Marichat May Day 15:Something Sweet

My hand slipped

The first time she offered Chat a buttered croissant, he ate it under one minute. Marinette was afraid he would choke and die on her. Imagine what would have been if one half of Paris’ superheroes duo was killed by a damn croissant.

The first time when she gave him cookies, he inhaled a whole damn plate in two minutes and had crumbs all over his suit. It was kind of cute.

The first time when she gave him profiteroles he hugged her leg the entire time and kept wishing her all the good things in the world while shoving them in his mouth.

And when she brought him a Saint Honoré for the first time, Chat honestly looked like he was close to crying. He pulled Marinette in his lap and cuddled her against his chest the entire time whole shoving the damn dessert in his mouth and eventually crying. He actually started crying because he enjoyed that damn dessert so much.

At this point, Marinette believed he was either on a no sugar diet or simply had too much of a sweet tooth for his own good.

“Oh, princess!”

Speaking of the devil. Think of the cat and it comes sniffing after sweets, most likely. She turned to him. “What’s up, minou? Do you want something sweet?”

Chat strutted towards her and stopped close enough so she could feel his breath on her face. “Oh, yes, I do. But not a pastry this time. Just something as sweet”

His eyes dropped to her lips before meeting hers again and wiggling his eyebrows. Marinette looked entirely unimpressed. Did he watch another anime and needed someone to practice the flirting lines on? Oh well, if that’s how he wanted to play, so be it. She smirked.

“Then I can’t keep my poor kitty starved, now can I?”

He didn’t have time to respond, because Marinette grabbed his bell and pulled him into a passionate kiss. You could guess Chat.exe has stopped working. He didn’t expect this. Not at all. Holy shit, Marinette kissed like a pro. And she tasted like vanilla and strawberries. To add icing on the cake, Marinette got a good grip on him and pulled him in a dip. And when she considered she had kissed him enough (though she wouldn’t mind more, not that she would ever admit it out loud) she broke the kiss and smirked down at him.

“Was that sweetness enough for you, mon chaton?”

She swore she had never seen anybody turn that red.

This is my old girl. She’s eighteen and a half years old, and has been kept going on t/d dry food for more than half her life.

She’s got stage 2 kidney failure, but considering I thought she was on her way out three years ago, she’s going pretty well.

So go ahead and tell me how the dental diet is so terrible because it contains carbs and how I’m killing my childhood cat because I’m not feeding grain free or raw meat or whatever it is that’s trendy today. It’s not that simple.

Carbohydrates are a energy source that don’t produce byproducts for the kidneys to filter. Free energy without the renal workload. A high protein diet will make her sick. High protein diets are not appropriate for all cats.

Carbohydrates are not made by the devil, folks. Cats need animal protein, but they can eat some carbs too.


Part 13 for @climbstudio and Hoxau’s map! (Does Julia have Tumblr? Who kno)

My muse has interacted with a dangerous object and become a monster for a thread. Send an emoji and they'll be a:
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Cryptid ABCs: Ozark Howler

The Ozark Howler is a cryptid from the American south. It’s range covers Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. It prowls remote towns, and is often referred to as “Devil Cat”.

The Howler is describes as something similar to a shaggy bear. It is bigger than a cougar according to reports. It has been compared to Black Dogs based both its black coloration and eerie howl. Some have also said it’s howl sounds like a hyena. Strangely enough, some reports credit the Ozark Howler as having large horns. However, it has also been compared to a big cat, with some witnesses saying it appears more feline. In some accounts it has fangs and in others it has big paws.

Theories abound about what exactly the Ozark Howler is. Some say it is a misidentified cougar, based on its size. The problem with this theory is there is not a breeding population of cougars in Arkansas. Some also suggest it is entirely a hoax. It is true that in the late 1990s someone created multiple Internet aliases to spread false stories of the Howler, but this does not account for all of the sightings before the 1990s or for many of the poor residents in these rural areas who do not have computer access or wifi. Stories of this creature floated around by word of mouth in these communities long before the dawn of the internet.

The Syfy show “Haunted Highway” did their third episode of season 1 on the Ozark Howler if you would like more information.

Old Irish Curses
  • Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an catMay the cat eat you, and may the devil eat the cat
  • Titim gan éirí ortMay you fall without rising
  • Imeacht gan teacht ortMay you leave without returning
  • Plá ar do theach = A plague on your house
  • Dóite agus loisceadh ortBurning and scorching on you
  • Briseadh agus brú ar do chnámhaBreaking and crushing to your bones
  • Go ndéana an diabhal dréimire de cnámh do dhroma ag piocadh úll i ngairdín IfrinnMay the devil make a ladder of your back bones while picking apples in the garden of hell
  • Go hIfreann leat a shlíomadóir lofa To hell with you, you rotten bastard

Here is a video of my cat begging my mom for a piece of cookie. Hello all, I would like to introduce to you my cat El Gato Diablo. We usually just call him Gato. He really isn’t a Devil Cat as the name implies, he is actually the sweetest thing. The name was given to him by my Nana Janis. She had him for a couple of years then ended up having to give him to me because she couldn’t take care of him anymore. She passed away this past Saturday. She left me with her most precious and beloved cat. I wanted to tell you guys how much he means to me because of how popular he is with you guys. My Nana loved the heck outta him, and I’m sure she would love to know how much you guys love him. It brings me joy knowing you guys love him as much as I do.