devils basin

Devil on my shoulder | Close RP for @ask-hetalias-canada

One more time he had decided with a glint in his eyes. Only one more soul was needed then he would have met his quota. It was not that he did not like gathering souls; he just knew he was destined for greater things. The devil peered into the basin that was his eye upon the world. There were so many souls that were easy to take, but the easier they were the less they were valued among his kind. There were few things more valuable than a pure soul and only one thing worth more than that, a child’s soul.

The demon flicked his tail across the water to move it to look in a different direction. Soon he came upon a castle. It was a relatively small but up and coming kingdom with lots of potential for the right king. Alfred moved the eye inside the castle walls and began to look around. It was quiet all most too quiet even for his tastes. But from a room down the hall the devil suddenly heard yelling.

Curious the devil listened in for a while. The King and Queen were fighting apparently about relations with a neighboring country.  With a smile at the heated argument the devil learned there was a younger neighphew who was next in line for the thrown of this castle. Their intentions were to marry him off to the other kingdom so he would no longer be a threat anymore to the King and Queen.

The devil then formed a plan. The invisible eye then left the argument to go find said nephew, Matthew his name was called. He found him outside in the garden quietly reading. The devil studied him for a bit. He had strong features and judging from his reading, the devil assumed he was relatively intelligent. The devil smiled again and positioned the eye to sit down beside the youth, and then transported himself there.

The devil was dressed in black and blue silks that paled only to his raven black hair, long curling horns, and lightning blue eyes that seemed to glow. He wore glasses that perched on the tip of his nose. He crossed his long booted legs and gave the royal prince a smile that seemed to hide more than reveal what his true intentions were.

“So you will sit back and quietly read while your Aunt and Uncle plan away your life. At this rate you will end up in the next kingdom in a month’s time.”