precious
” Does… Does the devil girls are your wives “ The boy asked which made Derek laughed. Innocence to the purest. In his mind it was logicaL . He wouldn’t be against marry a devil girl . But Leah wasn’t
” No “ he politely said ” They are dancers , and we’re players. We all work in the arena “
” So you don’t kiss the devil girls “ The devil had no idea what the little boy thought their work were about but obviously it was a lot of makeout between devil and devil girl .
” If it happen , you’ll be the first one to know buddy “ confessed the grown man . No even ashamed. A bunch of people appeared behind them , surround the one and only
” Look “ the boy said ” It’s Devil girl Ahsha “ Apparently , the boy wasn’t only fan of Derek Roman and he was having a good taste. Derek walked to Ahsha and automatically , when they saw each other for the first time , or at least crossing for the first time , their face lengthen. Ahsha was still new to this , signing autograph and pose for photo with fan , but she was so successful that she will have to get use to it pretty quick. She made one last photo before walked to Derek and the boy , still in his arms
” I knew you was having a secret baby mama “ Ahsha teased and the man rolled his eyes ” Hey little man “
” Hey Hey Devil girl Ahsha “
He was just the cutest boy. She proposed to give her five and the boy was just in paradise. The mother not so far asked for a picture , with the all three and of course they agreed. With the little boy in Derek’s arm, another arm around Ahsha’s waist they just didn’t know how much they were looking a little happy family. When the mother capture it , she noticed her
” You guys would make such a beautiful couple , and cute parents “ the stranger woman commented. Right before take back her son and disappears. Leaving the two ‘friend’ thinking about it. Because when they looked at each other , they were clearly thinking about couple and children

Little later that day , during their lunch break , Derek was kinda exhausted. Event day are fun and amusing but the loud sound, the excitment were quickly draining everyone energy. To eat , he wanted some calm. He was just surprised someone wanted the exact same things
” Some dance ?“ he teased her , making reference to the incredible routine they executed . It can seem silly but boys were as awe that the all audience were in front of their devil girl. Ahsha smiled , happy to have the devil for herself. Since the movie they saw yesterday and the yogurt they had. They were having a lot of time together , especially outside the arena so when they weren’t together , obviously they were missing each other. Ahsha more than him . Since she was coming home to no one. Ahsha sit next to him ,already diving in her sandwisch. She was hungry as hell
” I thought dancers weren’t eating"
“ Shut up Roman ” Ahsha mocked at him. Together , sometime they were as silly than two teenager. But for the simple reason that they found something really rare in the arena. A genuine friendship. Where he wasn’t only interest about have her in his bed , and where she wasn’t worry about how much money he was having.
“ That little boy was real cute ” Ahsha added between two bite. As awkward the mother reflection had been , it was kinda cute to see Derek taking time for his younger fan. She didn’t know the man was sensitive to children .
“ I want a baby boy just like him ” Derek answered , drinking his soda and it made Ahsha laughed . He didn’t know why it amused her but it was about to come. What the player knew it will definitely going to be a tease
“ You want a wife and children fan of you , what I’m not surprise”
“ Hey ” he started playfully hitting her shoulder “ There is definitely nothing wrong to receive some care and affection coming home ”
“ I agree” It came out from Ahsha’s mouth before she even can control it. Perhaps it was because they fell in those moments. These moment when they look and soul crossed and devil and devil girl were gazing at each other. When it was happening it was a bit disturbing because both couldn’t look away , didn’t want to and even less explain it . It was just the proof of their intense chemistry. Something that they never deny but for some reason, Ahsha and Derek decided to keep it profesional. To not explore what they can possible have in order to stay in good terms and don’t mess with their friendship. The real reason was that Ahsha was scared of his bachelor type, his attractiveness and how he love to charm. For Derek , he didn’t want to fall to hard for a woman , to lost his mind over the love he can have for a woman. But they took this decision months ago , and a lot changed ever since. Derek was with someone. Ahsha was starting to feel lonely and empty without the love she needed it from her dear friend. She was the first one surprised to see how she wanted it when Derek was talking abut long term relationship and family

