Name: Aradia Holly DeFeo → Age: 16 → Power: Demonic Spirit (Elemental Manipulation, Flight, Hell-Fire Manipulation, Invulnerability)

Weakness: Anger. While her powers aren’t completely controlled by her emotions, if something angers Holly, she is more than likely to accidentally release hell-fire against the person who angered her by mistake. Also, her powers, while great, do have limitations. She can’t fly for more than thirty minutes at a time, and she can only control so much of the elements at a time – which one would guess her vulnerability would save her from, but her powers will actually go ineffective if she tries to break their limits.

Aradia is the daughter of Satan. No, really. Raised by the name of Holly, the girl had only known life as an orphan. Her mother was murdered shortly after her birth in an attempt to protect her and her siblings from her father, and they were each sent to earth to be protected. She lived mostly in different orphanages around America, and she bounced from house to house growing up, but every single home always ended in disaster. Holly tends to be extremely over-emotional, crying over nearly everything, and while her powers aren’t intertwined with her emotions, she sometimes slips up and uses them when she doesn’t mean to. This has posed a large problem for Holly, as a large portion of her abilities are extremely dangerous. She tries to the best of her ability to always keep them under wraps, but in every home, she’s let herself get attached, and her naivety always tricks her into telling the people she’s with about what she can do. When they laugh and brush it off – they always do – she proves it to them, either by flying, practicing her elemental manipulation or proving her invulnerability by attempting to hurt herself. And that’s when they freak out. However, no one has ever taken the witnesses seriously, as she only ever shows one person at a time and then denies it if asked by anyone else unless it’s someone she trusts. In result, Holly has never stayed in one family for more than eighteen months, with the exception of her first family, whom she had stuck with for three years.

In all honesty, Holly just needs someone to trust. Her naivety will always be with her, but it’s certainly dropped after time after time of disappointment. She’s never had a boyfriend, or just a friend, for that matter. She’s never been able to bring herself to get that close to someone. She’s hoping that at Donahue, that’s going to change.

Ships: Holly/All, Holly/Chemistry
Anti-Ships: Holly/Forced (lay offa mah gurl, yo)