One night you wake up in the ocean of cottons and fabrics, sweating and panting, gasping for air to breathe, your lung’s full of it yet you still find yourself drowning. You woke up from a dream filled with passionate kissing, tight hugging, lip biting, thigh tiring, back scratching memories and how it feels like to miss someone you love so much you could tear your chest open just to ease the pain and see how he pour whiskey to your bleeding wound.

You once danced with the demon that lingers beneath the skin of that you called lover and watched him slowly drain the light out of you. Every grin, every smirk, every lip bite, every move of his hips has hypnotized you and made you fall to deep ecstasy. His touches feels holy on your skin not knowing the poison it left in every scratches on your back. You saw the devil dance in his eyes as he pulls away, you could’ve swore you saw the devil smiling.

It was a kiss too late when you realize that the lascivious serpent had you bind by his body, you have bitten the forbidden fruit, the root of all sins. The warmth of his thighs ruptured your mind with the consciousness of reality, it was there you find your bare self wrapped by another body. Drop after drop, a series of warm water starts gushing from your eyes followed by slight hiccups when you realized what your lust for love had cost you and how you let the devil lured you to hell’s gate.
—  Lust for Love || s.s.n.

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