When Ahsha decided to become a devil girl , the less we can say was that Sloane was excited. She wasn’t. She didn’t want this career for her daughter. But after the brutal break up with her long term boyfriend, Ahsha was a completely mess. It wasn’t easy to turn the back to a relationship who in appearance is fine and genuine while truly toxic and oppressive. Ahsha finally got rid of German, she wanted a new start and some major excitement, try out for the devil girls. Now she made the team and her life never been better. She was leaving her dreaming, dancing on the same floor that her mother first fool. Ahsha was still leaving with her mother, but with Kyle , they decided they will take an apartment after a year.
“ Ahsha ?” called out Sloane, from the other side of her door . The day had been busy , dance was kinda exhausting and the new devil girl was resting in her bed “ Baby can you stop by the Moroccan place we love ?”
She truly didn’t want to go. She was already in her 'home clothes’ , showered , ready to stay home until tomorrow. But she couldn’t really say no to her mother. Ahsha switched her short for some leggings. Put a big shirt and a bandana to try to make her hair to look like something. She wasn’t looking like how she usually do and she truly wished meet nobody she know. Expect that her wish won’t be heard. Ahsha went to the little restaurant. The place was really cozy and romantic , with a gorgeous decoration. Really not usual in the middle of LA but the oriental food was completely delicious. The devil girl entered and with no surprised the place was crowd , even for take away. Right the way , she saw the two person a little bit higher in the line. Derek, from the back , with a woman. Like a reflex, Ahsha took her phone and pretended to be busy. While she was. She probably thought becoming invisible , but she was really not. She was just a crazy , spying on a couple
“ I actually never ate moroccan before” the woman said , and she took Derek’s arms. It was just a little and simple gesture and yet it piss of Ahsha. She couldn’t explain why or when this feeling was coming from but she truly wanted to remove her arm. That she touched him upset her. The gesture wasn’t legitimate to her . And it was just the beginning. Derek passed his arm around her waist . Ahsha internally swore. Why was he touching her ? Like , right at the moment. And his arm was now on her hips, close to her butt…and what a butt. Bump and generouse. He didn’t chose the most ugly , that is for sure
“ I never been in Morroco though so…” she added. Ahsha couldn’t see her face but to her voice , she could heard how happy and excited the woman was. Why shouldn’t be. She was getting dinner out, with her boyfriend , around a nice meal on a table while Ahsha was taking over for her mother and her.
“ Really ” teased Derek , and the little spy noticed how the man strengthen his grip around her. Really ?! Weren’t close enough ? They were in the middle of a social scene, in a restaurant , how close wanted her to be , on his d*ck. From being upset , now Ahsha was annoyed. A strange felling invaded the dancer. She never had this feeling toward Derek before but right now , Ahsha wanted to punch him, physically hurt the player for he get away from this girl and have some manners. For Ahsha , Derek’s behavior was inappropriate while in the truth , it wasn’t. They were just a couple , waiting for their table
“ Maybe I should just take you there this summer ” Derek said , looking at her and there Ahsha saw half of his expression. He was smiling, seems to be happy and unbothered .
“ You want us to go on vacation ?” replied Leah , too much excited for just think about going on a trip “ Yes , after the season end. We’ll get a lot more time to spend together during the off season ”
“ Aaanw babe” The girlfriend almost jumped to his neck , hugging him. Their bodies moved just a little, from the hug and there , his head above her shoulder, Derek saw the rest of his environment and the people behind him , mostly Ahsha. Their look crossed for a short moment and to be honest , the man completely forgot he was holding his girlfriend in the arms. He didn’t expect find Ahsha here, for her , alone. Leah and Derek parted , the player face disappeared behind the back of his lady head and her blonde hair. The both of them turned around , gave up their position in the line to join Ahsha . The situation was promising to be AWKWARD! The dancer wanted to disappears , for real but it was just impossible. It was happening, the last thing she wanted was to have an moment with Derek and his girl but they were now close to her
“ Hey Ahsha !” Derek saluted , like everything was normal. And for him , it was. He again surround his girlfriend’s waist , pushing her closer to him in order to introduce her. Ahsha’s urge to punch something was growing in her.
“ Ahsha this is Leah , my girl ” His last word sound all over again in Ahsha’s mind. Was he really oblige to precise this. It was kinda obvious. There was something weird though , he first said Ahsha and then Leah , like he was introduce the first one to the last one and not the opposite. Ahsha could be tripping but she was the one who just interrupted their date night , not the opposite. Was it testifying of a preference in Derek’s heart ? Leah , a beautiful blonde girl , with green eyes and a huge smile gave her hand to check.. Since Ahsha was polite , she done the gesture and it prove that The Girlfriend Leah was really existing, that she wasn’t in a bad dream . Unfortunately. The trio hadn’t the chance to exchange more words since a waiter finally came to them
“ We’re so sorry for the wait , but the restaurant is completely filled so there is huge delay. I can install you to a table but it will have some more wait from the kitchen ” the stranger man informed “ A table for 3 ?”
