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So I’m a corpsman. Fleet Marine Force type to be exact. I’m essentially the Marine Corps’ paramedic, nurse, podiatrist, psychiatrist and mommy all rolled into one jaded and angry man. Also, I’m in the Navy. So that’s the punchline for a lot of jokes. 

This was taken in Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2007. It was a bit chilly. 


“I’m not under the influence anymore. Much. Even if I was, I’ve done things way worse than you that I’ve never regretted.” Nick barked a laugh, and they both began to chuckle. Suddenly the tension was gone again and it was just the Devil Doc in bed with him once more.

“Quit being nosy, OFlaherty,” he chastised, hating that the questions made him uncomfortable. He muttered under his breath. “Irish bastard.”
“Thats a yes,” Nick huffed as he sat back.

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Ya got to love Military Clothing Sales

Ya all are gonna love this shit.. I went to Military Clothing Sales on Fort Bragg today. I go there all the time to get stuff that I wore while I was still in the Army. So today, I picked up some combat boot socks and a pack of t-shirts. I get to the counter and I show the lady my disabled army military id. She rings up the couple of little things I got no problem, when she gets to the socks and t-shirts she tells me that I can’t buy them because they are an issue item for active duty personnel only. I told her I had bought them there before. She then tells me that it shouldn’t have been sold to me. I was like whatever. I paid for the small items and left. I get outside and the soldier that was standing behind me in the checkout stops me and hands me a bag with the socks I was gonna buy in it. He shook my hand and told me happy memorial day and walked off. All I could say was thank you as he walked away. This story on one side pisses me off that I can’t even buy socks and t-shirts at military clothing sales even though I served 16 years in the army and was blown up, and the other side just warms my heart to the point it could burst cause of the generosity of a soldier. Please speax this story around @grumpyvikingdidnothingwrong @krispykremedealer @inked-up-devil-doc

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Did I fucking say that I was in BCT? Nope. Nowhere in my message did I do such a thing. I should've said "future soldier" instead. That was my bad, but you still read too much into things. I'm 17 and a senior in high school, so perhaps you're better off not using the "sugar tits" lingo buddy.

Maybe, sugar tit you better grow thicker skin if you think you want to join the army. In the army you are the butt of the joke. Get use to it sugar tit. If you don’t like it, I hear the Salvation Army is looking for some good butt hurt sugar tits to ring bells for them.

@inked-up-devil-doc @bill-11b get a load of this offended one.

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Nick will you be okay? I'm worried about you.

Nick: I’ll be fine. My boyfriend drugged me with some of the strongest percocet known to man. I am still breathing, according to him, and I believe him because he’s a Devil Doc and he’ll keep me alive if something goes wrong.

Kelly: Holy Jesus, this is a new level of drugged.

Owen: What did you do to him?!

Kelly: I don’t understand. What I gave him usually just makes him really laid back and kind of giggly. I …

Digger: He is still breathing, right?

Ty: Ahahahahahahaaha!

Owen: I mean … he’s barely making coherent sentences.

Ty: I love you, Irish.

Nick: Hug it out, brother!