devil's grass


(Achillea millefolium) Do not take if pregnant. May cause skin allergies or dermatitis.

Folk Names: Achillea, Arrowroot (although yarrow is not what is commonly refered to as arrowroot), Bad Man’s Plaything, Carpenter’s Weed, Death Flower, Devil’s Nettle, Eerie, Field Hops, Gearwe, Hundred Leaved Grass, Knight’s Milfoil, Knyghten, Lady’s Mantle, Milfoil, Militaris, Military Herb, Millefolium, Noble Yarrow, Nosebleed, Old Man’s Mustard, Old Man’s Pepper, Sanguinary, Seven Year’s Love, Snake’s Grass, Soldier’s Woundwort, Stanch Griss, Stanch Weed, Tansy, Thousand Seal, Wound Wort, Yarroway, Yerw.
Gender: Feminine.
Planet: Venus.
Element: Water.
Powers: Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism.

Magical Uses: When worn, yarrow protects the wearer, and when held in the hand, it stops all fear and grants courage.
A bunch of dried yarrow hung over the bed or yarrow used in wedding decorations ensures a love lasting at least seven years. Yarrow is also used in love spells.
Carrying yarrow not only brings love but it also attracts friends and distant relations you wish to contact. It draws the attention of those you most want to see.
The flowers are made into an infusion and the resulting tea is drunk to improve psychic powers.
Washing the head with a yarrow infusion will prevent baldness but won’t cure it if it has already begun.
Yarrow is also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)

Wanna Smoke? (Michael Mell x Reader)


Word Count: 992

Warnings: 420 blaze it, weed, the devils lettuce, grass, that dank kush, Cannabis 

ohhhhh boy my weed knowledge is finally comin in handy (my brother would b proud, i remembered the word for the carburator lmao) ((ALSO i havent gotten high in a while, sorry if this isnt super accurate bc ive got a shit memory)

“You alright with me smoking right now?” Michael asked, reaching for the shoebox he kept his stuff in. You nodded, sitting on the couch in his basement as he opened the box, pulling out a pipe you didn’t recognize.

Michael didn’t smoke around you a lot, but when he did he always made sure you were okay with it, since he knew you’d never smoked.

“Wanna smoke?” He asked, right on cue. Offering you some, if anything just to be polite. You opened your mouth, the decline on the tip of your tongue when you reconsidered it.

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