“ Oh no!” exclaimed Ahsha “ We’re not together . I’m here for take away and they are here for a dinner” The speed and tone with how Ahsha’s answered put Derek uncomfortable. She spoke like it was the most worst thing ever to actually dinner with her and Leah. He actually had the idea once, to introduce them properly. Ahsha was a huge part of his life now, more than co worker , they were close friend and Derek kinda hope Ahsha will give him some feed back about Leah.
“ Alright , still working. I will install the couple and take your order Madame” the waiter said
“ Well if there is some wait, maybe she can sit with us , until her order is ready ” proposed Leah
Ahsha’s blood make just one turn. She already heard about Leah , she knew from Derek that he was seeing someone but not in a millions year Ahsha would thought that Leah was…like this. She wasn’t the groupie Ahsha thought she was. Or at least , she wasn’t looking like it. Right now she seems welcoming , no threaten by Ahsha’s presence. Which Ahsha would have prefer . Leah wasn’t even looking to the waiter, or Ahsha , she was having only eyes on Derek. And it wasn’t the only thing Ahsha notice. At the moment , her mind was a scanner , a radar , haunting every kind of 'romantic’ and ’ couple’ gesture between Derek and Leah. Anytime Derek was moving, Leah was adjusting to his position. Like magnet. Even if Derek was a bite more distant with her , than her was to him. In fact , all kind of gesture he could have toward his girlfriend disappears once they were the three of the and he introduce Leah to Ahsha. No more waist surrounding, no more trip plans , no more even seduction. It was a little confusion. Ahsha wanted to take as much distance from the couple as possible but it was difficult with this strange energy bringing Derek closer to her. Like when he couldn’t stop looking at her , or when he was paying no attention to what his girlfriend was saying but wondering to who Ahsha just replied on her phone. The nightmare finished when the waiter came with Ahsha’s order and the couple plate. She stand up, ready to leave. The devil girl looked for her wallet in her purse but Derek said
“No , leave it. It’s for me . Sir, would you add her bills to mine ”
He knew that if he was leaving the choice to Ahsha , she will probably refuse the gesture. This is why he gave an order to the waiter , leaving no possibilities for Ahsha to refuse. All she needed to do now is leave for dinner. The perspective of her leaving, kinda sadden Derek. He really wished she could stay a little bit more. One who was happy for the continuation of her date. Now , after more minute, it was obvious that Derek was different , an all different toward her and to Ahsha. She just wanted to go be back on the ’ intimate’ mood again. With those moment where Derek was making her feel like be the only one on earth. Ahsha passed right next to him but the player stopped her , catching her arms. He definitely didn’t want to let leave her on that note, not without giving her one more thing. He stand up and sweetly, gently kissed her cheek. His lips closed at this specific spot of Ahsha. And to everyone surprise , it wasn’t as quick it should be . Derek noticed it. Ahsha noticed. Leah noticed… But the devil and the devil girl weren’t really care . Because the sweetness coming out of this kiss completely invade her. Derek finally parted and sit back to his table
“ Thank you Derek ” Ahsha smiled , leaving Now that she was gone , Leah could release all of her fierce. What just happened , really bother her. She always knew who was Ahsha , a devil girl and she imagine all kind of stuff. In fact, Leah hope Ahsha was the ugly friend, to who you will never consider to start someone with. While Derek never mention that the devil girl was a seductive and sensual bomb. She was hesitating in front of her plate. Her appetite highly reduce.
“ Why did you pay for her ?” she asked , playing with her fork , instead of eat
“ To be nice ” Derek answered , unbothered . Him was glad for the food in front of him. Maybe his mind wasn’t connect with the atmosphere and the sudden tension who emerged from his girlfriend. Leah wasn’t the kind of go crazy and lose it but she brake a lot of her instinct. Like her jealousy. However certain situation were making them float on the surface
“ And you kiss her cheek to be nice too ?” she replied. Leah tried her best to not be offensive, and control the tone of he voice. She didn’t want to appears like jealousy little thing but the truth was , she was jealous.
“ It’s nothing really” the player added, still not alarmed of Leah’s mood “ Ahsha is my friend”
“ Well I will prefer you to no kiss her cheek. I don’t like this"It came out just like that. Usually she kept those thought to herself, she knew his temper but this night ,she hadn’t be capable of not say it. She didn’t want her man to kiss anyone else. In fact Leah never express it but ,she wanted to be treat like a princess , a full devotion and a pedestal from her man . Derek in the other hand wasn’t thinking alike. He wasn’t against receive some reproach, but was more how she said it. How she wanted to dictate how he was suppose to act. He wasn’t one of these men, letting a woman mess with their hand , and be to her feet. For Derek, there is a difference between be in a relationship and be manipulate . He stopped to eat and turned himself to his girlfriend
” Leah , everything is doing well between us “ he started, damn sure of himself and strict ” but you can’t tell me what to do with my friend. You’re tripping because I paid her dinner and a poor kiss. I can pay for your meal , kiss your cheek too and get the hell out of here"
He wasn’t here for drama , or argue. If he decided to have a girlfriend, it wasn’t to add more stress and mess in his life. Until here, Leah had been cool and great , but if she wanted to play the crazy kind , it wouldn’t be with Derek. And now that he treated her to dump their date , she completely panicked. It wasn’t worth it
“ Ok babe I’m sorry ” she rushed to say , wrapping her arm around his neck but he didn’t move and welcome her
“ I don’t want us to argue ”
“ Alright” The lesson was learned

