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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about trans women?

Transwomen are women! Without a doubt, 120%. Being a lesbian who’s preferred type of woman is “yes”, I try to aim to make them feel as loved and respected as they wish to be. We here at Devil Dyke industries support every kind of woman, as they are generally pretty awesome.

I’ve dated one in my past, have had crushes on others, have had many non-cis women like me and also like me like me. 

Heck, one of my moms is a bi transwoman (no wonder she has a gay daughter) and often lovingly jokes that I’m where all her supposed masculinity went. She’s great; right now her hair is dyed neon pink and she likes to play KanColle with me and thinks 2B from Automata has a pretty kickass dress. Her favorite Senrans are Shiki and Hikage, because, as she says, “They have the cutest outfits”. She’s the one who found my current dojo by chance and got me to try it out and also helped me put together some components of my Katsuragi cosplay because “I support all ways of expressing how you see yourself.” I consider her one of my best friends right now.

Gender’s complicated in so many ways that we may as well go with what makes us all feel most comfortable. Life? That’s the real hard shit. Liking yourself is -awesome-