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Black cat, candy corn :0

Black Cat: Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?

I am not!  If anything, I believe aliens exist but I don’t believe they’ve ever come to earth haha

Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?

Tomatoes! The devil fruit! The smelly, mushy, barf-flavoured pizza topper! They suck! They make me sick! Yuck!

One Piece mysteries

Wtf are the Florian Triangle monsters ?

Who are Luffy’s mom, Zoro’s parents

The devil fruits, where do they come from etc ?

Dragon’s, Kuma’s and Crocodiles and so many others’ past

The ancient kingdom and  ancient weapons, why are they hidden by the Gouvernement ? What happened durind the void century ?

What’s up with Kaido ? What’s his secret behind his invincibility ?

Vegapunk, he has been mentionned for so long and we know so little about him

What will be CP0′s role in the plot ?

What did Law do and what is the Rocky Port incident ?

Who is Makino’s baby’s father ? Is it Shanks ?

Who was the man drinking with Crocus ?

Please Oda, can we have a little more infos about the will of D ? ? And the voice of all things ?

Is there a meaning behind Dragon’s tattoo / scar ?

Also…  What’s the One Piece ?!  When will we get to see Raftel ?

Headcanon that now that Sabo ate Ace’s devil fruit, he keeps forgetting he can’t swim anymore. So he basically drowns everytime and Koala always ends up jumping into the water for him.

Bonus: Luffy and Sabo spend some time together and somehow Luffy falls and starts drowning. Sabo naturally whispers something like “seriously…” and dives into the water.
And everyone will just stare at the sea, not really believing what they just witnessed.

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One Piece Facts
  • Olivier Levasseur, a famous pirate known for allegedly hiding a treasure and leaving behind a cryptogram regarding its whereabouts during his public execution ( does this remind you of anything ?)
  •  All the known members of Monkey family have a mark on the left side of their faces. Both Luffy and Garp have a scar,  Dragon has a large tattoo.
  • Robin’s tragic past ( the annihilation of Ohara ) might be inspired by an incident in the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China ( 焚书坑儒 ): scholars were executed and books were burned because Emperor Shi Huangti believed that uneducated people were easier to control.
  • The chapter where Rosinante’s burns down a hospital where doctors refuse to treat Law is similar to a scene from The Dark Knight where the Joker makes a hospital explode.
  • Universal Studio Japan has actually built a replica of the tombs of Ace and Whitebeard as a tribute to the series.
  • Oda stated that if he could have any Devil Fruit power,  he would have Robin’s power so he could draw quicker. WE DON’T DESERVE THIS MAN
  • Luffy’s hat was originally going to be given to him by Garp. Oda also stated that Garp was going to have magic, a plot element absent from One Piece itself.