The long and large corridor of the arena could be compare to a labyrinth. It asked a little bit of knowledge to get where you wanted without get lost. Ahsha was honored to be between those walls though. It was a chance to be a part of the Devil girl. She took another corner, in direction of the dance rehearsal. She was right close to the boys locker room when she heard two voices she knew. It was Derek and Terrence, talking
“Where the hell was you bro ?” Terrence’s voice said. If it would have been just that , Ahsha passed next to locker room and was reading to walk away but Derek answer glue her to place
“ With my girl sorry "Just the sentence , had been enough for Ahsha to tripping. Automatically , she picture some long caresses and kisses, under the covers during the morning, which could explain his late. If they would have been together, Ahsha knew it would probably what they will do. She has a bitter taste in the mouth. Because the image of Leah blond hair, on his chest, and her hand on his pectoral. Ahsha stayed behind the door, listening more of their conversation
” Oh so thing are going well with you and Leah then ? “ Terrence replied
” Well she is around “ Derek spoke. But there was having no significant excitement in the voice ” and I want her to be. She is cool, nice, sweet. It’s kinda new for me you know. To have something genuine. A woman who isn’t after fame or money. She has her own thing"
Most women Derek knew were far from what Leah was. Groupies around player isn’t rare and even if Derek took all the fun and sexual pleasure he could get from this situation. But Leah wasn’t one of this women , and she truly wanted more than sex. Which was a discovery for Ahsha. A part of her , after she meet Leah , hope Derek was just exploring the girlfriend fantasy. Apparently she was wrong
“ Wow… are you settle down ” declared Terrence
Ahsha truly felt like an idiot, staying behind a door, spying like a desperate. Since when did she became that pitiful.
“ I think so.” Derek added, breaking Ahsha’s heart a little bit more “ Leah and I are fine you know. No fuss no muss. I take it one day at the time”
“ You’re not crazy about her then ?"insisted Terrence. He wasn’t speaking like he was crazy in love , and excited about the honeymoon phase. Derek never truly been the kind of just speared his feelings and emotions on the table , it needed to dig , most of the time but he wasn’t realizing how sometime he was expressive, without want it. Behind his arrogance and cockiness , Derek was immensely proud of his talent and career. Behind simplicity and chill , Derek was a big romantic and have a lot to give. But even him wasn’t protected from the natural process of life
” Why are you saying that ?“ Derek asked , a little bit on the defensive. Was he suppose to be crazy about his girlfriend. Like talk about her all the time , spend of his time with her , can’t resist to talk to her all the time. Was his couple suppose to have a bigger place in his life.
” I don’t know the way you discribe it seems convenient. You don’t seems crazy in love “
replied. Derek could get bored really easy. He needed adrenaline and excitement, a strong character. A sweet spicy woman. If thing were too calm , he will detour his interest
” Leah and I are serious" Derek confessed “ She can be a road that I want to take. We can’t run after booties and asses for the rest of our live dude , one day I want to get married and have a wife to go home to. Leah could be that woman. We’ll see” From being hurted, Ahsha’s heart was completely broken now. And it wasn’t a manner of speak. Derek confusing literally harm her chest and the dancer needed to hold on to something before have the courage to run away. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She felt betrayed and her all world crushed down. What her friendship with Derek ever meant to him ? Because he never told her or express the want to get marry . Not even once he mention into a conversation. And now that he was with Leah he wanted a marital life ?! 6 months ago he wasn’t even thinking about marriage. Have Leah as his wife

