devil's cheerleaders

Next time you feel down, always remember this scene… You’ll probably still feeling blue but at least you’ll be turn on.

Zach Dempsey (request dos)


anon asked if I could write a justin or zach imagine with a chubby poc of color where she is feeling insecure and scared that they are going to leave her for someone skinnier and of a lighter skin tone. 

I chose Zach because he is smol bean, and I love him. Also, being a person of color with a lot of meat is hard, but I feel like Zach would love me for who I am. 10/10 would bang that boi. 



There was no doubt that it was hard being a part of a minority. Especially at Liberty High. You were often distanced by others because you were slightly overweight and had colored skin. Usually, people were accepted easily if they were one or the other. The problem was that you were both, so it was just a tad harder to get the acceptance. There was one person though, that removed all biased assumptions about you from his mind and plowed on deep into your heart, getting to know you for who you truly were on the inside. You two fell in love, and no matter what anybody said to him about it he always insisted that you were the one.

Sometimes it was easier to believe than others. 

For example, it was Friday and there was a baseball game. You were cheering him on. Because you and Zach Dempsey had been going strong for four whole months and there hadn’t been one game that you had missed. Every chance to cheer him on you took by the hair, because you wanted him to know that you loved him. This particular game, though, was against a school very well known for their nymphomaniac cheerleaders. The East High Devils. The name definitely suited them. 

You were standing by the door of the boys locker room, giving Zach a good luck hug around the middle. “Good luck, Zach. Do your best, I know that you’ll beat them to the ground.” 

A few of the Devil cheerleaders were standing by, looking at the two of you and whispering incoherently. One of their players was being mauled by one of them, nearly sucking him whole into her mouth. 

“Thank you, Y/N. I love you, baby.” Zach pulled back and you expected him to give you a proper kiss, but he glanced over at the cheerleaders before pecking your forehead. “I’ll see you after the game.” 

You watched as he turned and gave you one last sweet smile, before barging into the locker room and yelling out at his team mates. Your smile faltered and you turned around, ready to find a seat when you saw one of the cheerleaders looking at you oddly, her eyebrows raised and her lip curled. She was thin as a stick and her skin was a milky white, giving her the look of a porcelain doll. You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and smiled politely, quickly making your way to the field. 

Your friend, Hannah Baker, met you by the stands, wearing a purple beanie and biting her chapped lips. She seemed to be staring at Clay Jensen, who was sitting in the stands while chatting with Tony Padilla. 

“Jensen, huh? He’s a cutie, you should go for it.” 

Hannah jumped as you appeared behind her, clutching her chest. “Jesus, Y/N! You scared the hell out of me! And I was not staring at helmet! Pffttt.” You made a face at Hannah and she sighed in defeat. “Whatever, this isn’t the time to talk about it. Let’s find a seat first.” 

You nodded and climbed up the bleachers after Hannah, your eyes darting back to the field. The team was slowly coming out of the locker rooms, and you were glad that you had forced Zach to ditch his hair gel at home. He would have been massively late if he hadn’t. 

The game went smoothly, but as you watched, there seemed to be something going on between the skinny cheerleader and Zach, as she kept staring at your boyfriend like she wanted to devour him whole. Part of you wanted to know that your boyfriend was too good for someone that had a reputation of sleeping with men as frequently as humans breathed oxygen, but part of you was not so sure. That was the deep part of you you never wanted to see. The insecure part, that always persisted that one day Zach would leave you for someone so much skinnier and lighter. 

When the game was near the end you turned to Hannah and interrupted her quiet gazing at Clay. “Do you think that the nympho cheerleaders are capable of going after someone they knew had a girlfriend?” 

Hannah jumped again and looked at you for a second, processing your words. Then she snorted. “Are you kidding, Y/N? Those nympho devils are capable of doing it with people they know have kids. They’re relentless. No one has said no to any one of them yet.” 

Your heart sank as the team slowly filed out to the locker rooms again, cheering on the crowd. Liberty High had brought another victory to the plate. The devils were sulking to the same locker rooms, their cheerleaders following suit with jumps in their steps. You instantly knew that they did not care if the team had lost or won – as long as there was someone to have sex with. 

“Alright, Hannah, I’m going to see Zach. Go talk to Jensen, okay? Whatever excuse that you have as to why you haven’t already, well, shove it up someones ass. Go get him.” 

You squeezed Hannah’s elbow while grinning and then turned and sped the fastest you could through the thick crowd, your heart going a million miles a minute. It was really difficult this time, seeing as since it was victory, everyone wanted to congratulate the team first hand. You spotted Zach near the entrance of the locker rooms, but there was someone that was also very near. The white devil. 

“Zach!” You called, trying to push people from your way. Zach didn’t seem to hear you, as he panted and adjusted his dirty uniform. Someone else seemed to have heard you, though, and the cheerleader turned to you and winked, before slipping passed the crowd, into the boys locker room. 

