devils carnival gif


“Reckless creatures always one another find
Stealing features, each a diamond to be mined. 
There are facets to stake, And crooks in our neck,
we’re like moths to a flame, Get ready and set
Now tarry no longer, let’s burn one another
We’re one and we’re twain, now
Let’s play a game”

So I have this new obsession, The Dog and Her Reflection from The Devils Carnival.  In the movie 3 people start off dead and go to hell.  They have all done something wrong (unconnected from each other) and are going to be punished if they take the bait. Our Dog here, is a Clepto and she has been caught. She wakes beside a pile of jewels with a sign that says “take only what you need” and of course she takes it all. When she walks into the carnival she reads the pamphlet that says they have a huge diamond that can be won.  here in her greed she is willing to bet her soul to get the diamond. “Lord Lord that greed it will kill you, lord lord go on pass the hat will ya, your purse strings are tight bleed for a sinner I just need a few pennies more" 

You can find her song here:



as my music blog becomes more and more in danger of becoming an emilie autumn blog, i notice i have picked up a few plague rats on my followers list. i decided to pander offer a treasure chest for gif hunts.

i bought the devil’s carnival and alleluia! the devil’s carnival (2) and combed through the films to find the best gifs of emilie as june/painted doll, all free for the taking. under the cut are 67 gifs from the devil’s carnival, and 134 gifs from alleluia! the devil’s carnival (2).

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