Ahsha ran away from the scene , literally speaking. She wished never had assisted to this conversation. But the word Derek had were now in her head. The pain they bring too. Her view started to get fuzzy and she was the first one surprised of the tears falling down her eyes. The dancer didn’t know what it was happening to her lately. And precisely , what was happening to her right now.Why the perspective of Derek , being engaged to someone was hurting her that much. A bunch of different emotions emerged but one was stronger than the other ones. Love. It completely invade her and suddenly her broken heart sound to be for just one person. True be told, she always had been satisfied by the kind of relation she was having with Derek. He was the one she was going to anytime she was having a problem or need some support. She cherished those night, she spent at the mansion, hearing Derek have a speech that he wasn’t having often or at least not in front of the camera , his anxiety performance and the weight of being a basketball player. The pressure on his shoulder Terrence was constanly putting to finally get the title. In someway , Ahsha was feeling like being the closest to him and reached a level of intimacy. Never she thought how ambivalance this proximity and intimacy was. Never before see Derek with some else. A potential serious girl friend. No without some trouble, Ahsha reached the devil girl locker room. She felt pathetic and miserable, to cry for Derek, while him was probably happy and excited to go back to his Leah. She could cry all she wanted was to go back home. Kyle , entered in the room , with her unstoppable joy and good mood. She walked to the mirror, catching her look , even if she was ready to dance her ass off , the southern bell wanted to look sexy. We never know, it wasn’t rare some investor were assisting to the devil girl rehearsal
“ Carebear ? You ready ?” she said, but the friend was too busy looking at her refection o pay attention to her friend distress. Ahsha was sit on the bench , right in front of her locker , almost inconsolable “ you know how she is when we get late "The last thing Ahsha wanted was to go shake her ass and do some flip. She deeply didn’t want to dance. Even less face Jelena. She wasn’t having the energy to fight with the devious dance captain right now. In fact she wasn’t having energy to anything else than drive home and lay down on her bed , for a long period of no activity.
” I’m not coming to rehearsal today" she whispered, taking the decision to leave. The small and not so sure voice Ahsha used, transformed by the sadness finally alerted Kyle. She leaned to Ahsha’s face and she notice the light redness around her eyes
“ OMG you’re crying” exclaimed the blond girl. Kyle rushed to sit next to Ahsha , on the beck and rubbed her back , trying to comfort her
“ what is wrong ?”
“ I heard Derek and Terrence talked about his girlfriend on the way here. He said…he is serious with that girl. And want to get married” Ahsha confessed, but repeat what she heard didn’t help her , it was the all opposite. It hurt her even more. The pain was like poison in her veins and was burning her blood. The last time Ahsha reached this level of sadness it was when her grand mother died, and she made a panicked attacked at the funeral. She got scared , wondering if she will do the same , it would be the most humiliating thing who can happen to her right now. Have a panick attack because of Derek and his girlfriend. Her last emotion turned into something different , less stronger but not less calm. Ahsha felt humiliated and disgusted
“ Since when DEREK ROMAN want to settle down and become a husband huh ?!” she yelled “ Because he spent 6 months with that girl ”
Honestly , Ahsha felt betrayed and fooled. If she hadn’t been conscious of her true feeling for the player , there was having some aspect who weren’t completely her fault . Why be so close to her if he hadn’t been fully honest with her. Because the kind of Derek Roman was was dating Leah, Ahsha wasn’t recognize him . It was like he was a completely other man that Ahsha never meet. Neither the truth was with her , or it was with Leah. Derek was owing his title of player , for sure.
“ Well I don’t want to be harsh but…what did you expect Ahs’” Kyle replied “ He’s not gonna wait for your ass for the rest of his life ”
“ What the hell does this mean ?!” Sometime , like when Ahsha made the team , the young dancer could be in her little bubble where she was naive , where the friend zone wasn’t really well determined. Some stuff didn’t need to be say , and yet , Ahsha never notice Derek’s behavior , and mostly the signification of it . It wasn’t random that Derek started to stop sleeping with bitches and hoes after he met Ahsha. It wasn’t again a coincidence if he gave her a so important place in his life and bring genuine interest into her. Derek had been her protector and the best shoulder to cry on since the very first time
“ It’s obvious that you two have a thing” Kyle said, and she felt she was teaching a so easy lesson to a child “ A strong thing. Haven’t you see how he is looking at you ? How he is always cheer you up ? Make you feel comfortable, safe , and in joy. You’re crazy about him but you never really go for it ”
To hear that , it’ feel like receive a stroke. A huge one in the stomach. It hadn’t been easy for Ahsha to realize that she was feeling for her fried who never been a friend. To realize that their flirting ways were hiding well more than that. But Ahsha wasn’t willing to accept the blame only on her
“ Kyle! You’re blaming me!” Ahsha cried out, her tears intensified
“ It’s kinda your fault Ahsha”
“ Stop ! If you think it’s easy to watch the person you love with somebody else , you’re wrong! Because it’s not. What about his fault huh ?! Isn’t he suppose to be a man , if there is truly something between him and I why didn’t he never stand up for it! Can you answer to this ? Why didn’t he tell me what more he was willing to give me !"The devil girl reach the summon or what she could handle in one day. First of all , she was in love with Derek. Secondly , Derek was with someone else. Third , he was considering about going farther with this someone else. Fourth , if he was ready to do so , that was meaning he wasn’t thinking that what they have or might have together was worth to fight and stand up. Yesterday everything was all cool , and today Ahsha was like she will never live the deep and unconditional love because of Derek and Leah. It was enough to handle for anyone heart. She completely explode in tears and cries, almost suffocating with her hands in front of her face.
” Alright… Alright I got you" whispered Kyle, trying to calm her . She hugged her best friend, tight.“ Your nerve are completely cracking right now”
“ I just need some time , to collect mysel"Ahsha parted, took her bag who will be useless for today and walked out of the devil girl locker room

