devils charm

The Prickly Porcupine and the Pretty Angel

So this is a prickly porcupine

And this is Hajime

Prickly porcupine Hajime

Using his prickly spines to defend himself from lightning

Btw this is my angel 

Smiling like the pretty angel he is

Thinking of

his love


(look at how many feathers you made the angel shed you prickly porcupine)

So because my angel is confident in his beauty, he asked his bae out on a date

And confessed his undying love 

But purple prickly porcupine pricked him with savage spines af

Because he’s tsundere

Really tsundere

Eating sweet things like a certain someone 

While the pretty angel fondly watches him (even not touching his own ice cream)

[Who cares about society when an angel is paying attention to you?]

While prickly porcupine keeps his prickly spikes up 

[Yeah it’s frustrating how you’re ignoring the angel in front of you]

So prickly that he hurt an angel 

Who doesn’t even know how to glare

But eventually he warms up because how could you not to the pretty angel

Who doesn’t even care about his prickly spines and rests his pretty white feathers against them while happy the purple prickly porcupine is letting him close

It’s such an important and monumental moment that the prickly porcupine’s best friend broadcasts it to all their fans because yes it’s a precious thing af

But because the prickly porcupine is stubborn af he gets the pretty angel worried

When the pretty angel loves him so much he fanboys on stage to all their fans

Overwhelmed by his love for purple prickly porcupine Hajime (yes he’s on stage)

But because he has an angel by his side (and doing the special effects for his song) the prickly porcupine finally acknowledges the pretty angel’s love 

And lowers his prickly spines at long last

And sings to the pretty angel 

While finally smiling for his angel 

While the pretty angel supports him with all of his pure heart


Until this sneaky

pretending to be the prickly porcupine’s fan 

charming little devil 

preys on the innocent pretty angel 

because he’s always dreamed of going to heaven with an angel

but didn’t think he’d meet one while tricking a human 

who turns out to be the prettiest angel 

who accidentally charms

the charming devil

who was bored

and saw the pretty angel

on TV

And the devil unintentionally brings his 

in angry denial 

jealous beast along

But that’s another story for now 

anonymous asked:

Does king dice ever flirt with martini?

Alright first up, no. King Dice doesn’t flirt with her. In fact, him and Martini do not ever touch, not even when sliding papers into the other’s hands. They have respect for the others’ boundaries, and keep it purely boss/worker.

Second, personally to me I headcanon that King dice doesn’t not flirt, ever. Not with patrons nor anyone on the job. He is, however, extremely charming and fantastic at holding the spotlight, as well as making people feel important about themselves. He has a silver tongue, and a very good and quick one at that. All in all, he is terrifying good with his job and staying professional

He isn’t afraid of sliding in a couple of small, subtle praises or flattery to get you going, and people mistake that as him flirting with them. But I assure you, he isn’t lmao. You wish he was


My newest charm order came in, and everything looks wonderful! I’m waiting on straps and little beads for the voltron charms, but otherwise we’re golden! On the right are all the Overwatch alt slins I currently have, I’ll be working hard to get more ready, but these guys will definitely be available at Otafest and Animethon, depending how well they sell at otafest. I will try to keep stocks up!

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(1/?) So i wasnt sure if you could help me but i wanted to see if you had help for this? I was doing a curse the other day with my partner but i got very malicious with my intent without consiously allowing it. After the curse they began to feel ill

(2/2) And i later felt like things were crawling through my skin. I tried to make a sigil for protection but it held far more similarity to demonic summoning symbols and now my partner feels as if they are being drained by an unwanted presence. Help?

Do what you can to banish this “unwanted presence”, first of all - get it gone. Once it’s left, cleanse the fuck out of your space (breaking the curse if need be). Then, just layer protections everywhere, all over yourselves, your property, everything.




Good luck…

Dance with Devils - Charming Book- Vol. 4 Shiki  (Translation)


I translated Shiki’s drama CD from Charming Book series. It’s based on the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for the opportunity to listen and translate this wonderful drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Japanese title: アクマに囁かれ魅了されるCD「Dance with Devils -Charming Book-」 Vol.4 シキ / ドラマCD (平川大輔)

English title: Captivating CDs Whispered by the Devil: Dance with Devils - Charming Book Vol. 4 Shiki (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke)

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