Quick Short Interview!

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“Let’s be quick about this.”

▌What is your name?


▌What is your real name?

”Hina, and you’d best mind your tone.”

▌Do you know why you were called that?

”My mother and father gave me that name. Any sort of superfluous reason is none of my concern nor interest.”

▌Are you single or taken?


▌Have any abilities or powers

“I am highly proficient with my Devil Fruit, the Cage-Cage Fruit. I am also quite well practiced in martial arts, which pairs well with my Fruit.”

▌Stop being a mary sue/gary stu

*raises a fine brow.*

▌What’s your eye color?

“Dark brown.”

▌How about your hair color?

“Pastel pink, though rose sounds more pleasing to the ear, does it not?”

▌Have you any family members?

“My mother and father. Numerous aunts and uncles.”

▌Oh? What about pets?

“My darling cockatiel, Nicolo.”

▌That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me about something you don’t like.

“I don’t like criminals and I don’t like braggarts, but let me tell you something else - barbarians and savages who conduct themselves without so much of a trace of manners truly do test my patience as well..”

▌Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?

“I enjoy caring for my bird and capturing criminals.”

▌Ever hurt anyone before?


▌Ever… killed anyone before?

“Of course, but I prefer capture.”

▌What kind of animal are you?

“I am no animal; you insult me.”

▌Name some of your worst habits.

“I suppose smoking could be considered a vice, but I view the activity with fondness.”

▌Do you look up to anyone at all?

“Indeed. I strive to emulate the Fleet Admiral.”

▌Gay, straight, or bisexual?

“I suppose I am bisexual, though I’ve hardly ever contemplated it.”

▌Do you go to school?


▌Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?

“For the purpose of training them to be fine Marines, yes.”

▌Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

*… glares at Fullbody and Jango, holding up flowers in the distance.* “I prefer the term fools, but yes.”

▌What are you most afraid of?

“Failing the Navy.”

▌What do you usually wear?

“A black suit with leather gloves, heeled boots, and my coat.”

▌Do you love someone?


▌When was the last time you wet yourself?

“I beg your pardon? That is utterly inappropriate.”

▌What class are you?

“I am a Rear Admiral.”

▌How many friends do you have?

“Enough and I am not seeking more.”

▌What are your thoughts on pie?

“… I prefer other baked goods.”

▌Favorite drink?

“Wine. Preferably pinot noir.”

▌What’s your favorite place?

“My battleship.”

▌Are you into someone~?

*narrows eyes*

▌What’s your bra cup/size and/or how big is your willy?

*sighs exasperatedly.* You are testing my patience. Did I not already speak on what I think of such people?”

▌Would you rather swim in the lake or in the ocean?

“Neither. Both are filthy.”

▌What’s your type?

“Strong. Justice-minded. Ambitious. Industrious.”

▌Any fetishes?


▌Seme or uke? Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive?

“Top. Dominant.”

▌Camping or indoors?


Are you wanting the quiz to end?  

“Don’t be so self-deprecating. You will receive no pity or chuckles from me.”

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Just when he had thought that he would be free from these weird curses that came from who knows where… The sudden odd feeling was there again as his eyes shifted down to see that no, those weren’t his clothes and three katanas on his right side. Oh, he knew whose those were, but… 

“… What the fucking hell… Not again, no fucking way…” He mumble growled in annoyance as he rubbed his hands along his own face and hair. Yes, his hair was certainly much shorter. Not to mention the fact he couldn’t use his devil fruit. “… Now where is that little shit….”