When Ahsha was back home, Sloane was at the bank which was just perfect. She didn’t want to have to explain why she was in this statement , or crying for a boy. Sloane witness how a mess she was after broke up with German, the daughter didn’t want this situation to happen again. Ahsha went to the only place she will feel better , her bedroom and just let her body fell on it. She tried to stop crying and it work for a moment , she truly calm down even if slowly , the water drop were stilling coming out of her eyes. Ahsha reached her laptop , in order to fine a distraction . Quickly , Ahsha found in a dark spiral and went straight on Derek Roman instagram. She had no idea what she was searching in it , in fact she does. And it was a bite twisted. She didn’t want to think about Derek anymore , in a romantic way , so maybe if she was seeing post of him and his new girl , it will hurt her so much that she won’t even want to have a hope toward a future with the player. It was creepy and a little bit sadomadochism but drastic measure was necessary in her case. She opened Derek Roman page and was…disappointed. The first post she saw was him answering to journalist , the second post was him again, from a photoshoot , the third post was a quote , the forth post was an old photo of him. Ahsha scrolled down ,and all she saw was Derek. Derek roman on court . Derek quote . Derek having a Q&A with his fan. She even saw herself , in a post from their last devil event whlie they pose with fan. Right after a photo of her , dancing with the team but Derek put in caption ’ Devil Girl’ with a heart emoji. It warm Ahsha’s heart. But it was just a small moment of comfort. Derek post a photo of a cupcake and put in caption ’ @leah ’ . Her joy quickly descend . And the more she was getting curious and the more it reached her intention, she was hurted and internally bleeding. Even if it wasn’t the case in appearance , Leah was everywhere on his instagram.  Ahsha’s notification attacked her. In a rage mixed of jealousy , annoying and upset , Ahsha fiercely clap her laptop.

