Working on my Web Page!!!

You can check it all out in the link above. Still deciding on domain and have a loooottt to do with the main page itself. Hope you guys enjoy it! I will have a lot more information with the finished product and have a listing of products to buy, projects I am working on, commission information, and events I will be attending.

“Remember tonight… for it is the beginning of always”
Dante Alighieri


Candy Cane Coffin - Coming Soon to my Etsy Shop *Devil Eye Artwork* (Message me if you would like to reserve)

 I am determined to be prepared for the holidays this year! I already have most of my shopping done and am well supplied in Christmas records. So, all that is left is setting up everything in my Etsy shops. For Christmas I am putting together a bunch of boxes based off classic holiday themes. First up, Candy canes! The snow men might or might not be part of this set, I haven’t decided yet. But, so far so good. These will be basic trinket boxes in the mean time. Will be doing some Christmas Pixel work soon too!

( And again, sorry about my camera. It is a picture from my phone since my camera is still broken)