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howtobook101  asked:

ok so I thought you might like this but M//lain has like no chance of happening because the 'Canon' Voltron Last Names that everyone loves so much are from the Devils Due Publishing comic edition of Voltron, and the names are technically only canon to that series, and here's the kicker, those names? Are legally owned by DDP (and WEP) so for DreamWork's to use them they have to buy the rights from DDP/get permission/etc which is way more work than just giving the characters new names (1)

which dreamworks has already done with pidge and Shiro so,,, ya know Mc/lame is dead #GiveLanceaCubanLastName2kForever (2) (also sorry if you’ve already heard this and this message is tedious/clogging up your inbox)

you just cleared the acne this fandom gives me, thank u so much ♥ ♥