Night game. At home. The devil season was pretty good but right now, they were meeting a team who was having the same potential than the Los Angeles team. After the triumphant win last years, trade , changed had been made all over the NBA and some were paying really good. Like right now. After good 40 minutes of game, the score wasn’t in favor for the red and black team. It wasn’t even tight. They were being crushed , at home. In another word an humiliation. And it was something that the Roman Emperor couldn’t take it When the off voice announced the mid time, the audience outcry him and his team. His ego was touch , his skill were touched. His pride was touched. While the guest dance team performed Derek reached the corridor. He was furious and it rage. Ahsha, on her way to the court. Usually he was noticed her walk, her heels knocking against the floor, he would have look at her long mocha leg in her skirt. But instead he hit into a board
” FUCK !“ he yelled
” Derek….“ the woman exclaimed , really shocked by his aggressively. It’s only there he noticed her wasn’t alone but his anger was well stronger than him. Ahsha never saw him like that ” What is going on “What could possibly put him in this statement. She missed the first half of the game so she has no idea of what was happening.
” They are crushing us , man ! “ Derek spited , looking for something to hit and punch into but the only things he was having under his eyes was Ahsha. And it was having no way he touched her. The player was really focus on his nerves cracking, of the fan reaction not supporting them and this inside scratch on his ego . He wasn’t liking to lose at all ” And zero play it solo. I swear Imma have his blondy face all over the walls"
He was threating people now. Derek was just furax. His all body could just showed how upset he was. His step weren’t having so much purpose , the veins in his neck were big , his breath really loud and his hands in a stroke. The devil girl , even if she wasn’t in uniform right now , didn’t truly know how to react. Usually, even in the worse situation , never loose his cool and tempter. Right now , he was about to launch a deluge.
“ Derek calm down ” Ahsha spoke , with a voice she wanted reassuring and soothing. Her hands were raise in front of her , like she wanted to tame a fierce beast and it was actually the case “ There is still the other half of the game to catch up”
“ Catch up WHAT ?!” yelled Derek , more furious by the second. Obviously , Ahsha was having no effect on him. Since the intensity he was angry didn’t dicrease for a bite . He was in his own world “ The game ain’t never been badder! He’s Fucking with my title! I need fucking teammate! FUCK THIS ISN’T ME! THIS ISN’T MY GAME . I NEED FUCKING TEAMMA……..”
He never finished his sentenced. And won’t ever finish it. A second before , Ahsha felt so powerless , she needed to do something to make him stop swearing and threating people, having unnecessary speech while he needed to focus on his strength , and the rest of the game. The only way she found to stop his talk was to…crush her lips on his. Ahsha just jumped to him and grabbed his jaw with her two hands. Without thinking about it , she kissed him. Her eyes were now closed , as a reflex , when the silence came, installing just the sweetness between their lips touching. She didn’t do anything else, simply and gently pressed her lips against him. Nothing else. She wanted it to be like a kiss on the cheek genuine , without any intention , but she didn’t suspect the taste of it. His lips was warmth , smooth bringing a incredible sensation in her entire body. But her brain knew the truth and sent her the order to part. She done it , she broke the kiss and made couple step behind
When she re opened her eyes, at the same moment, Derek was and the void attacked him. He was in the complete confusion. Does Ahsha just kissed him ? On the mouth , because the feeling was still on him. A delightful feeling. Suddenly , the grown man was empty of bad feeling. The game , Zero , the lose. All this was far from him. Now , he was only having eyes on Ahsha. She dive in his look and was pierce by his. After…it just happened. Derek rushed into Ahsha with the same fierce than she done a minute ago. But this time his strong and masculine hands , grabbing her small and feminine jaw. When their lips touched , it was a bite different though. He kissed her , with more passion and a depth. His tongue forced the entrance of her mouth and it caressed her sweetness. Derek arrived on her so fast that she completely backed against the wall right behind her. As they share a languourous kiss, the man could feel the muscles of her jaw moved under his hand. He was holding her entire face.
The kiss last an eternity , as they lips danced on each other , their tongue fighting for dominance , their saliva melting with each other. Behind their eyes closed, the devil an devil girl were finally facing their feeling and the emotion they were having for one another. They tried to fight it , and him actually fell on someone really nice , but it wasn’t like what he was having with Ahsha. Matter of fact , nothing was counting , expect them. Ahsha’s pulse increased , fast, signaling a little distress. Derek broke the kiss, leaving Ahsha take a breath but he just couldn’t get enough of her. He needed to catch up. All these kisses he gave to someone else , all these caresses he never done to her , all this tenderness and passionate he was having for her… Now was the moment to catch up
He left her jaw and his hands touched her thighs , under her skirt , lightly lifting it. The woman loudly breath, as the pleasure intensified. Derek focus on her neck , dropping gently kisses , teasing her skin . It completely boiled inside of her entire body. She felt rushed , like she needed it. And true be told , she truly needed this moment since the time she met him. Since that time he supported her , cared for her , comforted her. Since the moment he told her that she had been the most beautiful thing who happened to him . How couldn’t they even think foolish reason they had could even be important
His hands were now all over her body , traveling under her top , caressing her ribs. And Ahsha dive again in his mouth. It was just tantalizing and his lips on her was giving to Ahsha the best sensation she never felt. They completely forgot where they were, what was happening around them. It felt like the world just got reduce to the other , and his body. She bite his tongue , into their melt mouth , telling him she wanted a lot more. When you got turn on with just a kiss , you know something real was happening. The heat mount into Ahsha’s womanhood and the skin of her inner tight became burning. She was soak. Derek succeed to have her arouse with just couple caresses and kisses , against a wall. He kept raising her skirt , and it was now on her stomach.
For a short moment , Ahsha felt a breeze between her legs, especially that Derek put her panties to the side. But It didn’t last Since the man took off his own member from his boxer and short , to insert it right in her slit. The very hard and big thickness moved apart her labia , to stretch her out , from what Ahsha made a huge noise
“ Aaaarg!” she yelled
She didn’t expect it to go that far . And yet , she wanted to feel him farther. Deek himself didn’t expect her to be that tight. And yet , the walls of her inside completely wrapped the end of his penis. He continued to penatrated her , and an explosion of delightful sensation came from both of their genital part to their entire body. Derek fiercely trusted in until he had nothing more to put in. His hips were now against her and Ahsha could feel his balls. He didn’t take the time for a gently and sweet trust game , he hadn’t the time or the passion. He made the back and forth , with the most ferocity and merciless. Not that Ahsha was complaining
She was definitely not . She was shaking already , as he dig in her. Did she ever reached a higher level of ecstasy ? She was really not sure. Her body was testifying. Down on her was quivering like never. His d*ck was like …home. Master of the location. It was warm , thick , hard , lengthy and giving the best sensation. The small film of water ease the gliding. Derek multiplied the pleasure. From kissing her , he sucked and licked her neck , jaw , biting her earlobe. Him was only focus on the noise she was making. Like her loud breath , her moan , her little scream. The sound of their bodies , shocking, the sound of her p*ssy , receiving the stroke. Ahsha could have focus on his groan but instead she heard the off voice , from the court
’ And we’re back with the devils….’
Because yeah , it was still the mid time and more precisely the end of it. While they were really enjoying themselves, hundred and thousand people were still really close, waiting to see the other half of the game. Expect the machine was already launched . And from having her slit empty from that so good d*ck and having it , the choice was really made. Ahsha didn’t want to give up. Instead, she caressed his back , and ass , pushing him closer in her. Her head rolled back , hitting the wall just like him was hitting in her. The deeper he was, the better it was. If the supporters were screaming, her own scream would have affray a lot of people. It was strident , coming from the deepiest of her throat, yelling the pleasure she was taking. Everything Derek love. That and the touch her womanhood was leaving around him. Ahsha was taking everything she could , having no shame to glide her hands under his boxer . Who said you needed to be completely naked to have great sex ? Because the woman didn’t lost a bite of his anatomy. Under her palm she could sense his fine ass , and the muscle flex anytime he was stroking into her. It was the first time Ahsha was experienced this and honestly it was all pleasant
’ Seems like Derek Roman is still in the locker room while the game is about to start again’
'Shit! He was demanded somewhere else and the crowd was getting impatient. For real. Calling his name. The reason was telling to Ahsha that they couldn’t continue.
“ Derek the game…” she whispered between two moans
“ Fuck it” groaned Derek . Instead , he fucked her. Derek continued to fuck the hell of the woman he was truly in love. They tried to fight the temptation , the sexual tension , their chemistry since so long that now it explode, the all world will stop. If the game needed to continue without Derek , then let it be. But Never Derek will stop like he was doing right now. Connecting , with the most exciting way with Ahsha. The woman herself didn’t want it to stop. It was feeling too damn good. She got tighter around him. The end was closed, for the both of them. On the last strokes , Derek was getting harder in her , so that several time he touched her G-spot ,making her moan even louder . His member tremble inside of her , squiring all of his juice . The man orgasm made Ahsha cum by her turn. It had been just a straight fuck , during just couple minute and yet , the two grown adult felt like it last hours and were exhausted like they had been fucking since hours. They were breathless . Derek retired himself and put back his sex in his boxer and short. Ahsha fixed her panties and skirt. Not so sure of what will happen next. Derek grabbed her hands and ran. Not in direction of the court and the game ,but to the parking lot and his car

