Just wanted to show a little love to my tumblr crushes right now. You should all follow them because they’re delightful humans.

  1. blogsaretough, aka Amanda. Funny textblog with moderate fangirling and occasional candid bra shots. Sometimes falls into solipsism but I love the crap out of her anyway. We sent each other mix CDs back in late 2010 and have been bothering each other ever since.
  2. superpussy, aka Kelsey. Part of the OG bitch blog network; is actually an OG bitch (read as: awesome). Kelsey is a sweetheart who rides the rail between charmingly obtuse and intimidating the living shit out of me. We ate felafel a few weeks ago and she quietly stopped me from talking about the drugs I was holding in front of a table full of on-duty police officers, thus receiving the gold star of being a total fucking champion. Good fashion sense, owns many cute outfits. Might pee on my grave but I’m okay with that.
  3. kyle-r, Kyler for short(er). Sex, art, and fashion. Ran into her during what had been a particularly crappy night of Omegle spelunking, but she was super legit and now we’re mutual followers. Just moved back to California from Florida and is within driving distance. Parties on my level, subscribes to a questionable system of morals. May be breaking federal law with me in the near future.
  4. devilinthetrees, aka Margot. A good blog. Lots of black and white, some okcupid horror stories. Oddly poetic writing style punctuated by large gaps between sentence fragments. Seems like an awesome human. Friends with Kelsey. We went to the same school, knew all the same people and hung out in the same apartments but never actually met. Kind of a shame, but now I can shamelessly stalk her blog so I guess it evened out.
  5. moominboy, aka Patrick. Natural ginger and a fan of Moomin, making him the last of his kind. Textblog. Fucking hilarious. I used to reblog his stuff with an almost cultish regularity, eventually adapting part of his writing style into my own. If you aren’t following moominboy you’re not really alive.
  6. coxinyoface. Jesse Cox/TGS fanblog. Is not actually Jesse Cox. If I had to make a guess I’d say it was run by a girl, but I’m not really sure. Thinks I’m not horrible and leaves really funny replies on even my shittiest posts. If you’re following me because I’m Frodo from the livecast you should also follow coxinyoface.
  7. neopianangst aka Maralie aka my anime waifu. God among neobloggers, one of the original founders of the tag. You don’t have to like neopets to follow her but it helps. I’ve never disliked a single post out of her and I am 100% convinced she’s one of the dopest chicks on the planet Earth. Once accidentally told one of my bosses that my work goals for a trip to New York would be “kick it with neopianangst and see spamalot.” Awesome lady, should follow.
  8. notalkingplz. Independent artist and Very Cool Human. The source of many future shirt purchases, which I will wear in many future videos so you can see how cool they all are. Tumblr Radar superstar. Should be pulling a fat salary in a super prestigious gallery somewhere.
  9. marmotface. Cool lady with cool boyfriend who blogs cool stuff. There seems to be this unwritten rule that every Santa Cruz blogger eventually ends up following each other at some point, so everybody knows who everybody else is long before we meet in person. When we did meet in person somebody said all of our urls instead of our actual names, to which the entire room responded, “OOOOOOH!” Best inadvertent blog party ever.

1. Kelsey who I wrote a poem about (the only one I wrote a poem about)

2. Margot was “being such a girl right now”

3. Amanda isn’t in LA yet

4. Valerie and our tentative wedding plans

5. Victoria will never get rid of me (ten years running)

6. Dodger doesn’t want to know why we keep starting fires

7. Oly alone at the edge of the universe humming a tune

8. James ate the bread ball (but not the brownies)

9. notalkingplz sold me a shirt with words on it (its a very good shirt)

These are all wonderful people I respect and admire. You should follow each and every one of them. I do.

a fun story about devilinthetrees: devilinthetrees went to my university and knew a lot of my friends but i never met her in real life

she’s a very attractive lady and showed up in a TON of pictures in everyone’s fb feeds to the point where facebook started alerting me to her being in photos. this was despite the fact that we weren’t actually fb friends nor had we ever actually met each other.

i would come home to “devilinthetrees has been tagged in X pictures” and i would say “i don’t know devilinthetrees facebook what about scooter what’s he been up to” and facebook would say “scooter lives in a different area code and got married to that one girl what about devilinthetrees she’s in some photos right now.” this went on for three years.

now we follow each other on tumblr

this has been a Very Interesting Story