devil type

the signs as ouran high school host club types

the princely type- leo, taurus

the cool type- capricorn, virgo

the boy lolita type- pisces, cancer

the strong and silent type- aquarius, libra

the little devil type- aries, scorpio

the natural type- sagittarius, gemini

i really need to see that deleted graves vision scene, and tbh it has close to 0% to do with the shirtlessness.

it sounds like that scene was real graves, but either way it is a psychological, possibly sympathy-for-the-devil type of scene and I NEED IT

ps: wb do NOT take this as permission to include it instead of the diner scene


Infinite High School Host Club: Hitachiin Kaoru
Myungsoo as the Little Devil Type

Kaoru and Hikaru are both very playful; however, Kaoru is the calmer and more mature of the two. When apart from his elder brother, Kaoru becomes a pleasant person, acting in a selfless and serious manner; but when he is with his elder twin, he reverts to being a scamp-like individual. 
Kaoru’s rose colour in the Host Club is orange. In Japanese culture, this signifies happiness, matching him quite well as his nature is more optimistic when compared to Hikaru’s

Imagine Jimin catching you staring and smirks while saying “Like what you see?”

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“I’m gonna need a cow’s hoof, the tooth of an aging vampire, a newborn baby’s breath, a plastic chair, and a bottle of vodka. Cow’s hoof to trample upon his will, the tooth to pierce him with fear of the unknown, the newborn’s breath to lull him into a false sense of security, the chair to tie him to, and the vodka to make me feel better about what I’m about to do. All clear?”

All around Leo, jaws hung wide open. Rather stupidly, she thought. Even Joe, who usually looked gorgeous, was managing to look not-hot-at-all.

“Come on, you knew what you were signing up for.“ 

She snapped her fingers in impatience, a sharp sound that made them jump, to attention, she hoped. An unpleasant noise followed, of three mouths deciding to shut and try to shape words, instead.

"Tooth of a vampire?” “Newborn baby’s breath?” “Why plastic?”

“I just told you why we need them, and plastic because it’s the most magic-averse substance ever made, and will prevent any  mischief on the part of our quarry.”

“But where will we find a vampire, let alone an aging one? And even if we do, how are we going to get its tooth?” “And how will we get the breath of a newborn?”

She wished they weren’t so slow. She should have known what she was signing up for when she put her name on the contract with these guys. She was looking forward to the time when they would bring her vodka. She needed it to deal with techies and Satan.

Of course, Satan was the wrong name. And anyways, popular culture had morphed him into something rather strange that was red, had a tail, and a propensity for the number six. That wasn’t what she was summoning today.

“Luckily, I happen to be in possession of a tooth already. As for the newborn’s breath, hold a bag over the newborn’s mouth as it breathes. Ask permission. I believe you can pass off anything as research. Now will someone fetch me my vodka before I scream?”

Things went much better with a friend in hand, swirling around her glass and down her throat, as she awaited the return of the techies. They arrived soon enough, with flushed cheeks. The exercise would do them good.

She put down her glass and began to do the usual. Drew a Pentagram to contain the force they were about to summon, placed the chair in the center (she approved of this chair. It was an obnoxious shade of yellow, guaranteed to be an annoyance to be tied to). She ground the tooth to a powder, tossing it into the bag and swirling the contents together. 

As she swirled, she began to chant. “Unknown entity of great evil, I summon you here today, into this chair that stands an abomination. You dare not resist my call…”, was as far as she got before the entity (a very handsome entity, it is worth mentioning) manifested itself in a hurry, straight into the abomination of a chair. “I came as soon as you called, what…”, was as far as he got before receiving a cow’s hoof in the face, followed by the swirling colloid of powdered tooth. The following daze gave them enough time to tie him to the abominable chair.

When it passed, he found himself secured firmly to a chair (which he had manifested himself into, a bad idea considering it was really an awful chair). He blinked resentfully at Leo, hurt clear in his eyes.

“All these months, and you haven’t answered any of my calls. Now you summon me as an unknown entity, and tie me to this, this…”  he broke off, unable to find words abominable enough to describe his yellow captor.

“Dear, dear Mammon. You know how it is. You always delete your exes from your phone, your address book, and your life.” Her tone was a bit too cheery, but that could have been the vodka.

Before any of the techies could proceed to be shocked at this exchange, she snapped her fingers again, and everyone flinched. This new technique sure was useful.

“Alright now, to business. Mammon, these humans have something they want from you. Humans, state your request and make it snappy.”

Thus seemed to spur some sentiment in the techies, and for once they responded instantly. Kevin, the guy with the glasses, came forward, clearing his throat nervously. “We would like a picture, please. And your autograph, too, if it isn’t too much trouble…”

My original text after this was going to say, “Did I botch it? I think I botched it. Hey @caffeinewitchcraft, did I botch it?”. Now it says, “NEVER SHALL I EVER TYPE A STORY DIRECTLY INTO TUMBLR EVER AGAIN.” Have a nice day, all of you. Learn from my mistakes that have horrifying consequences.


Infinite High School Host Club: Hitachiin Hikaru
Sungyeol as the Little Devil Type
Although he is considered the “leader twin,” he is less mature than Kaoru when it comes to managing his emotions and dealing with others. Because of this Hikaru is childishly over-possessive of each club member. Their selling point in the Host Club is their “Forbidden Brotherly Love” package, which has them acting out various ways of bromance for the entertainment of their female customers. 
Hikaru’s rose colour is light blue. In Japanese culture, blue signifies loyalty. Hikaru is incredibly loyal to Kaoru, even to his own detriment in terms of personal growth. In reality, the blue rose does not exist in nature; but in art signifies attainment of the impossible. The pastel nature of the colour reflects a less intense affect on the character, as in a child or adolescent.


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