Human Human Fruit

I was discussing the Human Human fruit gag with one of my friends the other day. The whole, Chopper panicking that Blackbeard would be after his fruit but them reminding him that his is the most useless devil fruit a human could ever ingest.

But it got me wondering again. What if a human were to eat the Human-Human fruit? Would it really do nothing? It’s a human that can turn into a human. What if it allowed for identity manipulation. Maybe a person that ate the Human-Human fruit would be able to change the way they look at will. Within reason of course. Maybe they can only turn themselves into one other person. And their mid-step ia blend between themselves and that other person. But I wonder who that person is? What person would that devil fruit be specifically turning its users into???

There is also the question that what if Chopper’s Human-Human Fruit isn’t just a Human-Human fruit? Just like how Sengoku has the Human-Human Fruit, Model: Buddha. All of the Zoan types seem to have a model attached to the main category for variation, and all Zoans have a hybrid and a full transformation. Chopper’s full transformation still isn’t fully human. Which means that his devil fruit has to be a model variation just like everyone else’s. He’s probably got something like the Human Human Fruit, Model: Yeti or something. So his devil fruit wouldn’t be completely useless to someone else. Maybe still not desirable, but not completely useless.

“After all, only the followers can  give me a Devil Fruit… Or maybe they don’t! But it has to happen in Event, GUEST or Adventure…
This means… it has to have a story, or happen in a story somehow… Not just… asks, and that’s it…

Why Guest? Depends on the guest, it is possible he/she can provide her a Devil Fruit, even if it’s by mistake… but that can only be build up by people sending asks to the guest and Rosetto, untill something happens.”


Judge implanted Devil Fruit DNA into his sons genes.

A long time ago in an SBS Oda said that Sanji could be a Devil Fruit as a joke due to his curly eyebrows but after the last chapter I’m wondering whether or not he was really just joking. First of all Judge clearly doesn’t have curly eyebrows.

Yet for some reason all of his sons have these mysterious swirly eyebrows. Now just in case you haven’t noticed this before here are 2 pictures, the first is of the Ope Ope no Mi and the second is of Sanji on Fishman island.

The resemblance is uncanny right? I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there’s no way this is just a coincidence. Vegapunk and Ceasar were able to artificially create SMILE’s but it seems like Judge was able to take it a step further and implement them into the genes of unborn babies.

One final thing for those of you who think this is a stretch, we’ve already seen other people’s devil fruit abilities being incorporated into other beings.

Well this was only quick hope you enjoyed the read!

And stop saying “how come Sanji can swim” why wouldn’t he be able to swim, it’s not like he ate a devil fruit lol

May the anime/manga fans of the world have a collection like mine or bigger.

I hope that this pile will continue to grow for years to come.