This ornamental flowering plant is among the showiest of the Tacca chantrieri  plant family (part of the yam family).  Common names are Black Bat Flower, Bat Head Lily, Devil Flower, Cat’s Whiskers and Tacca chantrieni.

Originally the Black Bat flower plant grew and still does grow wild in the tropical forests of Yunnan Province, in South China. Even prior to blooming, it resembles sleeping bats hanging downward from their roost.

pros and cons of watching the devil is a part timer


  • the characters are amazing
  • everyone is cute
  • the plot is perfect
  • every single person is cute
  • the humor is spot-on
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  • everyone’s cute as hell, which is where half of them come from


  • the devil is portrayed as a fun and wacky guy
  • ?????????
  • you feel bad for lucifer
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