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@VogtRoberts: You know how sometimes you see directors sketches that are beautiful and evocative? Well… this is how I communicate to storyboard artists

@VogtRoberts: In my last video game related KONG post today…The Sky Devils logo has a very Zelda / Hylian influence. Surprised no one has spotted this.

@VogtRoberts: At one point there was a very OKAMI inspired creature in KONG. I was obsessed with a tiger that had antlers. Didn’t make the cut.

@VogtRoberts: Dan Gilroy wrote an unused sequence where @twhiddleston broke into a military base. Naturally, i was going to get VERY Metal Gear with it…

Miles Wood #1 - Cast

Anon asked: I didn’t exactly have a plot thought it but if you could, could you please make a miles wood imagine that is extremely cute and fluffy 😁😁

I am totally on board if y’all don’t have a plot besides “fluff” or “angst” but it is also slightly terrifying because I’m afraid I will royally fuck it up somehow. It gives me free reign which is so much fun but it’s also interesting to attempt a specific prompt because I like the challenge. Anyway, the idea behind this one is from a mix of two trips I took in the past. One was the road trip from Yosemite to Disneyland and the other was me in a foreign country tripping on the side of the road and hurting my ankle badly. For an athlete I can be very uncoordinated. Anon I hope you enjoy this fluff!

You had been planning the off season California trip for months. Most of the activities you had booked required the early planning because the slots filled up very quickly. The idea was to start in Yosemite National Park and work your way down the coast, ending at Disneyland. There were sightseeing opportunities, museum visits and amazing restaurants to try but not even two days into your three week trip your plan came to a grinding halt. Your long term boyfriend and normally your favorite person Miles Wood was currently whining and sitting in a hard plastic chair in a hospital waiting room. He was holding his wrist delicately and attempting not to move it.

That morning the two of you had set out on the Mirror Lake Trail; an easy five-mile loop around the beautiful lake in the heart of the park. Roughly two miles in, Miles decided he wanted a picture of him on top of a small boulder looking out over the park. You tried to convince him it was too slick with water and that his shoes were not well equipped but he waved you off as a worrier and did it anyway. Just as you had predicted he took a wrong step and slipped, promptly falling off of the rock. In an attempt to lessen his fall, he stuck his arm out and ended up not only scrapping his face, but breaking his wrist.

This is why the two of you were currently sitting in the uncomfortable hospital chairs waiting to be seen by the doctor on call. You were filling out his insurance sheet because of course it was your luck he hurt his dominant hand. When finished you turned the form in to the front desk and sat down next to your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry babe,” he said.

“It’s fine Miles, not much we can do now anyway.”

“I know this throws off your plans.”

“Your health is more important than getting to see some waterfall.”

“You’ve been planning this trip for months. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will turn out to be just a bad sprain.”

You looked down and the awkward angle his hand was sitting, “I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.”

The door leading to the examination rooms swung open and an elderly nurse stepped through.

“Mr. Wood?” she read off of her clipboard.

You and Miles stood and made your way over to her. Just as you were about to cross the threshold she put a hand up to stop you.

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