After ran away with Ahsha , and a small ride , Derek parked up to a little mountain, above LA and her frenzy. It was completely empty and peaceful , the view of the city lighten by the lights. They sit in his Ferarri, and for a long period , they hadn’t say much. Both were in their thoughts , but thinking about the same thing. What they just did at the arena. The only sound was Derek’s phone , with the notification he was keeping to get from his absence in the game but he turned it off. What the hell just happened between them ? They had been agree , they didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship for a bad romance of some good sex. As good the sex had been. And it surprised the both of them to see how they were matching, sexually speaking.
“ What are you going to tell her ” whispered Ahsha , looking right in front of her. She needed to ask. While it happened , she completely forgot about Leah and the relationship he was having with her. She could swear , on everything who matter to her on this earth that she never meant it to happen. When she kissed him , she just wanted to calm him down , make him stop having delusional speech. But when he kissed her , she just couldn’t help herself. She was a deal breaker and now she was feeling extremely guilty. Was she regretting ? Not at all, a part of her knew it always had been hers but she was regretting it happened while he was with someone else. Derek cheated on Leah. He never been the most serious guy , always had been a bachelor. But he never been disrespectful and cheat. For the simple fact , he never had something to cheat. Leah was deserving it. Him too was feeling guilty now
“ I don’t know ” He just said. What will he ever tell her that he betrayed their relationship , and the worst for Leah it’s that , not a second , Derek had a thought for her and their relationship. The player never been educated to be so insensitive to someone and without he wanted it , this is exactly what he just done
“ What are you going to tell to me ?” she insisted. They were still not looking at each other
“ I don’t know ” It was the big confusion in the player. He didn’t know what to feel. What to say . How to explain . He doesn’t even know how to name the feeling he was having for Ahsha . All he know it’s that he didn’t know nothing about the next. Building wall and denial wasn’t only a female things. After their 'agreement’ Derek worked on himself and what was in his hurt to take some distance with Ahsha and get close to Leah
“ Well…” Ahsha breath , annoying. It was easy to have sex and then don’t know shit. And he clearly felt it , which didn’t lighten the conversation
“ You just had no idea how many time I tried to convince her I was feeling nothing for you ok ?!” he spittedThe situation wasn’t easy for him and honestly it just came out wrong.
“ Wow ” yelled Ahsha , getting out of the car “ This is what your mother teached you ? To say something like this to a woman you just had sex with ”
He was making her feel like shit. His word had been harsh in a way he wouldn’t understand. And when he heard her reaction, Derek understood that he really messed up with what he just said. At this point , nothing was easy , for none of them. Ahsha was already walking away , she didn’t want him to see the tears who started to emerge from her eyes. But he catched her , grabbing her arm and stop her
“ Baby I’m sorry ” he begged , his voice was really begging because it wasn’t what he meant “ Listen to me babe. I have tried ok ? I tried as much that I could and at the end I thought I succeed. I build walls and created a cover. I had Leah and I really thought I won and fought the feeling I have for you but obviously I was wrong since the minute you touched me everything fell”
He completely lose control. The feeling he was having for her were so strong that it was controlling his body and soul , his mind and spirit , his heart and dreams. It was reason to be affray to not try it , but now they were facing the consequence of it. Ahsha came to him, hugging Derek. She wrapped her arms around his chest , buried her face in his shoulder. He welcome her , breath his love and life out of her hair. Here was where they belong. When it’s meant to be , it’s meant to happen.

Thank you for reading, Merci d’avoir lu . Pleaaaaase no request for a next or more chapters, you guys know that I can’t say no :(

anonymous asked:

This may be a silly question, but is it possible for you to do sport's team logos?


Honestly this entirely depends on the logo!

Something like the Dallas Cowboys logo

or the New Jersey Devils logo

Sure we could do those.

But the Chicago Bulls logo?

Or the Charlotte Hornets logo?

Logos like that are just too intricate to do accurately and, frankly, would take up way too much time on our end, even if you decided it was worth the money.

Also, just to preempt it on the off-chance it comes up: We will not take commissions for any team logos with offensive mascots.

That all said, if you have a team logo that you’d like to commission for a binder – even if it’s a complicated one, so long as you’re comfortable with potentially simplifying the design – please email us at with reference pictures of the specific logo you’d like and we can discuss details and pricing!