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Brook can't swim, but at least unlike other Devil Fruit users it won't kill him. But someone will have to pull him out, since not only can he not swim, but he'll be paralyzed if immersed in water.

Yep. This is all true. Actually what I find interesting about this, is that according to some of the websites I looked at while researching Brook, Brook sometimes forgets he becomes paralyzed when he’s in water. I’ve seen mention of a time one of his friends falls overboard, and how Brook dove in to try and save them, only to end up needing saving himself. Probably a gesture that was played up for laughs, but little things like that make me really impressed by Brook’s loyalty to his friends and his crew.

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6 & 15

6. favourite devil fruit

hhh this is always a hard one.  probably marco’s??  that’s a pretty typical answer but what can i say, his devil fruit’s incredible.  kizaru’s pika pika no mi is p damn cool as well, and big mom’s soru soru no mi!

15. favourite gear

i’ve never really thought about this tbh but i guess gear second because the pose luffy makes with the steam coming off of him and his body turning all pink and shiny is just so bADASS

Judge implanted Devil Fruit DNA into his sons genes.

A long time ago in an SBS Oda said that Sanji could be a Devil Fruit as a joke due to his curly eyebrows but after the last chapter I’m wondering whether or not he was really just joking. First of all Judge clearly doesn’t have curly eyebrows.

Yet for some reason all of his sons have these mysterious swirly eyebrows. Now just in case you haven’t noticed this before here are 2 pictures, the first is of the Ope Ope no Mi and the second is of Sanji on Fishman island.

The resemblance is uncanny right? I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there’s no way this is just a coincidence. Vegapunk and Ceasar were able to artificially create SMILE’s but it seems like Judge was able to take it a step further and implement them into the genes of unborn babies.

One final thing for those of you who think this is a stretch, we’ve already seen other people’s devil fruit abilities being incorporated into other beings.

Well this was only quick hope you enjoyed the read!

And stop saying “how come Sanji can swim” why wouldn’t he be able to swim, it’s not like he ate a devil fruit lol