devil's guts


Bendy: I do appreciate the sentimental offering though. Also I did use to be able to at least taste food before taking on this inky form.

An before any of you ask. No. it didn’t hurt pulling a hole open in my torso. You mortals seem to forget that demons are immortal. Inky or not.

Boris: *Continues to devour away the other cookie. His tail wagging like crazy.*

Bendy: *Glances over* Oh yeah. That’s another thing I should mention. Don’t feed Boris here too much sugar. He can go rampant on it. I think you humans call it… a uh… “Sugar rush”?

Title: Cage Fighting and a New Face.

Author: luciferiswriting

Fandom: Supernatural / reader

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena, Crowley

Words: 2397

Warnings: fighting, maybe a bit of angst? Spoilers (season 11), Character death

Summary: Never get too settled in a cage with Lucifer, it can either turn into a party or a sport at any time, both if you’re lucky. As things get heated quickly in the cage, does the help that arrives really help?

part 1

I wake up, hearing voices having a discussion. Yeah it took a while but I had managed to get the two of them at opposite ends of the cage, giving me the time to rest and regain energy, in hope to get at least Sam, out of this mess.

“Sam, I got to tell you this is selfish, man. Everything that-“Lucifer sounds stressed as he paces the cage

“You are done! It’s over” Sam deadpans.

“You two having a break up now?” I question with a hint of sarcasm, showing that I clearly don’t hold interest in their conversation. Sam glanced at me before continuing their conversation, standing up from where he was sat.

“You know what? You talk a good game. Hell you even had me sold a few times, but then I thought, what if you’re right? What… What if you can beat her?”

“I can!” Lucifer roars, taking a few steps forward. Sensing the tension in the argument, I sit up straighter watching the scene unfold before me.

“Even though, last time it took you, plus three other archangels.” Sam raises his voice “Oh yeah, and capital G, God”

“Oh, okay. What? You mean the dead weight?”

“Let’s say you gank her. Then what?”

“I move to L.A. solve crimes” Lucifer answers, causing me to start laughing.

“Hah, that’ll be the day, Luci sitting at a desk with evidence, trying to piece everything together. Oh boy.”

However Sam doesn’t wait to get right back into the argument. “Wrong. You go about starting the Apocalypse again because you’re an old dog, and that’s your old trick” my eyes shoot up in shock. I already see, Lucifer’s stronghold collapse a little. That was hurtful and uncalled for Sam.

“Ok, first off, you don’t know that” Lucifer hisses “Second, even if I did, that’s better than what she has planned”

“Is it? Really? This is what I think.” Sam starts to feel more confident in himself as Lucifer allows the effects, Sam’s words have on him show. “I think that whoever wins, you or the darkness, everyone else loses… So, no. My. Answer. Is No” Lucifer shakes his head as he laughs, in attempt to hide the tears that brim his eyes. “This isn’t cause of Dean or, or the past. It’s about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way. I am ready to die, I’m ready to watch my people I love die. But I’m not ready to be your bitch.” Lucifer clicks his tongue and lets out a breath.

“Okay, Plan B” Lucifer steps forward, swinging a punch to Sam’s Jaw. I jump to my feet, trying to intervene Lucifer from beating Sam. As Lucifer throws the last punch sending Sam back into the bars, I push him back away from him. At the same time I hear the faint shout of what sound likes Crowley, soon following after, the feeling of power that controls me grows stronger. I know Dean is in hell.

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Just One Yesterday (Lucifer x Reader)

Character: Lucifer x Reader (Neutral)

Word Count: 2,189

Warnings: Swearing. Small acts of violence?


- Heyyy, I love your blog so much!!! Oh btw please write more about Lucifer. Have a great day / night.

- OMG I just read the “ Angels and Demons series” and I have to say, thank you so much for writing this, its perfect!!! Please do more soulmate stories <3

Inspiration: Fall Out Boy feat. Foxes - “Just One Yesterday”

AN: At first, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write this, so I kinda winged it :) luckily, I think it turned out much better than I was expecting. But what do I know? Let me know what you think! 


*Disclaimer* I do not have any affiliation with Fall Out Boy


Arching your back in preparation for an upcoming hill, you trudged onward, breathing in time with your feet as they padded against the dusty forest trails. You had taken to running these trails in the early morning, wanting to avoid the obnoxious men who seemed to enjoy gawking in your direction as you passed by. 

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