You stopped in your tracks, the insecurity bubbling in your chest. You wanted so badly to believe in Zach, in yourself that you were good enough, but you were really failing. All of Zach’s said words of reassurance from the past were just fuzzy in your mind. 

It took about ten minutes for you to get to the entrance of the locker rooms, and by that time you were panting from worry, and you hands were slightly sweaty. You looked around and noticed that the coaches were looking at you with raised eyebrows and you sighed and backed away. You hurried around the wall to the entrance of the school, deciding to go through the locker room entrance inside the main building. This took you five minutes. Oh, God, that nympho could already have gotten to Zach. 

You rounded the corner of the hallway, out of breath, but quickly backed up when you saw what was going on. Zach was pinned against the wall, still sweaty and in his uniform, the cheerleader saying things while batting her eyelashes and pressing her palm on his chest. You pressed your back to the wall when the image seared itself into your mind, tears forming in your tear ducts. 

“Listen, Zach, was it? I was surprised at your work out there. You’re not bad at all. The way your muscles worked when you pitched? You made me wetter than water itself.” 

There was the clearing of a throat and you bit your lip, trying to hold yourself back from barging over there and pushing her off of him. You wanted to know if Zach was capable of doing it. Of confirming your insecurities. 

“That is interesting, Gloria, was it? I really need to get going, though, I was just going to get my girlfriend. We’re going to a party at my friends.” 

You let a smile flutter on your features, but it quickly vanished at what she said next. 

“Girlfriend? That chubby colored girl? Ew, I bet you anything she’s not as good in bed as I am. Besides, you can pin me against the wall and fuck me on a table. Can you even do that with her? She’s like…fat.” 

There was the squeaking of shoes and a gasp of anger. You felt tears prick your eyes and you bit your lip harder. That was it. People actually were cruel enough to assure your insecurities that they were right. 

“Shut your mouth, bitch! You don’t even know Y/N! She’s beautiful, and she is not fat.She may not be as skinny as you, but she definitely does not have any STDs as I know you have. Go fuck with someone else, because there is no way I am going to touch you. I have a beautiful girlfriend to go get. And yes, I can definitely make love to her on a table. We just have a lot more class than that.” 

There was the sound of loud stomping coming in your direction and you grinned, knowing that you were ready to show Zach just as much love that he had just shown for you. However, there was a squeak and then the footsteps stopped, followed by the sound of muffled shouts.

You turned the corner and saw the the devil was pushing herself against Zach, trying her best to kiss his lips and stick her tongue down his throat. You gasped and started to storm their way, catching their attention. Zach saw you and his face fell instantly, his mouth opening and closing. The girl just grinned, pulling away as if she had won an award. 

“Y/N, I swear it isn’t what it looks like! I’m sorry, I love you so much and I would never-” 

You cut Zach short by walking forward and throwing a fist out, catching the girl right on her porcelain jaw. She screamed and fell back, her hand instantly cupping the area. You turned to Zach and smiled, grabbing his hand and leading him away without a word. 

“You fat whore!” The cheerleader wailed.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Zach asked quickly, still following you as you intertwined your fingers with his. He was just shocked. When both of you rounded the corner you pushed him up against the wall and wiped his mouth of the girls germs. 

“I’ve never been better, Zach.” You answered, leaning in and giving him a huge kiss on the lips. He kissed you back gently, his hands traveling up to your neck. You pulled away after a second. “I heard what you said, babe. And you will not believe how lucky I am to have someone like you. I fucking love you.”

Zach smiled and kissed you again, this time flipping the position and pinning you against the wall as he let his thumbs caress your cheeks. “I love you too, Y/N. And I am definitely the lucky one, because all of what I said was true.” 

You pressed your forehead to his and laughed slightly. “We’ve never done it on a table… but it sounds very wild.” 

Zach laughed loudly and kissed you again. “There is nothing that I would not do if you really wanted it, Y/N. I love you, and I can’t say it enough.” 


holy fluff

also, i know Zach is more of a basketball person, but I have a theory in my head that Zach is just so good and sexy he does every sport and does it hella good

jesoos he is fucing fine

AS ALWAYS this is not edited. And AS ALWAYS since I never get the love in person gimme the sugar on here, will ya doll?

harry’s ‘i roll and i roll 'til i’m out of luck’

vs. louis’ 'i roll and i roll 'til i change my luck’

is ACTUALLY killing me. is this not the perfect encapsulation of their self-worth?????

louis who’d never amount to anything and failed and got fired and had people let him down and hoped to jesus he’d find an x factor group because he could never make it as a solo artist, rolling and rolling until his luck changed

open wonderful harry who is so grateful and knows he is SO lucky for getting to do what he loves and just owning it, coming into himself and he’s gonna roll and roll until he’s out of luck, he’s gonna keep doing it until people don’t want him anymore